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Uncontrollable Love

By: Amelia, Alice, Dory, and Carson

Once upon a time in a kingdom, far, far, away was a girl, called by the name of Princess Vangelica. 

She was journeying to the Castle of Lord Montgomery, her future husband, whom she was united with for the gain of land, and not through fateful love.

The ball for the engaged couple, was carrying on, when Vangelica caught the eye of the Sampson, one of Lord Montgomery’s most skilled knights.

Sampson takes the hand of the Lord’s bride, sweeping her into dance, and forming an unbreakable bond of destined love.

The Lord gains word of Sampson’s betrayal, and missions his guards to exile Sampson, never to enter the kingdom’s gates again.

During the dark night before the royal wedding, Montgomery’s guards burst into Sampson’s bedchamber, to their surprise, finding no trace of the knight.

Vangelica’s agonized chambermaid, rushes to the Lord presenting him a note, written by the Princess herself.

The note stated word’s which would shake Lord Montgomery’s power forever.

“I will not let my heart be chained by the pressure’s of my duties, but instead free, allowing me to live in isolation with my true love forever. Love be with my friends and family,

Princess Vangelica.”