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Bob The Dinosaur 

bob is a dinosaur called an Anatosaurus. Anatosauruses lived 65-70 million years ago. they were small dinosaurs about 4 meters tall and 12 meters long. bob uses a duck like bill to eat and a tail to defend himself.

but even with his tail bob gets bullied and he is tired of it so bob is going to do a thing called evolving. evolving or evoloution is the process by which different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms during the history of the earth. bob has decided to grow a longer tail and neck so he can defend himself better.

Bob The Dinosaur 

This is Bob and Bobs skeleton

this is what Bob looks like


this is how bob looks after evoloution what do you think of bob now?

what other mutations can you think of that would help bob

 in the future

Here is a side by side of bob before and after evoloution

Bob is an intresting dinosaur one thing intresting about him is that he is a herbavore meaning he fed mostly on twigs, seeds, fruits, and pine needles, judging from fossilized stomach remains; no digested aquatic plants have been found

meaning bob ate only plants on ground not in water.


bob used to live in many places such as 

Canada,‭ ‬and the USA,‭ ‬including the state of Montana,‭ ‬South Dakota and Wyoming.

 but living all these places Bob was a loner so he staied by himself and diddnt team up
the girl versions of bob would lay eggs while walking and leave their kids to fight for themselves.

this is what bobs outsides look like