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Emotional Island

Mason Bone, Andrew Kroueger, Alex hay, Phoenix Carroll, Grayson Sanders 


     In the north there was the Empire of Phoenix Deus and then Phoenix and his country explored east just to find a glacier. Once they came upon the glacier, they headed south for many miles just to be met by savages of the south. All this territory was claimed by The Jingoistic States of Svinska who became a powerful but not as an aggressive country as Phoenix Deus. Later the lower classes of Phoenix Deus rebelled and went straight south to claim the land. This created a country named The united nations of Shenoza. This country had a bad relationship with Phoenix Deus and The Jingoistic States of Svinska. This included Phoenix Deus making a wall around the sides of The united nations of Shenoza where it touches the two powers.

     In the south, at about the same time as the kingdom of Phoenix Deus, there was a small settlement of people. They were in one of the most southern places in the world. It was freezing temperatures and with a glacier to the north these people were isolated from the rest of emotional island. The Jingoistic States of Svinska entered the southern lands and colonized it, teaching the people their culture and language. Svinska thought the land was too cold and had no valuable resources so The Jingoistic States of Svinska left. They let the people create the Republic of the Frozen People. Once Svinska left, the people of the Frozen People started to use what they were taught, but applied it to extreme climate. Once the there was plenty of food to sustain themselves they started to industrialize just as the friends to the north. In doing so the people found iron, silver, manganese, and also later to find uranium. Once the population of The Frozen People had started to grow it started to explore to the west.The Frozen people met a very large tribe of other group of indians knowledge on agriculture and industrial practices, just as Svinska had given to them. The indians in the west very quickly adapted this knowledge to their everyday non-hostile indians to the west. The Frozen people, who were also indians, decided to give the lives which led to a very rapid increase in population. The birth rates did decrease, but the life expectancy increased do to better living conditions and a reliable source of food. Eventually these indians created The Gate of Babylon  and within a short period after it was officially formed an industrial revolution occurred.  Gate of Babylon have an abundance of natural resources such as oil, uranium, and tranium. Currently The Frozen People and the Gate of Babylon are on very good terms with one another. Babylon exports oil to the Frozen People and the Frozen People  exports iron and silver to Babylon. There is little to none conflict between these two groups and they’re both very neutral nations compared to the rest of the continent.




Also, there are a few symbols with centripetal forces connected to it on Emotional Island. The most popular one is the crest. The main part of the crest is a broken shield to represent the instability between Shenoza and Phoenix Deus and the rest of the countries. There is an eye in between the broken shield which shows the privacy between The Gate of Babylon and The Frozen People. These two nations respect each other’s boundaries.



In the beginning we all came from came from. A certain place far far north on a secluded mountain range. Under the rule of a dictator-like God


But from years of oppression and ethnic pressure. The people revolted and were soon let out. The spanned the continent all over. From the massive glacier to the farthest corners 



To the South is the great Gate of Babylon. To its East is the land of the Frozen covered in ice. On the West is the United nation of Shenzoa. To its north is the looming nation of Phoenix Deus. And on its border is Svinska on the waterfront



With the south at peace and tranquillity. While the north is in constant grueling turmoil. With the thought of peace nowhere in sight



The Republic of the Frozen People, a country located on Emotional Island. This Country’s government is separate from its religion though the country allows any religion to be practiced. The Government has Below Average civil rights, and Political freedom is rare. This means that the people are not always happy but there are still rights to those who are native. The Frozen People have destroyed some of the forests to build houses and also to get natural resources, such as Iron, Silver, Manganese, Uranium. But since they are one of the most southern point in the world they need as much resources as they can get because food is scarce. But some of the materials stay in the country to help create buildings and other things. Like the Iron helps make farming equipment and housing. The rest of the materials  are traded to the neighboring country The Kingdom of the Gate of Babylon. The Frozen People trade metal for gas and natural fuel. The Frozen People haven’t created many cities due to the cold, so many of the cities are close. Each city also has its own way of making profit. The Frozen People Have only one country next to them, The Kingdom of the Gate of Babylon. To the north is a glacier and to the south and east is a ocean. So The Frozen People really only have one trade partner due to its isolation. The countries of the Gate of Babylon and The Frozen People have created an agreement called CAPA(Control of Animal Population Agreement) to try to keep wildlife populations at a stable level. Such as hunting and fishing shall be limited to every person and different times of the year. But The Frozen People have also destroyed parts of the forest trying to help the economy so their impact on the environment has not been to positive, but they have tried to help

The Frozen People