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This is my travel diary of my trip around Australia with my year 8 class

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My Travel Diary



Dear Diary

Today we visited Uluru. It is a giant monolith that some people say is the heart of Australia. It was raining while we were there and there was lots of lightning. I loved it.


While we were at Uluru, Dad and Mum took Jane and I for a ride on the camels. It was very high up and the ride was really bumpy. There are lots of wild camels who live in the outback of Australia.


Dear Diary

 Today it is August 18. We have been travelling for weeks and have crossed over to Kangaroo Island, off the coast of South Australia, by ferry with our car. Today we went for a walk to see the local sights like caves and large rocks. There is also an anchor off the Loch Venakker which was ship wrecked a long time ago.


We went to the beach today to see the seals who are famous on KI. The ranger told us to be careful as they can be very aggressive and bite when angry. They look very fat and slow on lying around on the beach but can move really fast when they are annoyed. Beware!!!!