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הכונח: OUR JOB IS TO DO!
3:53 PM
December 8, 2017
כעשת ולסכ‘‘ח
בשיו תשרפ
December 9—Torah Academy
Gala Auction at Young Israel
of Brookline
December 12,13, 19—
Chanukah early dismissal gr 6
-8B, 4:00 pm, no aftercare
December 14—Special
dismissal– 11:30 for Preschool
and gr 1-8G (Hamilton
building) , 12:00 for gr 1-8B
(Williston building) for
Chanukah break
December 15-18–Chanukah
The ארמג of the ןואג יאחא ׳רד תותלאש describing
the events has a slight variation. The version of
the תותלאש maintained that not only was the oil
in the flask insufficient to last the eight days, the
oil in the flask was not enough to light the הרונמ
for even one night! Thus, even the fact that the
הרונמ remained lit for the first night was a
If so, why, according to the תותלאש, did the
םיאנומשח light that first night? As long as there
was enough oil to last at least one night, the
םיאנומשח were required to light the הרונמ on that
night, not withstanding the fact that no oil
remained for the subsequent nights. However, if
there wasn’t sufficient oil for a single night, the
םיאנומשח were exempt from lighting!
The fact that the םיאנומשח lit the הרונמ that first
night teaches us a critical lesson. The םיאנומשח
knew that that they didn’t have enough oil to last
even that first night. But they decided to do their
part. They lit the הרונמ. True, it may have not had
remained lit for too long had Hashem not made a
miracle, but they were going to do whatever they
could. What would happen afterwards was
Hashem’s decision.
Our job in life is to try as much as we can in each
situation, irrespective of the outcome. A famous
Yiddish expression pithily encapsulates this idea:
״ןהעטפיוא טשינ ,ןהאט ףראד רימ״- our job is to do,
not to accomplish. The result is in the hands of
Hashem. It’s the process that counts, and we will
often see that if we truly invest, the ע״שבר will
take care of the rest.
The same is true with ךוניח. Our job is to do our
best to be ךנחמ our children. The ultimate
outcome is not in our control. And hopefully,
when we do our utmost, the ע״שבר will bentch
our efforts in ways we could have never
As there is no bulletin next week, I would like to
wish you and your family a lichtege Chanukah!
!תבש טוג
Rabbi Shmuel Ochs
On Sunday, the boys in grade 1 celebrated Kabalas Chumash with a performance and a seudas mitzvah.
On Wednesday, morning the girls in grade 1 performed a play to celebrate receiving their first Chumash.
Grade 3 girls participated in a gala siyum in honor of finishing Parshas Chaya Sarah.
A tremendous amount of learning has been going on outside of school hours for the boys between the Chemdas Yosef and Shnayim Mikra
programs. For the Chemdas Yosef program for Chodesh Cheshvan, in memory of the father of Rabbi Halpern, the boys learned the following
number of Perakim: 3B– 15, 4B– 61, 5B—60, 6B –35, 7B– 74, 8B –108 for a grand total of 353. בוט לזמ to the boys who participated. We look
forward to more learning in Kislev. The winners of the Chemdas Yosef Chodesh Cheshvan raffle for grades 3– 5 were: Shua Feldman, Yisroel
Leib Greene, Chaim Mordechai Moshe Rodkin, and Grade 6-8: Yosef Feldman, JJ Ledewitz, Yehuda Zyto and Betzalel Zyto. The winners of
the Shnayim Mikra raffle for Parshas Vayishlach were; Aron Bier, Meir Hain, and Chatzkel Wilhelm.
According to the commonly known version of the Chanukah story, after the םיאנומשח triumphed over
the םינוי, they entered the שדקמה תיב, intent on lighting the הרונמ. Initially, they were unable to find a
flask of ךז תיז ןמש with the seal of the לודג ןהכ intact, but they eventually discovered a ןמש ךפ
containing enough oil to light the הרונמ for a single night. Hashem performed a סנ and the oil lasted for
eight nights until new oil could be procured.
Bulletin Board
17 Kislev– sponsored by Mrs. Judy Pollack l’ilui Nishmas Yosef Yakov ben Yitzchak Yeshayahu Ganger
great-grandfather of Yosef Yakov, Michali, and Shalom Mermelstein and Goldie Grosser
18 Kislev– sponsored in memory of the recent passing of Avrohom Abish ben Pinchas z”l, grandfather of
Mr. Neal Shanske
Mr. Neal Shanske and the Shanske Family on the
passing of his grandfather
Grade 5
Y. Feldman
M. Leff
Y. Y. Mermelstein
C. M. M. Rodkin
B. Septimus
D. Simnegar
C. Wilhelm
N. Youshaei
Grade 6
A. Bier
A. Feuerstein
Y. Gould
M. Miara
N. Ochs
Grade 7
Y. Gluckin
M. Hain
N. Katz
Y. A. Leff
S. M. Solomon
D. Youshei
Y. Zyto
Grade 8
A. Cywiak
M. Fontek
M. S. Silberman
Mazel Tov to learners
for Parshas Vayishlach
Netanel & Atara (‘06) (Miara) Atias on the birth of their
son and to grandparents, Rabbi Shimon & Mrs. Mireille
Yaakov & Elisheva (‘03) (Goldstein on the birth of their
daughter and to grandparents, Mr. Shaul & Mrs.
Barbara (Hamilton Office) Goldstein
9:30 AM December 13—Prek2 Chanukah performance
10:00 AM December 13– PreK1 Chanukah performance
10:00 AM December 20—Kindergarten 1 & 2 Chanukah
March 4—Torah Academy 36th Anniversary Dinner
1. The first grade boys Hascholas Chumash performance and Seudas Mitzvah
2. Raffle winners from grade 6-8B for the month of Cheshvan for Chemdas Yosef learning
3. Raffle winners from grade 3-5B for the month of Cheshvan for Chemdas Yosef learning
1. 1G Haschalas Chumash Mesibah and performance on Wednesday
2. Girls in 7G study session at the home of their teacher, Mrs. Kornbluth
3-6. 3G Siyum Parshas Chaya Sarah
7. 5G visited the State House as an introduction to their study of American History
8. PreK 1 visits the Chestnut Hill Avenue fire station for “F” week
9. Counting the days of school is an important part of learning math. In Prek 1, they celebrated
reaching 50 days of school.
Chai Odom
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