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Matt Groening

  1. Matt Groening is a screenwriter, comedian, television producer, and cartoonist and the creator of the longest-running entertainment series in primetime television, The Simpsons.

  1. At an early age Matt Groening started drawing but when he started attending college in 1977 at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington he focused on Journalism. After he graduated he moved to Los Angeles where he was having trouble to find employment. So he started to draw cartoons. Some of his cartoons featured a rabbit named Binky who was a pathetic oppressed rabbit.

Who is he ?

His Life Before becoming an Animator

Why I Chose Him

I chose him because when I watch The Simpsons I lagh so much, an sinc the show is animated and I had to pick a famous animator for one of my assingments I chose Matt Groening

Life Outside of Animation

Matt Groening is an author outside of his animation life. Some of his books are Childhood is He**, Work is He** and School is He**.