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Monroe Doctrine and Roosevelt Corollary

   The purpose of the Monroe Doctrine was so that efforts by Europe to colonize the Unites State's land would be viewed as aggression. The purpose of the Roosevelt Corollary was "speak softly and carry a big stick" - be kind but make sure other counties know your autority. 

The Panama Canal

    The United States was interested in building the Panama Canal to make trade easier. Panama issued a declaration of independance from Columbia with the help of the U.S. The Panama Canal was being built between 1903 and 1914 and was being overseen my Teddy Roosevelt.

Cuba and Puerto Rico

    The United States helped both Cuba and Puerto Rico set up their governments, for their own benefit of course.  The United states set up a military government for Cuba, while having set up a government for Puerto Rico by helping them write a constitution of their own. The U.S. would send over genrals for this but only for small periods of time so it does not cause an outbreak of yellow fever.

Annexation of Philippines

     The United States wanted the Philippines for the land, and economic growth.  Also for all of the raw materials and natrual resources there. There had been a battle between the United States and Philippines as the Philippines fought for thei independance. However, the United States won and aquired all of the land. 

Annexation of Hawaii







       The United States wanted to aquire Hawaii for all the land to grow crops. As well as to set up a naval base which ended 







       The annexation of Hawaii was when Hawaii became part of the United States. This happenend in 1898. This happening extended U.S. territory into the Pacific Ocean. Most thought that Hawaii would be annexed by Europe but that obviously did not end up happening.  Hawaii was forced to accept treaties by Britain and France.










American Imperialism in the Early 1900's

By: Claire Bacarella

Instructor: Jennifer Gould