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     Greece Travel ADVENTURES!!


Welcome to Greece Travel Adventures.  

This is a tour where you will be able to experience the wonders of Greece in New York!  

On this tour you will experience ancient greek drama, medicine, sculptures, sports, and astronomy.  These activites, and studies are STILL effecting us today.

Ancient Greek Theatre and Drama

Stop number 1

 Our tour will begin with Ancient Greek Drama and Theatre. Have you ever heard of broadway?  Only the number 1 spot to get recognized as an actor or actress?  Well thats our first stop.  Broadway arranges the seats the same as ancient Greeks.  This is so everyone can see the stage.  The arangement is a circular type seating.  (like a bowl) Seats going up higher every row like stairs.  There was a man named Sophocles who wrote many Greek plays. Broadway STILL uses his plays.  Here are a couple, Medea, and Metamorphoses.  Lots of Ancient Greek plays were tributes to the Gods.  Also sometimes men had to play woman rolls for the woman had to stay at the home.

  Ancient Greek medicine is not used as much anymore.  But we do use some of the same rules as ancient Greek doctors.  Such as Patient information is kept private, and to be honest with their diagnosis.  Ancient Greeks discovered how the brain controlls the body.

  For our second stop-


We will be visiting a hospitle in New York called St Francise hospitle.  This hospitle has 5 stars and uses the same rules as ancient Greeks.  These rules are used in every hospitle (hopefully)

Ancient Greek medicine

Greek Sculptures are still found in stores and on mantels now.  Athens people were very good at sculpting.  They had many artist who would sculpt statues of people and make vases.  Most famous sculpter was Phidias.  

 Greek Sculptures



We will be visiting the Met museum of art.  They have an entire section of Greek and Roman art/sculptures.  They also have many other interesting exhibits.


 Stop #4

Greek Astronomy is a very interesting subject to learn about.  Astronomy is the Greek word for "star".  Ancient Greeks were the "pioneers" in the study of Astronomy.  Astronomy is the study of the atmosphere.  Stars, planets, etc...   A Greek Astronamer Hipparchus, is seen as one of the greatest scientists to this day.  He named over 850 stars and discovered how to estimate the distance of the stars to earth or to the moon.  A man named hesiod also discovered a few constillations.  We still use some of their methods today.


Greek Astonomy


  Today we will be visiting the Amatuer Astonomers of New York centre.  We are visting here because they allow you to use their materials to study the stars and planets.  We will be going here and using the materials to do a little astronomy just like how the Greeks did.

There were MANY different Greek sports.  Some of them were men races and also coombat activites.  They did some sports to honor the Gods and Goddesses.  Some of these sports were dangerous others normal sports like we have today.  They also had an event that we know as the Olympics.  This event carries on today.  The Olympics is played every 4 years.  There are many different sports in the olympics, and athletes were transported safely back and forth from the games.

Greek Sports

stop number 5


Today we will be visiting the New York Cambell sports center.  One of the largest sports centers around is rated 4.5 stars.  We are visiting here because of the sports they play.  There are soccer feilds and Tracks were you can run for fun or race just like in Greece.

Thank You for experiencing the Greek Travel adventures!