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Presentation and sharing focus
The simplebooklet app’s unique proposition is to make your marketing documents incredibly easy to
share and to look and feel professionally presented. This means:
1. The booklet is accessible from all devices (with mobile being the primary device).
2. The booklet is accessible from a number of platforms and web services.
3. Facebook and twitter are more commercial/ad like in their posting.
4. The booklet is very easy to share and reshare.
5. The UI is attractive and pleasing to the eye of the reader.
6. The UX is fast and responsive.
7. The user can easily trigger engagement with the author.
8. The author can customize the experience to incorporate their brand and desired features.
9. Each device/sharing mode can be tailored by the author and possibly the user.
10. The workflow is very fast to move a doc from upload to sharing.
We should look at all three of our presentation faces (embed.php, mobile.php, and publish.php) and see
how we can enhance each one to meet the unique experience of flipping a booklet in the different
This should be our primary focus. Making the booklet look and feel very smooth in both Safari and
A good review of flipsnack and their mobile view reveals some very smart innovation. This includes a
nice transition for flipping pages, a share/menu button, a zoom toolbar, pinch and stretch to zoom,
revealing page turn buttons, a nice background, and a nice drag to pan when zoomed in.
The same for They do a nice fullscreen view on a black background, with turn buttons that
are always there with a nice transition. They also have a nice page counter, and search feature. To zoom,
you pinch and stretch and pan the page. When you change pages, it defaults back to the normal size.
Both have an embedded view that can move to a fullscreen view. Flipsnack encourages you to go
fullscreen with its read button.
For us, I think we need to do the following:
1. implement a nice bordered presentation of the booklet on the page.
2. Apply a single transition that is used on all booklets in mobile view to reduce poor quality
3. Offer a vertical page slide as well as an option the author can choose.
4. Implement a menu that contains the toc/sharing/contact card.
5. Have a fullscreen view.
6. Implement the pinch/stretch zoom with panning. Only per page. When you switch pages, it
scales back down to fit the screen with the border.
7. Implement a presentation tab menu that allows for customization of the mobile.php view
The embed is used by our integrations quite a bit. The iframe has issues dealing with mobile
presentations of pages and responsive sizing. Critical requirements include:
1. Responsive iframe code so the booklet sizes to the container it is added to.
2. Subtle navigation elements with a focus on
Page flip navigation buttons should be a separate part of the display.
Fast Workflow
The user should have the fastest route possible to get a document (PDF, Word, PPT) from the original to
a web ready version. Important features requested are:
1. Keeping links working.
2. Keeping text and layout fidelity.
3. Clarity (not fuzzy text or difficult to read).
The Author wants to get as quickly as possible to the sharing stage to show off their work.
Author Feedback
We need to make sure we continue to feedback to the author the reach and engagement of their
booklet. This reinforces the value of the platform and the desire to continue to use it. So their hard work
was worth it.
1. Emailed stats.
2. Notification and highlights.
3. Suggested social and email publishing ideas.
This will help encourage them to continue to use the platform for their marketing.
Booklet Sharing
We need to increase the
The author should be able to customize both the features available as supporting