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*Build a stong army of Republican women across the state to elect Republicans

*Recruit candidates, precinct delegates, and activist

*Communicate effectively using curent technology

*Encourage Republican women to join Mi RWC

*Promote community involvement

Mi RWC is perfect entity for busy Michigan ladies! 

We conduct our meetings using new technology and still have connections to the entire
 State, National and local invitations to all things (Republican) political.

This membership includes voting rights and access to state RWFM conventions. Membership is only $20.

To join please send an email 

We are looking forward to working with you in this unique club.

The Michigan Republican Women Club is a tax-exempt group organized under
section 527 of  the Internal Revenue Code. 
Mi RWC is not limited in the funds it may raise from individuals, corporations or unions; however,
donations to the Michigan Republican Women Club are not tax deductible as charitable donations.
The Mi RWC is a volunteer-led organization with no paid staff.