simplebooklet thumbnail | We are specialized to improve your life and health with effective Healing, Life Divine Guidance, Past Life Regression Feng Shui using highly positive powerful Universal energies and methods.

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Living Light Universe,
Healing, Past Life Regression
Living Light Universe Pte. Ltd.
We are located at Basic Essence Holistic Wellness Centre
in Singapore, at Cluny Court, within 2 minutes walk
Spiritual Advancement and Training
You wish to understand Life and the Universe better to improve your life.
You know that what happens in the Universe is much more complex than
what can be seen or understood by most people in this world. You feel
you are ready to advance further as a Powerful and Positive Soul in the
Universe. You want to regain your Inner Power within, to live your life to
your Full Potential.
Geomancy (Universal Feng Shui) Services
Improving the Energy in your Home or Office can Greatly
Enhance the Well-Being of your Family and Employees, by
creating a more Positive environment that Attracts Positive
Universal & Holistic Healing:
Heal & Improve Your Health & Life
Adrian Ng, Master Healer and Kundalini Reiki Master Trainer is
highly experienced in Powerful, Effective and Natural Healing
based on Universal Energies, Vibrational Science and Ancient
Healing techniques that have been modernised and greatly
Life & Divine Guidance and
Fortune Telling Services
Adrian Ng has the
knowledge and
experience, and most
importantly, the guidance,
support and blessings of
the Universe, to help you
overcome your various
life issues, in order to lead
a more positive, abundant
and happier life.
(65)-98-000-651 |
Living Light Universe is Universal, Holistic and non-religious. We can help
you with your health and life matters, for your highest good, regardless of
your beliefs. All outcomes require co-operation of yourself and the
By helping you improve your health and life, and obtain your happiness in
your life, Living Light Universe is also fulfilling our commitment and role
in the Universe. You may like to read the Testimonials and Feedback of
our global clients regarding Adrian Ngs extraordinary services and