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This fun tale, based off of the Wizard of Oz, is a great and meaningful story for ages 4-6 about the importance of friendship, and being kind to everyone.

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By: Karen Dahlia, Allie Socki, Lauren Garcia, and Sophia Muradyan

The Adventures of Dorothy and Friends

This is Dorothy and she loves to go to school. Her favorite part of the day is nap time.

"Okay children, go get your blankets and pillow pets." said Miss Linda.

Dorothy replied, "You can sit on my right side," Sally said puzzled, "I don't know which side is my right..." Dorothy said, "It's over here, right next to my pillow pet Toto."

While sitting with Toto, Dorothy said, "Hey Sally, would you like to sit next to me?" Sally said happily, "yeah! Which side should i sit on?" 

As Sally went and sat next to Dorothy, Timmy came over to talk to them. "umm, Dorothy, may i also sit next to you?" He said timidly. "Of course!" Dorothy said with a big grin.

Miss Linda didn't not see what happened, and said, "children, go to sleep now."
Dorothy felt bad for Timmy and shared her pillow pet with him.
"Here Timmy, you can share with me!"

After Timmy sat down, big, mean, Max came and stole Timmy's pillow pet!
Timmy said with a sad face, "..hey! Max!! That's not very nice!"
Max laughed, "Ha! ha!" and ran away with it.

Dorothy started to fall asleep and fall into her dreamland. This dreamland was called the Land of Oz.

Dorothy said, "Toto! Look at my pretty dress and shoes! Where are we though? I want to go home!"
All of a sudden the mean witch appeared and said, " You'll be here forever Dorothy, and you'll never see your friends again!"
The mean witch then disappeared, and the nice witch, Glinda came to Dorothy and toto.

Dorothy said confused, "Who are you?"
"I am Glinda, the nice witch of the north. You just met my mean sister, the mean witch of the east," said the kind lady.
Dorothy said, "How can I get home Ms Glinda?"
Glinda replied happily, "Follow the yellow brick road, and it will take you home."
"Oh thank you thank you," said Dorothy, and she was on her way.

Dorothy said, "the yellow brick road will lead us to him. Lets go together!"
They walked along together not knowing that they were just about to make another friend.

As she walked along, Dorothy sees a scarecrow who seems very confused.
"What's wrong scarecrow," said Dorothy.
The scarecrow said sadly, "I would like to go to the wizard to get a brain, but I do not know how to get there."

As they walked along the yellow brick road, they saw a tin man who looked very mad.
"Hello I'm Dorothy and this is Scarecrow. Would you like to travel with us to the wizard?" she said with a big grin.
The tin man said pouting, "I'm too mean to travel with you guys. I don't have a heart."
Dorothy said, "the wizard can give you one. Lets go!"
The three friends walked along the yellow brick road side by side.

The tin man said, "don't be a baby!"
Dorothy said as the tin man crossed his arms, "That was not very nice tin man. Why can't we all be friends? You may travel with us cowardly lion. The wizard can give you some courage."
They walked along the yellow brick road two by two.

Around the corner, they saw a sad little lion, sitting and crying all alone.
Dorothy ran up to him saying, "Oh are you okay? What's wrong Lion?"
"I am the cowardly lion, and I am scared because I heard something in the trees behind me," said the cowardly lion.

The scarecrow said, "Look, oh look! There is the wizard's castle!"
"Yippee!" Said the tin man happily, and they all ran to the castle with joy.

As they approached the wizard, he said with a big loud voice, "hello children, why did you come here?
"I need a brain. I need a heart. I need some courage. I need to get back home," said the group of friends.

"Children, all the things that you want, have been with you all along," said the wizard as he started to disappear.
When the wizard was no where to be seen, they walked outside the castle.

The cowardly lion said, "What are we going to do now? Dorothy still can't  go home."
Then suddenly the mean witch appeared and said, "Ah ha ha! I told you Dorothy! You'll never get home, and the rest of you guys never got anything!"
"You're wrong witch! I have a heart," said the tin man.
"I have a brain," said the scarecrow.
"And I have courage," said the lion.

"Even though we're all different, were best friends now, and you don't scare us," said Dorothy.
The tin man said, "Yeah! Best friends stick together."
The witch said sorrily, "I'm sorry for being so mean to you all. Will you forgive me?"
"Of course," said Dorothy, and everyone smiled.
"Can we be friends," said the witch.
They all shouted, "Yes! Yay!"

At that moment, Dorothy started to wake up from her wonderful dream.
She started to wake up and hear her daddy say, "Dorothy, wake up. We have to go home now. Say goodbye to your friends."

Dorothy said, "okay Daddy. Good bye Timmy! Bye Sally! Bye Max!"
"Bye Dorothy!" They all said.

Max said to Timmy, "here's your pillow pet back. I'm sorry."
"Thank you," Timmy said while smiling.

As Dorothy walked out she said, "Good bye Miss Brooke. Bye Miss Linda."
"Bye Dorothy, I'll see you tomorrow," they said with big grins. "

So Dorothy, did you have fun at school today?" Said Daddy.
"You bet!"

The End!