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Fairytale Islands
A Collection of Fairytales With Twisted Endings
Created and Written By:
Olivia Kasperek and Elena Metinidis
Chapter One
The doorbell to my new house rang the second I turned on
the t.v.
“Hi Mrs. Hills. Is Bailey there?” I heard my friend Callie say.
I should have known. Callie always came at the worst times. I looked at
my t.v. screen and wished I could watch the newest episode from my favorite
T.V show. But Callie just had to come right now. I finally dragged my body to
the door and watched Callie take off her black sandals. She hopped over to
me and smiled.
“Hey Bailey!” Callie exclaimed.
We walked to my bedroom and I showed Callie somethings that were
left behind in the room. I forgot to show her these items the first time she
saw the house.. I mean, this stuff was pretty cool. Although, I feel a little bad
that these people have lost amazing treasures, but everything is good for me!
There were trunks left behind that I slipped under my bed. I never really
understood what the meaning of these things were though. But, I never really
got to know a lot about the items because mom and dad never had the chance
to actually talk to the men that lived here. The people showing us around,
(Not the men) would only say things like, and here is the living room, or, here
is the master bedroom, things like that. They never actually talked about the
two men though, but they did mention that the people just disappeared one
day, at least that’s what everyone else says too. That was the only thing
they said, and I mean it. Sometimes, it feels a little weird living in a house
knowing someone had disappeared and owned all kinds of weird things that
could have been magic (Not that that’s likely though), but I’ll get used to it.
I felt the top of something stiff in my closet and pulled it out. It was a
somewhat small box, kind of like a jewelry box, but it looked really old. I had
seen this box when I was moving all my things in the room, but I had never
actually opened. I blew off all the dust to reveal a brown wooden jewelry
box. Callie looked amazed and I knew she would be interested by what was
inside, even though I didn’t know what was inside, but I can just tell when
Callie is interested in things. I opened the lid and we only saw coins and coins!
Some were even dripping to the ground because there were so many of them.
I wonder how the men ever could have managed fitting all these coins in such a
small box like this. When I noticed the faint sound of a coin dropping to the
ground, I didn’t bother picking it up because it just looked like the rest of the
coins in the box, so I figured it was the same thing.
“My mom and I were going to go to the store and check if the coins are
worth anything. Do want to come with us?” I asked.
Callie wouldn’t hesitate. She couldn’t, knowing that she could be close
to something so valuable. Soon we were in my mom’s car and were driving
over to some store that my mom said is called, Aaron’s Coins, which I think is
totally weird. Why would someone make a coin store? We walked in and saw
a man standing by a counter.
“Hello, welcome to Aaron’s Coins. The place of examining coins. What
should I examine today?” The man, Aaron? Said.
“Are you Aaron?” My mom asked. The man nodded. “Well we’re just
checking on these coins, found a few somewhere. But I can’t remember where!”
I knew my mom was lying. She was doing it because if people found out we
had a load of maybe valuable coins, they would break into our house to get it.
Maybe that’s why the men disappeared and left the coins behind.
“Well,” Aaron took the coin from my mom’s hand. “The color is real, and
the adjustment of the coin is put like a real one. But, the coin is not a real one,
no one knows this coin, it had to be made somewhere. And people would have
known about it. It’s not real. It’s definitely not from a game, but it’s not real
for some reason. It’s not fake but, it’s not real. Sorry, that doesn’t make
sense. I’m afraid I can’t figure this one out.”
We walked back to the car disappointed. When we got home and into
my room, it was quiet and I was suddenly less interested in the coins.
“Do you want to write a story?” I suggested.
We were both fans of writing.
“Sure!” Callie answered.
“Ok, let me grab a pencil and paper, then we can get started,” I noted.
I went to go get the pencil from the pencil cup. I also picked up a paper
that was laying on top of my desk. And then we started writing our story. I
started writing lazily, so my pencil dropped and rolled over the floor.
“I think it went under the dresser,” Callie told me.
“I’ll get it.” I coaxed.
I got up from my chair and walked toward the dresser. Then, perked
down to get the pencil. I stuck my hand under and felt something.
“Did you get it?” Callie questioned.
“Yup, I’m pretty sure I did!” I said.
I reached my hand from the dresser and pulled out a coin!? It was
definitely not the same coin as the one that we showed Aaron. It was some
kind of gold and bronze color. It was probably the one I had left on the floor.
My dog, Timmy, probably came in and pushed it under the dresser.
“What kind of coin is this?” I asked Callie.
I rushed to the trunk and searched for another coin that looked like
that. But all of them looked like the one in the store.
“I don’t know,” Callie said taking the coin from my hand.
“Here,” she continued, handing me the coin.
Right then, something strange happened. The second I put a finger on
the coin while Callie was almost letting go, but still touching it, there was a
big light, and all of a sudden we weren’t in my room anymore.
Chapter Two
Swirls and swirls, came and went. I was feeling queasy. When we
suddenly disappeared from Bailey’s room, we ending up in a swirl twirling us
and twirling us, until my head was hurting a lot. Bailey seemed to be enjoying
this, she couldn’t stop screaming, “Woo-hoo!” Or “Yah!” I on the other hand
was feeling like the time Bailey dragged me to the roller coaster in Seven
Flags (A theme park). Glaciers was the roller coaster and it was a fast and
steep one. That’s the time I decided to never go on another one, ever again.
I guess this counts as a roller coaster though, so I didn’t keep my word.
It’s not like I made this happen though. Suddenly, a bright light blinded me
and I closed my eyes.
Chapter 3
We landed with a thump on dirt with many tall trees surrounding us and
lots of leaf piles. That swirly thing was so fun, I wanted to go again. But then,
we noticed that the coin might be magic. The two men that lived in my house
must have been a fan of magic. My room just seemed to be were they kept
the magic. But something stopped my thinking. Footsteps. They were coming
straight at us.
“What do we do?” asked Callie.
But we didn’t have time to think because a boy was standing right in
front of us.
“Hello,” the boy said, “ My name’s Jack. Can you tell me what kind of
beans these are? A man told me these are magic but my mother says I’m
“These are magic beans,” I said.
“What?” Callie cried, “ Where would you get an idea like that.”
“It’s from Jack and the beanstalk. Of course their magic.” I replied.
“Anyway, do you know what they do?” cried Jack.
“I can answer this one,” Callie cooed. “All I can say is that they grow
something really tall. Just don’t……...”
The beans slipped from Jack’s hands.
“...let the beans drop,” Callie sighed.
The ground split and a huge twisted plant erupted. It grew and
grew, higher and higher until we couldn’t see it anymore.
“Nice,” Jack laughed.
“Just don’t go up..” Callie warned.
But Jack was already halfway up.
“Come on. Why don’t you listen to me.” Callie shouted.
Callie and I started to go after him but we knew that there were some
magic things up there, so we were ready if that huge giant pops up at any
second. After a long 2 hours of climbing, we reached the top.
“Fee, fi, fo, fum! I smell the blood of an Englishman. Be here alone or be
here dead, I’ll grind your bones to make my bread. Just kidding I’m making
soup.” A huge voice bolted behind us. It was the giant that lived on the top of
the beanstalk. Unfortunately he didn’t like visitors.
“Quick get in the house.” I screamed spotting a big house which would
probably belong to the giant. Callie grasped the rusty doorknob and slowly
turned it. Jack, Callie, and I scurried in. The sight before us amazed me. A big
bowl, table and chair stood in front of us.
“Get in the bowl.” Jack rushed.
We climbed up the tall wooden table leg. Then, we swung into the
rocking chair next to the bowl on the table.
We quickly stepped onto the arm of the rocking chair and hopped on the
table. I always wondered what a spider thought about how big our furniture
is. Now I know, it’s big and really hard to climb. At least for me it is. The door
burst open and the giant stepped in. We zoomed across the table and leaped
into the clay bowl.
“I know you’re in there. Where are you hiding? I just want to be
We all knew the giant was lying, we didn’t move a muscle.
“Oh, did I make all those little muddy footmarks on the chair? How
clumsy of me.” The giant moved to our hiding spot.
“Hello friends. Mind if I pour some soup?” the giant smiled, as if he didn’t
know we were in there.
I wanted to open my mouth and say something but when I opened it,
nothing came out. The giant picked up a spoonful of soup and started walking
towards us. Then, I grabbed the magic coin out of my pocket, Callie grabbed
the other side and we were gone.
Chapter 4
“Jack got souped.” I said.
“Yeah I feel bad. The giant must have pecked him out of the soup and
flicked him down the beanstalk.” Bailey pointed out.
“Like that’s really better than having hot soup poured on your head.” I
sarcastically said.
“It’s not like that’s better for me either. Just saying, that’s probably
what happened,” she continued.
I stood up from the dirty ground and saw a candy house in front of us.
I ran to it and smelled the sugary cotton candy smoke coming from the
“Is this Hansel and Gretel?” I asked.
“Yup. It looks like it. The candy house and stuff, it’s all in the story.”
Bailey said.
“I better get away from this house.” I shouted. I knew that Hansel and
Gretel had a witch that cooked kids. I didn’t want to get cooked, like Jack
got souped.
“No, Hansel and Gretel might be in there. We have to save them if they
are.” Bailey cried. “Callie, if I wink that means we’re going to save Hansel and
Gretel okay, so remember the signal.”
She really knows her fairytales, she knows almost all of them! I barely
know any, except for Sleeping Beauty ‘cause Bailey made me watch it. Now, I
know Jack and the beanstalk...since we just lived through it.
“Hello, children. Would you like to come in?” the door from the house
swung open and an ugly witch came out. Sorry, but it’s the truth.
“We’re not kids. We’re thirteen,” Bailey exploded at the witch.
“I’m sorry, let me rephrase. Hello, teens. I really am truly sorry, so
would you like to come in my house for some candy?” The witch said with a
wicked smile on her face.
“Are you cra.” I started.
“Callie, of course we’ll go in,” she winked.
I almost forgot the code. When Bailey winked, I knew the code. Save
Hansel and Gretel. Whoever those people are.
“Great come in and I’ll let you touch any part of my house you like.
Except for my pan, I use it for... things.” The witch cried.
Bailey looked at me in a horrible way. Did the pan mean something
bad? As far as I could tell, this person was a witch. We followed the witch into
her candy house.
“Just remember, don’t let her trick you,” Bailey whispered following the
witch into the house.
My arms shivered and I got goosebumps on my legs...because of being
nervous. Not because I was cold, when we got inside, it was really warm.
Probably because there was a pot of hot chocolate sitting on the stove.
“Hey!” I heard someone say.
“What was that?” Bailey wondered.
“Nothing.” The witch shot instantly.
“You can wander anywhere in the house you’d like, except for the very
last room at the end of the hall. We turned our heads to the right. This
wasn’t any ordinary hallway. Other than the fact that there was candy
plastered all over the walls, it was a really long hallway. The only thing we
could make out was a yellow speck at the very end, that must have been the
“Why can’t we?” I questioned.
“Because.” She added.
“Why,” I continued.
“I just don’t like people walking around in my bedroom.”
“Why?” Bailey told.
“Because I said so,” The witch turned around and flew into the room
with a pale orange door. We heard a little click and saw the lock turn. Now
we were safe, the witch had locked her door.
Bailey and I looked at each other and we both knew what we were
about to do next.
“Let’s go,” Bailey whispered.
We walked into the hall and headed towards that secret door. The
hallway floor creaked.
“What is going on?” The witch shouted, coming out the door.
Bailey and I ran towards the closest door and pulled it slowly so it
wouldn’t make a loud slamming noise.
“Oh girls, are you there?” We heard the witch screaming behind us.
“Oh, well then, I’ll go to my bedroom now.”
“Great,” I mumbled.
“Ooh! Candy!” I rushed to the back of the room
“Callie, don’t eat that! Stay focused, we’re supposed to be looking for
Hansel and Gretel in that room. It’s bad enough you don’t know your
fairytales, I don’t need you getting sugar rush!” Bailey screamed.
“But I’m starving. I hadn’t eaten since I left my house.” I
“Candy isn’t going to make you full, it’s sugar!”
Bailey never likes it when I get sugar rush. She says I get too crazy. But
I don’t think that matter is true.
“Fine.” I walked over to Bailey.
“Callie! Your mouth is covered with blue candy specks!” Bailey noticed.
“So,” I said.
“So!? Alright, let’s just stay focused. We have to find a way to get in
that room!”
“But the witch is in there,”
“I thought we already got passed that!” she started pacing around the
“Oh, right,” I stammered.
We tip-toed to the door and opened it ever so slowly. We closed it shut
and tip-toe ran to a door closer to the far one.
We heard a faint
sound of a door opening, it must have been the witch! We skidded into
another door.
“Phew!” I sighed. “She didn’t see us!”
“Good thing! At least we passed 7 new doors!” Bailey relieved.
click, click, click, click.
We heard shoes tapping the floor. We
jumped down to look through the crack of the door. I saw the witch’s feet go
“Okay, I think she’s gone. Can we go to the bedroom now?” I asked.
“Shhh! Be quiet!” Bailey gasped. “It’s not even a bedroom! That’s
where Hansel and Gretel are!” she finished.
But it was too late. The door swung open with an angry witch standing
in it.
“So that’s why you’re here.” The witch grumbled. “Well, now you will
work and work until you are dead.”
“Sorry, that is not what Callie meant!” Bailey called.
“But I heard it,” the witch shouted. “She said it and she can’t take it
back. You may go if you would like. While you, Callie, you will work for me
forever. No one goes to my bedroom.”
“Oh, wow. Now you tell her my name!” I exclaimed.
“Sorry,” Bailey said uncertainly. “I’ll go then. Bye, Callie.”
I was so mad, I almost didn’t notice her slipping in a little wink while she
headed through the door.
“Okay,” the witch said “I want you to meet someone. She works for me
too. Also, I just want you to know, her brother is in one of those rooms, so
don’t get alarmed,”
I felt my hands feel warm, I didn’t know why. It felt as if I was happy.
How could I be happy working for a witch. Okay, now I knew why. I know
where one of them is! Well, not exactly. She didn’t tell me which room. But, I
get to meet the girl! What’s her name? I wish Bailey had told me.
I followed the witch into a door four doors away from where we were.
“Come,” The witch screamed. A little girl, who looked about ten came
out from the closet with a broom. This was one of them. I had to do
something. I’m sure Bailey has something planned but I wish she were here
“This is Gretel.” the witch laughed, “You will be joining her when you
clean the kitchen, living room, and maybe my...bedroom.”
I got hope that somehow I could do something with Gretel to help
Hansel and get to Bailey. Gretel and I followed the witch into a room on the
left. When the witch was gone, I heard a yell from the window and hands
moving up and down. It must have been Bailey.
“Callie?! Are you there?” I saw Bailey jumping up and down.
Gretel looked frightened but I patted her and told her about Bailey.
She seemed to calm down.
“I have a plan,” I shouted to Bailey, but I tried to not make a ton of
noise. “The witch said we might go into her bedroom to clean. We can get
Hansel and run.”
“But Callie, I told you I don’t have good feelings about this room. Who
knows what might be in there? I can’t let you go by yourself.”
“But I’ll have Gretel.” I mumbled, “She must feel lost and sad without
her brother we need to save him.
“Okay,” Bailey finally agreed. “I’ll find a way to get in her ‘bedroom’,”
A little later, while Callie was with Gretel, here’s what Bailey was up
“...and then I’m going to be stuck out here, because Callie is going to
forget that I’m not inside the house, so then the witch is going to find me then
take me away in a cage. THen, she’s going to want to put me in the oven and
Callie will help her put me in the oven, and then I won’t forgive Callie and
then...” she continued.
Now, back to inside the house.
When I heard footsteps along the hallway, I froze.
Stomp, stomp,
The footsteps seemed to echo around the hallway, until they stopped.
Bailey was still holding onto the window, I was still frozen, Gretel was still
holding onto her broom. The door started to slightly open and Bailey pushed
off the window.
“Girls, come on you will now go to clean my bedroom.” the witch yelled.
“Bailey should be coming in the room,” I whispered to Gretel.
“Got it,” she added.
We followed the witch into what she calls her bedroom. But when we
entered the room, I realized Bailey was right. I didn’t see a bed or dresser or
anything a bedroom would have. Instead, I saw a chubby boy inside a tall
cage and candy all over the room.
“You,” the witch said pointing at Gretel, “Organize the books. And
you.” She said turning to me, “You sweep all the crumbs off the floor.”
As soon as the witch left, Gretel explained, “He’s my brother,”
“Who was that?” Gretel shrieked.
“That’s just Bailey,” I replied.
“Sorry, but that really hurt!” Bailey said
“Yeah, I saw you topple over the window. Meanwhile, the only reason
the witch put us in here is simply to clean,” I coaxed.
“Hansel,” Gretel cried, “Why are you so fa chubby.” She quickly
changed the word.
“The witch has been feeding me so much candy that I can’t even move a
muscle.” Hansel said.
“Now I finally know who Hansel and Gretel are,” I said to myself.
“Wait you can’t move? That’s harsh. We have to go before the witch
comes back.” Bailey called.
“I think I” Hansel started.
“What did you say.” The witch screamed, opening the door. Honestly,
the witch seems like one of those people with really good ears and fast legs to
“Oh, oh,” Bailey sang. “Callie do you know what happens next?” Bailey
“No,” I replied.
“Then follow me and just play along,”
“Hi,” Bailey ran up to the witch. “ I saw the fireplace at the front, it
looked cool, can you lead me to it cause my mom wants one just like it so, I
want to take a picture.”
“ Why, thank you,” she pranced. “But what are you doing here?! I
thought I took care of you!” she pointed at Bailey
“Can I just take a picture.”
“Fine,” the witch smiled (Well actually, it was more of a weird smirk, her
yellow teeth just made it not even close to a smile).
“Come on Callie,”
“Why is Callie coming?” The witch asked.
“Because she is very good at taking pictures.”
“Oh, well then okay,” the witch said.
I looked at Bailey and added, “Wait, Gretel has to come too,”
“Why do you think this child should come too,”
“Because I haven’t seen that wonderful fireplace Bailey is talking
about,” Gretel blurted.
“It is wonderful. Well, I suppose she can come along,” the witch clapped.
(Because we were complimenting her fireplace.)
We all followed the witch out and the witch gave Bailey a camera.
“Oh, I won’t need that.” She reached into her pocket and pulled out her
“Thank you,” I said as she handed me the phone.
When we got to the fireplace, Bailey told us all the plan. She would
make the witch stand by the fireplace and push her in.
“Um, Miss witch,” Bailey struggled. It was sort of weird hearing Bailey
call someone a witch.
“Oh please, call me Nina,”
“Do you mind standing in front of your fireplace so I can get you next to
it?” Bailey asked.
“Oh, sure, I love fame.”
“Bailey, are you sure we should do this? I mean, she even told us her
name. Was that in the fairytale? No, really, is it? You know I don’t know this
fairytale,” I considered.
“No it wasn’t but,” Bailey replied.
“But what, everyone has a heart we just have to help her find it
again.” I told her.
“Maybe Callie’s right,” Gretel assured.
“She tried eating your brother.” Bailey said.
“But she didn’t, so I guess, I think she might be nice somewhere in
there.” Gretel whispered.
“Are you going to take the picture now?” the witch questioned us.
“Yeah,” Bailey shouted.
“Bailey...” Gretel whisper-shouted.
“No, really, I am!” Bailey snapped the picture.
“Selfie!” I called, “You too!”
“Miss Nina,” Gretel corrected. “Why do you make me work for you and
why do you want to eat my brother?” Gretel gulped at her own words.
“I don’t know, it’s just that there’s not many kids around here and I just
needed some company. But who said I was going to eat your brother? I was
just going to make him a little more plump, you have to admit, he was a little
too skinny before. Also, what’s a sel..what now?” the witch told us.
“A selfie, is when you take a picture of yourself, but more than one
person can be in it,” Bailey recalled.
“Oh then Selfie.” The witch laughed.
“Everyone, get in the picture!” I smiled.
The camera in my hand clicked and the photo was taken. Bailey
took the coin out of her pocket and we were gone “Bye everyone!”
Chapter 5
We fell onto the green grass and we heard horses heading our
“What fairy tale are we in now?” I shouted over the thundering noise of
“Probably something that starts with horses about to run over us.”
Callie shrieked. “Jump.”
We both leapt through vines that were hanging in front of us.
I stood up and moved my head the way the big shadow was going in
front of us.
“Callie! It’s Rapunzel's tower! I love this fairytale!” I smiled.
“Wait, what is Rapunzel?” Callie asked.
“First of all, she’s a who not a what. Also, the fairytale is called
Tangled and the princess’ name is Rapunzel. You haven’t seen the movie?!”
“I’ve never seen it. You know I’m not in it for Princesses.” Callie
“It’s not like I love princess’.” I corrected.
“Well, you still like them. Remember four Christmas’ ago, you begged
me to watch Sleeping Beauty with you. And I slept through most of the movie.
It was probably a curse from Maleficent. Get it, Sleeping Beauty. And I am
beautiful.” Callie stated.
“Ok, when we get back from this fairytale thing, you are watching
Tangled with me,”
“Fine, but who’s the villain in this story?” Callie asked.
“You’ll see, we’re living through it now!” I stated.
“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!” I shouted.
“What on Earth are you doing?” Callie wondered.
“Trying to get us up there,” I answered.
“Isn’t that dangerous,”
“Since when did you become so cautious?”I questioned.
“Since we climbed up that beanstalk!” She screamed.
But right when she answered, I saw something fly down the tower. It
was long, blonde hair.
“Callie, let’s climb up!”
“Won’t that hurt this person’s hair?” Callie jumped.
“Do you want to meet Rapunzel or not?” I asked.
“Well, to be fair, I don’t know who she , no, not really,” Callie
“Of course you do.” I called.
“I said no,” Callie stormed.
“Well, I do so... stop whining!” I shouted.
“Mother?” A girl cried from the top of the tower. “Are you climbing up or
not?”she continued.
“Um, yes we- I mean, yes, I am climbing up!” I yelled.
“Okay, can you do it quickly though? I’m trying to finish a painting!”
“I told you, you’re not allowed to paint on the walls!”
“Bailey, what are you telling her? Not to paint?” Callie scolded.
“But in the movie, the mom, who’s really a witch tells her not to paint,”
I answered.
“Ah, ah, ah! I thought I was going to watch the movie with you don’t
spoil it!” Callie said.
“Mother, who are you talking to?” Rapunzel called. “I’m letting my hair
up again.”
“No, no. I’m coming,” I shouted.
We started climbing and reached the top.
“Oh, finally mother that took a long time,” Rapunzel said, sliding into a
chair. “Wait, who are you?”
“Hi! I’m Bailey...have I ever told you that you are my favorite princess?
Oh, wait, I didn’t, because I’ve never seen you before!” I beamed.
“Are you crazy?!” Rapunzel took out her pan and whacked Callie in the
head. Then she whacked me too.
The minute I woke up I realized I was in a chair and next to me was
Callie. We were tied in blonde hair, I had seen this in the movie and I knew
what was going on now.
“Hummmumm,” I heard Callie try to talk. All I could say back to her was
stay calm she’s safe.
But it came out as
Byukhu-sre- sahe.
“What are you doing in my house?” Rapunzel cried. “Mother will be so
worried she won’t even let me open the window anymore.”
“Wer-jut-fads-og-yo.” I tried saying.
Rapunzel shook her head and came up to us. She took the rope tying up
our mouth away.
“I was saying. We’re just fans of you.” I cried.
“Not me,” Callie called.
“What do you mean fans. I’m not famous.” Rapunzel replied.
“Oh right. Well we heard about your art and you inspired us to never
stop trying.” I lied.
“Really? Where did you hear about me?”Rapunzel questioned.
“Oh, in a place, somewhere in the world.” I said.
“Really? That’s so cool.” Rapunzel cried.
This time I wasn’t lying, I did hear of her somewhere in the world,
Earth. I didn’t tell her that I heard of her on Earth but I did tell her the truth.
In the world.
“I can’t believe it, it’s actually the artist Rapunzel.” Callie acted.
Callie was always good at acting, I would have thought she was
actually excited but I saw her throw in a wink. That must be the new code.
Acting! These fairytales are so cool. It’s like we’re living in the fairytale islands.
I’ve heard that it’s an island where all the fairytales are put together but
they never come to a different fairytale. There is supposed to be an invisible
wall that you never feel but it pushes you back in the fairytale you are put in, if
you bump into it.
“Okay, so I’m not gonna do anything to you, but why did you act like my
mother.” Rapunzel questioned.
“Because, you wouldn’t have answered us strangers.” Callie answered
as quickly as she could.
“That’s true.” Rapunzel agreed. “I wouldn’t have. Mother told me not
to trust strangers. But you two are so little and adorable, I have to trust
“Then, why did you whack us in the head with a pan. And we’re 13 just
so you know.” Callie corrected.
“Sorry,” Rapunzel corrected. “It’s just I haven’t seen people as small as
you. I only see my mother and my reflection.” She walked to the window and
stared at it.
“Because, you can never leave the tower?” I asked, even though I knew.
“Yes, how did you know?” Rapunzel turned toward us.
She had tears in her eyes. Neither me or Callie had an answer to that,
we just stood there staring. I always thought it would be cool to live in this
tower forever. But I’m starting to see why Rapunzel wants to leave.
Everything is old, dirty, and dark, only light from outside the window came. It
must feel bad living in here forever. Although Rapunzel doesn’t live here
forever. She does go away, one day she runs away.
“Well, do you want to know my dream?” Rapunzel wondered.
“Okay,” Both of us answered.
“I want to see the floating lanterns. Mother calls them stars, but I don’t
agree with her,” Rapunzel said.
She got up and showed us her painting of her seeing the floating
“They set the lanterns when it’s the lost princesses birthday.” Rapunzel
“Where is your mother?” I asked.
“She’s getting me a new painting set for my birthday, she’ll be gone for
a couple days. I’d ask her if we can see the floating lanterns, but she just said
they were stars and that we couldn’t go,” Rapunzel commented.
“Then let’s go,” I cried.
“What?” Rapunzel questioned.
“I said let’s go. You always wanted to leave the tower, now is your
chance.” I added.
“Um, how did you know that I wanted to leave the tower...all I said
was I wanted to see the lanterns,” Rapunzel chimed.
“Okay, truth is, you are a princess. There is a movie about you, and I’ve
seen it,” I finally told the truth.
It was probably really weird for her to hear that she was a princess and
was in a movie but it was the truth. Callie stared at me like I crazy, and so did
Rapunzel. But for different reasons.
“Why would you tell her?” Callie shrugged.
“Only because, well, it’s hard to tell answers when she doesn’t know
why we--I mean I, know so much about her,” I whispered.
“Uh, this is weird are you telling me the truth? A movie? About me?!”
Rapunzel questioned.
“Yes, it really is true!” I hollered.
We traveled over to Rapunzel and followed her through the house.
“Lliick!” we heard something.
“Pascal,” Rapunzel turned to her pet lizard.
“What are you up to?” she continued.
We all went over to the window and talked about what we should do.
“He should be coming any minute now,” I whispered to Callie. I was
talking about the prince. Well he isn’t really a prince but he becomes one.
“But he isn’t here. And wasn’t he supposed to come when the horses
were about to run over us?” Callie asked.
“Maybe, but we came instead of him so, he should be coming any
minute,” I recalled.
“But could we have changed the story?” Callie panicked.
“Well, we sort of did. We told her she was in a movie.” I said.
“No, that wouldn’t change him to not come here would it?” Callie
frantically paced around the room.
“Callie, I’m not really sure. We’ll just have to wait here and if he
doesn’t come before night, he’s probably not coming,” I predicted.
I was actually stressed out because he helped her figure out that she
was a princess. How would we be able to help her realize that? I suppose we
could take her out in the world, but it would all get messed up. We don’t
know this place as much as he did, even though I watched the movie.
Rapunzel was getting tired so she fell asleep on the couch. By now, it was
almost pitch black in the tower. Callie and I decided we should explore the
tower. It was actually a little scary just walking around in the dark. The first
room that Callie walked into was Rapunzel’s bedroom. I recognized the star
shapes on the ceiling. And the purple bed. It was all so beautiful and cool. Her
mirror was by the dresser. It was identical to the mirror that we passed by in
the living room. But this time, it wasn’t just our faces in the mirror, there were
also two faces standing right behind us. Two large men with scratchy orange
beards and eyepatches stood like statues. They were way taller than us, even
when we were on our tip-toes. I remembered them from the movie, they were
those big guys after Flynn, the person that was supposed to come and be
Rapunzel’s prince. I did notice all those posters of Flynn everywhere. Anyway,
we had to warn Rapunzel that they were in here. Unless, she already knew
and she was awake.
“Why are you here?” One of the men demanded.
“Why are you here?” Callie asked.
“We are here to protect Rapunzel. Her mother’s commands.” The other
man said.
“Oh, please. I know you two. You don’t want to protect Rapunzel. You
want the crown,” I didn’t mean the crown to be king. I meant the crown that
Flynn carried. Also, this was probably a setup put together by her mother.
After all, she did tell them to capture Flynn.
Then, in a split second, the men grabbed duck tape and shut our mouths.
Oh, great, AGAIN!
“You can’t speak of this to anyone.” They said in a low voice.
If I could speak of this, I would speak of it to Rapunzel. I would call
The two men went downstairs to make sure Rapunzel was still there.
They then got out of the building and we were safe. Even though they duct
taped our mouths, that didn’t mean we couldn’t move. I’m surprised that they
didn’t tie us with ropes. I’m glad they didn’t but, really, what kind of villains
don’t tie people in ropes? I gave a glance at Callie and she nodded. She
moved her hand and pulled off my duct tape and then I did the same to her.
“We need to find Rapunzel.” Callie cried, and it seemed like she really
So, we got up and went down to Rapunzel. She was duck taped too,
and she was sitting up on the floor. But, unlike us, she was tied up in ropes.
She was now awake in this pitch black tower. Callie went down to Rapunzel
while I went to find a flashlight. I paced around the tower looking for that
one flashlight. I rummaged through plenty of drawers, you don’t even know!
You won’t believe how hard it is to find a flashlight in a tower, even though
the tower was only one level, it is still hard to find. And even if there was
actually light (Which there isn’t), I still wouldn’t find it easily. But after that
time, I got to the point where I just wanted to run around the whole tower in
frustration. So, I did! I ran and ran. Then, the most amazing thing happened.
You won’t believe it! I finally found it after what seemed like a bagillion hours
but I think in reality, it was only ten minutes. Running around actually helped
with something in life, wait a second, I realized it the second I said it. This
isn’t real life. This is a fairytale. And fairytales are not real. BUT! If we were
in real life, it would have actually helped with something, even though I was
doing it in a fairy tale, that is unreal, and think, how could I have been to a
fairy tale, they are fake. But then agai-- okay, I am just going to stop
thinking about this because I am starting to get confused. So, I creeped down
the stairs but stopped in my tracks. Something was happening between the
two men. I decided to curl down and watch through the bars of the stairs.
“Oh, I think I forgot my sack that I was gonna use to capture them but
then I didn’t because that doesn’t happen in real life. BUt YOU had to duct
tape their mouth!” I heard a voice outside say.
Real life???? Yeah right! I saw a rope wrap around the tower and I
heard grunts. They were climbing up!!! This was not good, we couldn’t leave
Rapunzel duct taped and tied, and make a run for it. It was too late to think
anymore. The two men, climbed the tower and were facing Rapunzel and
“Hey, why are they not duct taped??” The bigger man asked. “Did you
really duct tape them or did I just imagine that?”
“Sorry, you really are dumb. I did duct tape them,” One of the men
“Fine Greg, I admit I might be.” The other man replied.
Then, he turned his head to me and winked. What did it mean? Was it
good or bad? Was he good or bad?
“Let’s take them,” Greg exclaimed.”The master will be gleeful!”
He was probably talking about the witch. She was definitely their
master. The witch was actually pretending to be Rapunzel’s mother. She
kidnapped her when Rapunzel was a baby. She was really old, but Rapunzel
kept her from looking old with her magic hair. That’s why her hair was so long.
The witch would never cut it because then she would turn old again. Yes, the
hair that almost strangled me and Callie.
“Can I use my sack?” The man that I don’t know his name said. “I just
need to find it.”
“No time to waste. Make them unconscious and I’ll pull up the carriage.”
Greg hopped out of the window and left me standing still terrified with Callie
and Rapunzel.
He grabbed a book and stepped up to Rapunzel to whack her. Luckily,
Callie had untied Rapunzels hands. And Rapunzel had picked up her own
weapon. The pan!
“Stay back,” He called.
“You stay back. I might have been stuck in a tower for all my life, but
that means I had time to skill myself. And if mother comes to find me gone she
will hunt you down and find us,” Rapunzel assured him.
“I wouldn’t count on that!” The man sat down.
“What did you do to her?” Rapunzel cried.
“We didn’t do anything. She did,” Then, the man whacked her in the
head, next Callie. I stood frozen, he came by me and stood there for a
moment. Then,
Straight on my forehead.
I woke up with a sound of something like metal echoing around the
room. But when I looked up I wasn’t in my bed, or in the beanstalk, or in Nina’s
(The witch's) candy house, or in the tower. We were in a dungeon. It was dark
and dirt was everywhere. Callie was banging on the bars of the dungeon.
Rapunzel was asleep on the floor and there was a dark figure in the corner
that I was too afraid to see who it was. But, on the walls I could see a man’s
shadow. I was too scared to go and look at the man so I stayed in my spot.
“Callie,” I whispered.
She didn’t look at me. I tried again, louder.
“Callie,” I whisper shouted. “What happened?”
Callie finally turned around. “The two men. They took us and stuffed us in
I carefully tip toed closer to the bar doors and tried to see who it was in
the dim light, but, I couldn’t see anyone there. I went back to Callie and
Rapunzel and sat on the wooden bench in the back.
I heard the doors
open. Maybe that was Flynn! Had Rapunzel’s prince finally come for her...even
though he doesn’t know he is going to save a princess and Rapunzel doesn’t
know there is a friendly prince.
“Here’s your food for today,” I heard a grunt. I recognized the voice as
Greg’s. Great. It wasn’t Flynn! A small window opened and oranges that
peels were shaving off of, rotten apples, and some slices of moldy bread sat on
a shattered plates glued together. He tilted the plates and dropped the food
on the floor. I heard you weren’t supposed to drop or throw bread. It’s not
“That’s the only thing we get to eat?” Callie screamed at the man.
Rapunzel shook her head and sat up. I guess the noise woke her. A man stood
up and took the food. He broke off a piece of the apple and took a bite. I
looked at him. Didn’t he want more? Actually, who would want more of a
rotten apple? He seemed to understand.
“Every time, they just seem to get the nose wrong!” he was still
chewing the apple grasping a wrinkled stained paper with something drawn
with black ink. He turned the paper around to show us. He just kept glancing
at it and shaking his head. Then, I looked at the man closely. It was Flin!
I ran up to him and hugged him, which is totally weird because he didn’t
know me. I was just too happy to remember that. Callie looked at me like I
was crazy.
“Sorry,” I called a little loudly.
“What do you want,” A voice boomed over from the stairs. Then, the
man that was not named Greg, stepped out.
“I was just saying sorry to him,” I pointed at Flynn.
“Oh, well, just so you know. It’s a little confusing since my name is Sorry!”
What? This guy’s name was sorry?
“Why,” I asked.
“My parents were trying to think of a name and my mom said, ‘Okay his
name is’ and then my dad tripped on her leg and said, ‘Sorry.’ So my name
was Sorry. Not a nice name, but it works for codes!” Then, Sorry walked away
and said, “I’m sorry.” And I didn’t know what he meant. Did he mean that he
was Sorry, or he was actually sorry?
“You’re Eugene Fitzherbert?” I asked at him.
“No, what are you talking about? I’m Flynn,” But I saw a little twinkle in
his eye that told me he was lying. In the movie, everyone thought his name
was Flynn Rider, but his name was really Eugene Fitzherbert.
“Eugene?” I heard Rapunzel mumbling. “Is that really you? No way!!”
she beamed. Rapunzel jumped up and squeezed him into a hug.
“Wait! What! You know him!?” Callie hollered.
“Oh, course I do,” Rapunzel said, “We were really good friends when we
were little, mostly because our parents knew each other,” she explained.
“Wait, so you know that you aren’t a princess?” I was getting really
“Duh! I have been in the castle pretending to not know. But my
“mother” threatened me that if I told the truth she would do something to
my parents. I can’t let that happen, even if it means never seeing them again.”
“But, that’s not the way the movie goes!” I cried out to them.
“You keep bringing up the movie. What happened there?” Rapunzel
“Everything. It’s too much to explain!!!” I couldn’t believe it. Rapunzel’s
life, wasn’t really Rapunzel’s life. At least not like in the movie. Why though?!
“Even though I haven’t watched the movie, this is CRAZY!” Callie yelled.
“We really need to see that movie, it sounds like they made up some
weird stuff about us,” Rapunzel calmly said.
Callie turned to me, “Which reminds me, make sure you remember we
have to watch the movie as soon as we get back to your house,”
“Not just some stuff. There is a million, almost the whole story is made
up,” I lowered my voice. Not even knowing that I was screaming until I
stopped. Plus, I sounded really convincing, which I hate when I don’t mean to.
Everyone looked at me awkwardly. I grabbed some bread and eat a
bite of it. But then, I had to spit it right back out because it tasted very bad
since it was moldy.
“What, is going on down there?!” I saw Sorry heading down the
dungeon stairs.
“Please, let us go. You have no idea how much we need to fix.” I put my
hands on the bars and started shaking them.
“Listen, at dawn, I’ll come. Get ready be packed.” Sorry said.
“What do you mean get packed? Where are we going?” Callie worried.
“I’m letting you go. Setting you free! But you can’t go without me!
Because you will get lost and someone will find you. Your mother will!!” Sorry
pointed at Rapunzel.
“Does Greg know about this?” I leaned on one hip and asked.
“My brother? How do you know his name? Also, no. But don’t tell him.
If you can’t tell, he is more serious than I am,”
“Yeah, uh-huh. Well, would you mind looking behind you?” Callie
pointed behind his shoulder very convincing.
“Oh, I know. You little teenagers are pulling a prank on me. Okay,
okay,” then he held up his hand in a fist and said to himself, “Come on Sorry!
Live on the edge!”
“Really? Because, I’m very serious. Almost as serious as Greg,” I called.
“It’s not like Greg is going to be behind me when I turn around though.
If he was, that would be VERY bad. But that is probably the last thing that is
behind me,” Sorry told us very easily. “Greg?!?! Why are you here?” Sorry
backed away from Greg.
“So, I’m serious, huh Sorry? Is that what you think of me? And what
do I not know of?” He kept asking questions.
Greg grabbed a black walkie-talkie out of his hands and tried to contact
another guard.
“Stop!” Sorry swung his hands in the air and slapped the walkie talkie
away from his hands.
“Calm down. I would never report on my brother!!” Greg reached his
hands towards Sorry’s hair and messed with it. “Get serious Sorry. I would
never. Now, what is the thing you were telling them? About letting them
“Remember when we were in this same dungeon? Trapped like them? I
don’t want them to have to be bossed around by the witch.” Sorry begged.
“The witch?” Rapunzel asked.
“Your mother, Liona. We call her the witch,” Greg explained.
“Spoiler Alert! Even though she is not your real mother!” Sorry yelled.
“We all knew that!!!!!!” All of the people in the jail yelled along with me.
“Tough crowd. But haven’t you seen the movie?” Sorry shrugged.
“Yes,” I responded while everybody else said no.
“Movie? How do you know?” Callie asked.
“No one in Fairytale Islands knows about it. Are you from Earth?” I
“Are you from Earth?” Sorry and Greg mysteriously said.
“Hey! WE ask the questions!”
Sorry and Greg glanced at each other.
“What’s Earth?” Rapunzel and Flynn asked at the same time.
“We” Sorry started.
“Are? Aren’t?” Callie questioned.
“Let him speak!!” I quieted down Callie.
“Are.” Greg said.
“So are we.” Callie added.
“Still confused here! What is this “Earth”?” Rapunzel barged in.
“Earth is like Fairytale Islands. Just a different planet.” Callie
“...Except that there are no fairy tales, just normal people,”
Sorry unlocked the bar door and pulled it open. We quickly sped past
the door and leaped out of the cell, Rapunzel following us.
“Wait for us!” Sorry and Greg hollered.
We were already too ahead of them but they managed to catch up.
“Where are we going?” I panted.
“Sorry, remember that old house that we used to own? Let’s go there!”
Greg exclaimed.
“NO WAY! We definitely cannot go there. You know that woman and
man you sold your house to?” I asked.
“Yeah,“ Greg said confused. “But how do you know that?”
“So, those are my parents. And they would freak out if they found out
that their daughter has been going to fairytales and bringing home magical
creatures that no one believes in and they would think that I’m crazy!!!!” I was
panting after saying all that.
“Okay, new plan. Let’s just get out of here. Hey Greg, where is that
magic coin that we have?” Sorry questioned.
“Even if it does work, where would we go on Earth? To the desert?”
Greg asked.
“Let’s at least try,” Sorry pleaded.
“Oh, the magic coin?” I stretched out my voice nervously trying to avoid
the fact that we had it. “Yeah, funny story!” I chuckled.
But they weren’t laughing, just standing there, their arms crossed with
a serious face that was telling me I should go on.
“Anyway, getting to the point,” I stalled.
They raised one eyebrow.
“Okay we have it! It feels so good to get off my chest, am I right?!” I
bent over laughing.
Then, I started to slowly stop laughing, because I was getting a little
scared by their faces.
“Why aren’t you laughing, I thought it was funny!”
“So you thought, but this is reality, let’s welcome her to the real world.
Oh wait, we’re in a fairytale, how is this reality? And even though I am
saying this while I am in a fairytale, you don’t live in a fairytale little missy!”
Greg said sarcastically.
“Reality, if not the point right now!! Can you just get us to your house
with the coin? I’m sorry if you get in trouble, but it’s better than nothing!!”
Sorry lekchered.
“Fine!!!!” I grumbled, “Callie do you have it?”
“Yeah, okay everyone hold on to the coin really fast. One, two, three!”
Everyone put their hands on the coin. I was ready for the swirls to come again,
but they didn’t. Something had blocked the transition. It was like a giant
shield. It just thundered around us and everything paused then continued
again like nothing happened.
“Something has to be wrong with the coin. Let’s try going outside of
the dungeon!” Callie directioned.
“Where would we go instead?” Sorry recalled.
“Just go outside,” I scurried them all out of the dungeon, and opened
the door only to find more hallways.
We finally got outside. I parked under a tree and pulled the coin out of
my back pocket.
“Callie, grab the coin!” I told her.
She motioned her arm and tipped her finger on the coin.
“Hold on!!” I screamed. Expecting again for the swirls and the landing in
my bedroom with a thud. But again, some kind of shield blocked us from
going. Greg and Sorry came up to us, Flynn and Rapunzel following them.
“What about your ‘mom’?,” Callie cried.
“Oh, I’m sure we’ll figure something out,” she responded.
“Go back to the dungeon, there’s a kitchen in their. Go grab a snack.
We’ll be back by noon,” Greg confronted. “Sorry, your coming with me,”
So, we marched to the dungeon to get some food. But I was unsure why
they said it now, we just came out of there, now they are wasting time for us
to go all the way across the field and into the dungeon and then come out
again with the food and meet them there when they already left us!!? Sorry,
but sometimes I panic for absolutely no reason! And when I say sorry, I don’t
mean the guy, Sorry.
“Did they forget about me? I want to do some manly stuff!!” Flynn
called out to us. I almost forgot he was there.
Callie, Rapunzel and I dragged to the dungeon and went to the snacks.
Why had they even bothered us to go here, they know the food is moldy. But
once we actually opened the cabinets, there were tons of delicious, normal
food! Oreos, potato chips, sandwiches, cupcakes! It just went on and on. I
was n0w over the fact that we had to come all the way across the field to
get food from here. But, I’m not sure its going to be all that good for them,
because we are probably going to eat all of it by the time we got back.
“Where are they? Should we look for them. It’s 2:00 am!!” This was the
longest that I had stayed up, ever. I am strictly ordered to go to bed at
“We’re here! Let’s go guys!!” The door swung open and Greg and Sorry
jumped in.
“Where?” Callie asked.
“You’ll see,” Sorry cried.
All of us walked to a truck and Sorry started driving. I fell asleep on the
way there. When, I opened my eyes, we were still in the car and driving.
“Ready?” Greg opened the door for us and I walked out. I couldn’t
believe my eyes. There was a castle in front of me. The castle!! I couldn’t
believe it! Rapunzel’s mom and dad lived here!
“What about her mom?” I asked.
“We tricked her and locked her up,” Greg said.
I was super happy that we ended this story. I wonder were the next
one will be! If we can get there. After a while, we got out of the castle with
everyone, and Callie and I decided to take a little walk around. We started
with the backyard. There were many things to do there, but there was one
thing that caught my eye. It was a tree that was in the corner of the yard.
We went ahead and went underneath. But, I haven’t told you the reason
why it got my attention. For this beautiful, happy castle, it was a dead little
tree. I pulled the coin out again and told Callie to put her hand on it. It was a
good thing Sorry and Greg weren’t there at the moment because it didn’t
work, but if it did work, they would have been disappointed. But, that time,
instead of a shield, it was a small little letter that fell down from a branch. It
The Fairytales aren’t finished. Go get the coin, and travel.. When you go, you will be in
Jack and the Beanstalk. You did not finish it, which is the reason why you can’t go back home.
Finish that and you will be able to go back. Don’t leave any fellow humans behind. When you get
to Earth, burn the coin and never let anyone go back here. The fairytales have to stay this way
because they have perfectly good endings. One adventurer can change the whole story. Or in
your case, two adventurers. And don’t complain when you watch the movies that belong to the
fairytales you visited had changed, I won’t expect you saying you didn’t know they would be
different, because I told you. It is bad enough they changed once, they don’t have to change
again, which is why you have to burn the coin. And, don’t disobey me, what you are not
supposed to do is, keep it somewhere safe where you think you will never remember, I’m telling
you, throw it in a fireplace and let it burn. NO ONE can EVER come into Fairy Tale Islands
again. Everything will then return to normal, the movies will be how you lived them and the
fairytale people will keep living their lives. Don’t let anyone know that you are the people that
made that. No one can believe in fairytales, or they will try to get here. The two new characters
will look like you, don’t be surprised. I warned you.
That was creepy. Who could it be from?
But it explained why we
couldn’t jump.
“Selfie guys!!” Callie called out. “And I am not explaining what it is
again!!” She took out her phone and snapped a picture with all of us smiling.
“You have to send that to me! But, don’t let our parents or anyone see
“Sorry, Greg! Take the coin in three two, oh and bye Rapunzel and
Flynn... One!!” We all grabbed the coin at the same time.
Chapter 6
We landed again on the ground. I ran toward the beanstalk and
started climbing it. I saw Bailey stuff the coin into her pocket.
“Hey Sorry, remember when we were in this fairytale? We never
completed it.” Greg sat up.
“That’s why we can’t go home!!!!” I cried. “Keep up with me people!
Now, climb up this thing before Jack gets into any trouble!!”
“Into trouble? That’s it, we can get the giant into trouble, then he
would calm down and stop being so angry.” Bailey requested.
“But the giant won’t listen to us. He barely listens to anyone!!! Who
can make him feel guilty?!” Greg replied.
“Maybe, someone that is not fearful to scream at the giant. Someone
that’s mad at what he is doing.” I suggested, “Jack’s mom!!!!”
“What about her?” Bailey questioned.
“She won’t want her son to get souped, that’s for sure. She would stick
up for him!!” I screamed with joy.
“The thing do we find her?” Bailey shrugged.
I started climbing toward the ground again.
“When we were here, we saw Jack’s mom tell Jack to sell the cow. But
there wasn’t a home by there.” Sorry said.
“Can you lead us there? I’m sure she’ll be looking for Jack somewhere
where she last saw him,” I begged.
“I guess, but first, you have to promise that you will take us back to
Earth with you!” Sorry stated.
“We already decided on that, we were going to take you home! But you
can not live there!”
“Good!” He pointed his finger at us.
“Or else we’ll take the coin back,” Greg threatened.
“Oh yeah?” Bailey leaned on one hip.
“Yeah!” Sorry crossed his arms, I think he was trying to feel tough.
“Just lead us there!!!!!!!” I almost burst with anxiety.
Bailey started patting my shoulder, “Calm down, Callie, calm down,”
she reassured me.
I started to get all calm but then, this happened, “I will not!!!!! I am
hungry and tired and thirsty, and all that can save me is this little coin! So,
now, I will do whatever it takes to go back to Earth!!! Well, not anything, but
you know what I mean.”
“Callie, we ate all that food from the dungeon, remember? Now, there
is no reason to be screaming, we just have to finish this last fairytale and then
we’ll be at my house, watching how we did! Okay, so just calm down honey,”
Bailey explained.
“Bread!!! Crummy bread! And chocolate cupcakes, chips, and things, but
still!!!” I started breathing heavy, and then felt a rush of embarrassment. I
can’t believe how I’m acting, I’m not starving, many other people are and they
don’t complain about what they get.
“Okay! I’m sorry,” I said.
“No! I’m Sorry!” Sorry explain.
I couldn’t help but laugh. And I really needed a laugh at that moment.
We followed Sorry and Greg. And then something struck me! I will be in the
movie having a tantrum, and then everyone will hate me! (Well, not me, my
character, which is really me...) I couldn’t explain this to Sorry and Greg
because then me saying that would appear in the movie too!! So, I decided to
be the sweetest I could be. But then again, no one wants to watch something
with that sort of humor. Bailey started walking around, I think she was
mumbling something, but she would never say something to herself about me
that was negative.
“It’s weird that Callie is panicking this time, I’m usually the one who gets
frustrated for absolute no reason!” Bailey was muttering somehthing that I
couldn’t understand. I was watching her pace.
“Bailey’s acting suspicious.” I muttered. “Is she thinking something about
me?! She wouldn’t do that,” I thought.
“But you are best friends, she would never betray you like that.
Anyway, she isn’t telling it to anybody, she’s just saying it to herself, if she
said it to someone else though, man...that would be bad,” Sorry told me.
“What is she saying?!” I asked hoping that Sorry knew. “So you think
that she would betray me, if I was like this everyday. Trust me, I am normally
nothing like this. At all! It’s just I’m really stressed out today.” I said to Sorry,
but not loudly enough that Bailey could hear me.
“Gee, that would be very, very, very bad if Bailey just ditched you, but
that will never happen, trust me, you two are best friends...right?” Greg
“I heard that!” Bailey stormed over here.
“You heard what? And anyway we weren’t saying anything bad. I
wonder if you were though!” I screamed.
“Callie, why would I ever do something so mean to you like that? You
know me so well, why would I ever say anything to anyone, especially if it’s
bad?!” Bailey talked back.
“How do I know to trust you? You might have a bestfriend that isn’t
me!” I called.
“I don’t. But maybe, now I will!” Bailey stormed of toward Greg with
her arms crossed.
“You know, you guys really shouldn’t be fighting, wait a second! you still have the coin in your pocket? Because if you do, that is
really bad, I mean really bad. Because if you keep fighting--” Sorry was trying
to yell over our screaming.
All of a sudden, there was a humongous blast and I wasn’t looking at
Bailey anymore. And I wasn’t in Jack in the Beanstalk anymore.
“...the coin will split both of you up into different fairytales!” Sorry
looked at Greg. Now, Greg and Sorry were alone.
“Sorry, should we have mentioned that to them before???” Greg
“Well, we didn't know they would fight!!! They are best friends!” Sorry
“Wait, have you two ever been split up?!” I asked. But they were gone
and couldn’t answer my question. I was in another world. Which might seem
crazy but then again, everything is. Where is Bailey, though. Where am I?
Chapter 7
What just happened??? I thought to myself. Why aren’t I with Callie??
Where did she go? Just then I reached into my pocket to feel if I still had the
coin. It was gone!!! Callie was gone, the coin was gone and no... I was back
home!! Without Callie.!! This is really bad, I let out a scream, forgetting that
people were in this house.
“What are you doing?” My mom jumped into the room. “Did Callie
leave, already?”
“Callie? Umm, yeah? She uuh..went out the window. I um, have a
ladder at my window...but no I uuh, took it down,” I tried to sound
“You have a ladder? Missy, you are so in trouble!!!!” My mom shouted.
“And I believe that Callie’s mom should know that she is walking home. And
she used a climb out your window!! I’m gonna go call her and
inform her.” my mom freaked out.
No!!! Callie wasn’t home! I didn’t want to get her in trouble! I blew up in
my mind.
“I’m kidding mom. Today is opposite day, I told you that Callie left and I
have a ladder. But I don’t and Callie’s still here. We’re playing hide & seek!” I
tried to save us both.
“Hide & Seek?! Don’t you think you think you’re a little old for that? And
also a little old for opposite day?”
“Hey, don’t judge me!” My mom closed the door and I went back to
Help!!!!! I need someone to explain this to me. Why is this happening?
Where is the coin? And how do I go back to Jack and the Beanstalk? I know
it’s weird, but I feel sort of Fairytale sick. I’m home but I feel lost and sick
because I am. I want to go back to the fairy tales! And at that point, I got an
awesome idea. I have to go buy the movie and see where Callie is. And I knew
just where too.
I walked into Best Buy and asked the cashier for a Fairytale movie. He
said there was Rapunzel, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Hansel and Gretel, or
all of them in one. I got all of them in one and ran back home. I actually
sneaked out. I did sort of have a ladder leading from my bedroom. But only
because some people were painting the house and needed a ladder to reach
the top.
When I was in my bedroom and panting, I pulled the movie towards the
dvd player, and pushed the play button. I skipped through every fairytale until
the last Jack and the Beanstalk. And I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was
recording me watching this. And then it went to a different fairy tale. I
couldn’t believe my eyes any more. Callie was a princess!!!
Chapter 8
I know, this is all too weird. First, Bailey and I had a fight. Now, we split
up. And next thing I know, I’m a princess! What kind of place is this!?!?! Oh,
wait, it’s the dumb fairy tales!!!!! I have absolute no idea why Bailey and I
ever wanted to go in this crazy life style.
“You’re back! It’s you!” I heard all different kinds of things on the streets
and people were leading me into a castle. Then, these people hugged me and
called me their “Princess”. But I didn’t know what they mean. And then, they
put a crown on my head and announce me as “Our Princess”. Also, I’m dressed
really weird, my hair was curled and I was wearing a pink dress, I would never
wear anything like this. And these people look really familiar for some reason.
Then, I got it. As soon as someone from the crowd calls me Princess Aurora, I
knew I was in Sleeping Beauty. Remember that time I said that Bailey and I
watched it and I fell asleep? Well, I didn’t really, I just didn’t want to seem
like a princess obsessed person. And I’m not, but I don’t want anyone knowing
that I watched even one princess. So, what I mean by I didn’t fall asleep, I
was laying on the couch, with a blanket over my head. I told Bailey that I was
going to go to sleep because I was bored of watching it. Of course, I had to
make sure that when she looked, my head would still be under the covers, but
when she wasn’t looking, I would peek my eye from under the blanket and
secretly watch Sleeping Beauty. So, I got lucky I’m here, because this is the
only fairytale I know well, besides the ones we lived through. Hold on, I just
realized, could I possibly be Aurora? Wait a second, don’t I have to kiss the
“Come to the dining room. We have a feast prepared for you!” The
person that I remember as the mom called. “Go ahead and sit at the head of
the table. Right next to your father, King Hubert and Prince Phillip,”
WHY?!?!?!? I can not take another minute of fairytales. I am homesick!!!
So, home sick, that I would do anything, even reverse time to not get the coin.
Just to go back home. I want to go back! I wish I had never started that dumb
fight with Bailey anyway. But, even if we never went to the fairy tales, we
never would have experienced something like this ever again, I have to say, it
was pretty cool being in a fairy tale, I mean, who else would be able to do
something like this? (Except Sorry and Greg) I started to calm down.
And where is Bailey? I am panicking right now. Yup, I’m not calm
anymore. What if I need to finish this fairytale too?! What about Princess
Aurora? What will happen when they find out that I am not the Princess?
They’ll probably chase me out of this fairytale. Which wouldn’t be so bad. But
who would finish Jack and the Beanstalk? I knew what I had to do. I had to
go in the castle that they put me to sleep. But where is that?
“Mom, I mean Mother! Where is the place that I fell asleep? Is it far?” I
asked hoping that she would answer.
“Well, it’s right down the Everglane River! Don’t you remember your
way here? I am not letting you go back there! It is a nightmare that you don’t
want to remember!! But why
you remember, dearest?” My “Mom” was
sort of panicking more than I was. I had to get there somehow though! Could I
trust anyone in this room, to lead me there?! I just have too many things on
my mind! Now I have to finish this fairytale, get back to Bailey and then we
have to finish Jack and the Beanstalk. This day is really crazy, could it get
even worse?
“I, just, there were little blue wisps that went and led me to here!”
Dang it! I got my fairytales mixed up. I actually watched more than you know.
I’ve watched Brave, Sleeping Beauty, and Beauty and the Beast. And I’ve just
got this story mixed up with Brave!
“Little blue wisps? The fairy’s must have sent them. Now go sit down,
we’re about to start the feast.
I found an empty seat by who I thought was Prince Philip. And it was!
“Hello everyone! To celebrate our child’s arrival, let us share a feast of
soup as the first meal!” Everyone picked up a spoon as King Hubert was
announcing his speech. Wow! There were millions of spoons, forks, and knives
on the tablecloth that I didn’t know which one to use. I picked up the medium
sized spoon and dipped it into the soup before me. And then, everyone
Chapter 9
I have to figure out a way to contact Callie. I kept thinking about what I
could do. But this was going to be even harder than it already was, because I
don’t even know where Callie is!! I sat on my bed and looked up at the ceiling
trying to think in this crazy dilemma. This day has been the craziest so far!
Could it get even more crazy? It took me quite a while to think of something,
when I just did. This was going to be a little tricky, but I think I can manage to
pull it off. Didn’t Callie leave her phone here? Yes! Okay, this just might be
bizarre enough to work. I pulled my phone off the charger and brought it with
me to my desk. Now, I’m not sure if this part is impossible, but here it goes. I
tapped on Callie’s phone and entered the password, (6431) I’m the only one
who knows it besides her parents. Anyway, I swiped the screen and went into
her map. I tried to locate her. Here’s how this might now work, she might
still be in some sort of fairytale, and her phone probably doesn’t locate fairy
tales. So, I just kept flicking at the screen and the most amazing thing
happened. It actually located the fairy tale!! She was in Sleeping Beauty.
Now, to get her phone there and call her. Hmm Got it!
I leaped up with excitement. I had remembered that I found a book that
had all sorts of spells in it. I skimmed through and tried to find the word
teleport somewhere I can transfer Callie’s phone to her and call it. I stared at
the pages trying my hardest to find the word. Yes! I was really glad that my
crazy plan could actually work! I looked at the steps and thought about how I
would pull this off. So, I lifted her phone from the desk and held it in my hand.
I read directly from the book and said it outloud. Take this item and bring it to
the person I lack. This possession belongs to Callie, take it to her magic book,
and let me save her from this horrific hook. And then I stopped. Hook as in she
can’t get out, she’s stuck, unless this helps.
Then, I looked at the author. Sorry and Greg Olson! They knew spells,
and didn’t tell us any? Then, a yellow flash appeared in my hand and orbited
on the phone, all of a sudden, the phone wasn’t in my hand! That means it
I grabbed my phone from the bed and called her. I went to contacts and
Callie was the first one on my list, then, I quickly pressed on call and it started
ringing, I wonder if she got the buzz.
“Sorry, the destination that you have called to can not be answered by.
They can call you, but you can’t call them!” There was that robotic voice that I
always hated when I turned on the phone. And right now, I hated her even
more. She won’t let me contact Callie!
Chapter 10
I picked up my spoon, and then, THUD! A phone that looked just like mine
dropped right behind the bowl of soup. I picked it up, looked at everyone
around me, smiled and walked away. Did, Bailey send this here?
“Why, have you forgotten how to use the utensils? Small spoon goes to
soup! Large spoon goes to pies! And medium goes to cupcakes!” The dad
whispered to a guy half way across the table. Phew! He didn’t call me out.
Who eats cupcakes with a spoon? This is so not how we do it in my
“I have to use the bathroom! I’ll be right back,” I said while pushing in
my chair. I wouldn’t normally push my chair in but this king was uptight, I sure
wouldn’t want to mess with him! I forgot to say excuse me! Whoops, oh well,
I wasn’t going to go back there just to say two words.
“It must have been the spell that made her forget some things. Like
manners!” The mother tried to reassure everyone that it was just the spell.
I walked to a long hallway and tried to sneak into a room.
“Hello. Are you Aurora?” A maid cleaning the floor jumped in front of me.
“Well, umm.” I didn’t want to lie, but I also didn’t want to get into
“It’s me, Jess! Your hair looks different. It’s brown. Aurora’s was blonde.
She was a close friend of mine. You are not her.”
“Well, how do you know that, maybe I dyed my hair...I didn’t like my
blonde hair! And, your hair looks different too!” I tried to avoid the question
she asked me before. What? I had to lie, what else was I supposed to do,
and so what if I said that with a small attitude!
“No, it’s not. My hair has always been dark brown. Even when I was a
baby. Plus, your eyes don’t show what Aurora’s showed. You show
adventure. She shows care. Name one argument that we had,” the maid
rudely said, but I suppose I deserve that.
“Um, well! The time when I begged you to help me find the way to the
castle, and you thought it was dangerous. So, we didn’t talk to each other for
days! And also, about the eyes, ...Maybe, I um, put in, uh colored eye
contacts! Who knows! And I meant for the contacts to look adventurous, I
wanted to make a small change in me” I fibbed.
“Wrong! Aurora and I never got into an argument. Because we’re best
friends, and best friends never get into arguments.” the maid corrected. I felt
sort of guilty. If someone was pretending to be Bailey, what would I do? I also
felt guilty because I had started an argument with my best friend.
“If you do get into an argument. What does it mean?” I asked hoping
that she would say, Oh, you probably were just stressed out. But she didn’t.
Instead, she said, “Then, it means you’re not best friends! And that’s
the simple answer!”
“Ah, man!! I got into an argument with my best friend, Bailey. It was
unnecessary. Those don’t count right?” I panicked.
“Oh, course they do. And that proves that you aren’t Aurora. Also, I
have a name, it’s Jess” Jess told me.
I wasn’t gonna listen to Jess any longer. Bailey and I would be best
friends again, and I dashed out of the room into an even bigger room. Then, I
turned on the phone and entered my password. I got to my contacts and
called Bailey. It only took her a second to pick up.
“Hello! Callie! Is that you? I am so relieved to be talking to you! ” She
was so excited.
“Yeah! I’m in Sleeping Beauty. Get me out,” I cried.
“I can’t, but I think you can,” Bailey said. “You have to finish the
fairytale. And whatever your ending is, make it good. When your done with
the ending say this, Jack and The Beanstalk I will go, along with my friends
then go back home. And then snap your hands three times. Let’s hope it gets
all of us into Jack and the Beanstalk. Also, aren’t you proud of me? I got your
phone here all by myself, well, I found a book of spells that Greg and Sorry
wrote. I will bring that along, just in case,” I heard Bailey’s voice through my
I could work with that. We hung up and I ran toward Jess. This might be
a little crazy, but I think Jess could help me. If I told her that she could get her
real best friend back, she would do anything. First, she leads me to the castle
that Aurora’s in, and I don’t mean me. Then, we have to somehow wake her
up. That part I haven’t figured out yet. But I think that I could think of
something when the time comes. I found Jess cleaning the grand stairs.
“Jess, I need your help. Please just listen to me. We might be able to
get Aurora back. But you have to lead me to the castle that she’s asleep in!” I
told her really fast.
“Okay, let me hear it, but what are you going to do about your best
friend? Shouldn’t she be with you right now? Where is she??” Jess said.
“We split apart. And when I say that I actually mean split apart. She
was sent back home, while I was sent to this fairytale. All I have to do to get
back to her is complete this fairytale. I hope.” I really wanted this to work. I
couldn’t be stuck with these fairytales all my life. I miss my family. And my
normal life. A LOT!! I know this might sound cool to you, traveling, but it’s not
once you’re actually doing it.
“We’ll leave tomorrow early in the morning.” Jess spoke.
Why not now? And it’s like she could read my mind because she
answered my question.
“We need to pack food and normal people clothes, so no one will
recognize you. Even though you’re not the real Princess.” Jess explained.
“Oh, I have some “normal people” clothes right here!” I pulled out my
outfit I was wearing before and went to go change.
I ran up the stairs, and then glanced back at Jess. Whoops!! She was
cleaning and I made it muddy again. Her angry look told me to back away.
The next few hours I went to Aurora’s room and packed some more
“normal people” clothes that were in her drawer. Some of them looked
uncomfortable but I took them anyway, I had to have a good amount of
supplies with me. I put on my clothes and found a good sized bag I could put
the rest in. I assumed that Jess would get the food ready.
The morning came and I was asleep on the bed, when I felt someone
whisper into my ear. I leaped up and saw Jess.
“What are you doing, that tickles!” I screamed.
“Another thing to show that you aren’t Aurora. She always liked
waking up to a tickle. She said it was the right way to wake up.” Jess said.
“Hold on, what? Two things. One, who likes to be tickled awake, and
two, I thought you trusted me now!” I lifted my upper body to focus on Jess,
who was standing beside the bed.
I saw that Jess had a full bag with water bottles sticking out. I looked
at the clock it was 3:00. Is she crazy? She said early morning, but I didn’t think
this early. My eyelids started slipping. Well, it was already over with and I
just had to get Bailey back. I really hope this works, because if it doesn’t I
will be stuck in Sleeping Beauty forever, without Bailey and my parents will be
worried and will miss me and my dog will be confused as to where I am. I
wonder how Bailey’s working with lying and pretending I’m still there, I really
hope she isn’t using her opposite day or hide & seek lie she always uses. She
doesn’t have trouble lying, it doesn’t really bother her, but when it comes to
lying to adults, she doesn’t come up with the best things when I’m not there.
“Aurora! Aren’t you coming downstairs? You’ve already slept in too
much!” Jess yelled from the bottom of the stairs. She was actually playing
along pretty well, I’m surprised she isn’t having any trouble with this!
“Of course, just going to go grab a snack to keep me awake,” I said.
I walked towards Jess and we walked silently, in order not to wake the
King and Queen. I slept on what I was gonna do (which was probably going to
get Jess mad but I did it anyway) and I figured out, that I need Maleficent to
take away the spell. The thing is, I’m not sure if Maleficent the movie, goes
with this fairytale. Does Maleficent really want to take Aurora out of the
sleep but she can’t? Is that possible? Is the kiss that Maleficent takes as if
Aurora was her child the only thing that can save Aurora? Honestly, if anyone
didn’t know this, which I don’t really, you can just Google it, I think that is
what I’m going to do. Because, I’m not entirely sure. And I watched
Maleficent because everyone was watching it, and it sounded cool.
“Do you know Maleficent?” Jess asked.
I nodded my head.
“She’s been coming here sometimes. I see her sneaking around, I think
she might be looking for Aurora, she keeps going upstairs. But I don’t tell on
her. I’m too scared. Do you know why she’s coming?”
I did but I think Jess should find out for herself. It was hard to explain. I
decided to say something as simple as,
“No idea,” What? I had to lie! Don’t judge me.
We kept walking, and we reached the castle a day later. I turned the
doorknob, but it was locked. I wrestled at it, but it wouldn’t budge.
“No one comes in here,” I heard a voice.
“Please, I just need to see Aurora. I think I can save her,” I didn’t care
who this person was. I just needed to get Bailey back.
The doorknob opened slightly, and it was
Chapter 11
I was pacing around my room, trying to figure this whole thing out.
know I sound pretty serious when I was on the phone with Callie, but I actually
just needed something to say. I’m not entirely sure if this will work. Okay,
listen up. I am going to tell you something about Callie that you don’t know
already. Sometimes, she needs a little motivation and I have to lie a little bit
to get her focused on something, it’s not the best thing I should do, but I have
to. And, okay, I know I’m not perfect either, but it’s true. I could list 40 whole
pages on what’s wrong with me. Like, I’m a fairytale control freak. I am
obsessed with them. And, I love writing. I could write all day. In fact, I’m
gonna write a book about this later. Including every single detail. I will never
share it with anyone. Except for maybe Callie, and Sorry and Greg. But no
one else can know that it was us in the fairytales.
“Sweetie, can you and Callie come down here? I have cookies,” My mom
“Um, Callie is getting a little tired, so uh, she’s reading a book until she
falls asleep,” I tried to sound serious. “But, maybe later!”
“Oh, is she staying for a sleepover? Better call her mom and tell her that
she’s staying overnight.” My mom is the sort of person that loves when I have
sleepovers. I’m the only child so I need company sometimes. Whenever Callie
isn’t here and my mom and dad are busy in the house, my only company is my
dog. Callie and I are practically the same about this, when I’m not there, she
always hangs out with her dog. That reminds me.
“Timmy, come here boy!” I had promised my dog Timmy I would play with
him today.
I could hear his tiny feet tapping the stairs. My little dog is a baby
“What have you been up to?” I asked looking at his beady brown eyes.
He tilts his head and gives me a confused face. Which is totally the
cutest thing ever. Callie has a maltese, named Sparky. He’s super adorable
too. Callie had a Holiday Card that she always sends me. It’s a picture of her
dog and her together. It’s super cute! I really wish that I had made something
like that. I love both dogs. They act like brothers when they see each other.
Timmy crawled over to me. I picked him up and sat on my bed. Timmy jumped
into my lap and I started patting his head.