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The Family

Vampires and other creatures alike were always told as scary stories. Either for the thrill, the fun, or to keep others in fear. No one had proof of these creatures, only did they have the stories alone. No one had ever really seen a vampire, and for anyone who claimed they did see one or was one, would always get laughed at.

Because they werent real...

How ever, that soon changed.. for one family that is..

A long time ago, a man named Kension and a women named Mei had went head over heels for eachother.. They were pefected for eachother in every way.. But there was one women who seen their love as filth. Tsuna, a women who study the black magics and was even called a witch by many people.. Had a deep crush and interest in Kension. she wanted him, and the very sight of him with another made her sick to her stomach and had her in raged.

She tried to kill Mei with out being seen but all her attempts failed because Kension was always around her. so finally one day Tsuna gave up and risked everything.. She broke into their home and attacked.

Tsuna had Mei to where she couldnt move and there was a knife on her neck, Only then giving kension the orders "Leave this women! you do not deserve such filth, take me instead! i will treat you like a king, i can give you more then what this harlet can!"

Kension how ever wanted to refused but as read the situation more.. Kension then made his way slowly to Tsuna, he lowered his hand out to her and spoke kindly as he had a cold smile "Your right.. i can see it in your eyes, you are the only one for me.. Let me see the knife and ill get rid of this harlet for ever, after all it was my mistake for being with it in the first place."

Tsuna was shoked that he actually listened to her, as well as Mei.. who was now in tears hearing those words from his lips.
Tsuna couldnt help but smile with happiness.. a happiness that blinded her as well as the in raged love she had for him.. after all she had been watching him since he was 10.. seeing someone you love for 15 years and never having the nervers to tell them in fear of rejection.. Tsuna took the knife away and held it up for Kension to take.. How ever once Kension took hold of the knife.. Everything turned dark for Tsuna.. She was lost, confused.. She didnt understand at all what had happen.. All she could feel was a warn fluid going down her neck as her body was quickly getting cold..

Kension had used the knife, cutting Tsuna's throat.. Mei was in shocked seeing what had happen, she had never seen Kension act so.. dark.

Mei how ever got up and quickly moved away from Tsuna to Kension, going behind him as she was still in tears, trying to calm herself as she and Kension looked to Tsuna who was just there.. looking at them with dull eyes that soon were filling with tears as well.. but her clear tears slowly turned black.

'He never noticed me.. He never felt the same.. Everything ive done for him in the past.. He never once thanked me. All i wanted was a life with him.. With you Kension.. But i can see it now, i was foolish to think you were different from the others--"
This was Tsuna's thoughts in her final moment.. she had always looked after Kension.. she was always in his shadow and she helped him with out him ever knowing.. but he never once noticed her...

Soon a smile went to Tsuna's lips as she spoke her last words. "You never notcied me, you never let me be apart of your life! But - But now! i will now and forever be part of your life and even after your dead your children! your grandchildren! Will all suffer in the darkness!-"  It was after that, Tsuna's eyes became black and a purple star and circle with some ancient calligraphy appared under her.. Then her body started to break and fade off.. Once she was gone, a spell mark appared 
 onto Kensions and Mei's hand, the same more that was on the spell circle that Tsuna summoned.. It was then things turned for the worse..

Kensions body started to change, his skin became more pale, his body was cold.. his nails grew some and became sharp.. His eyes changed slightly as well as him getting fangs. Mei's yelled out and backed away from Kension at first seeing how he looked.. He looked like a monster, him yelling out in pain of the transfomation didnt help her fear  at all.. as well as the voice of  Tsuna playing in Kensions head saying.. "You and i will for ever be togather, i lived in your shadown, you will now live in mine.. and so will your children.. "

Tsuna had turned Kension into a vampire, the cures she had placed on him was one that couldnt be removed..
He could no longer go out in the sunlight. if he did it would burn him.. Not kill, but burn him and let him suffer the pain. He can only live off of blood, his sight, smell and hearing are ten times better.. but thats only making it worse on him.. for he can hear Mei's blood and heart beating fast in fear of whats happening..

Not only did the curse effect him.. but now Kension and Mei were cursed.. They could only have male children, for no female in good enough.. thats is how Tsuna seen it, She was the only female Kension could have in his life, but sense she couldnt have him, He would no longer be aloud to have anyone else.. Mei is only here to share the pain for what she has done as well. And their son's will also not be allowed to have any female children.. no matter who they end up with the curse will fallow them. As well as every child born from this point on.. would suffer the same fate.

three years had past after that horrible night.. Not only did kension suffer in pain from being turned into a vampire.. but when the transformation completed.. He attacked Mei unwillingly and fed off of her. He had almost killed her had his will power been weakend enough. Leaning to live with the curse.. the two ended up having three boy's, a set of triplets.

Their names we're Ji. Jinso and Jion.

Kension taught the children of the curse and of their powers, He showed them how to control it and as for the feeding.. They had to hunt and pray on humans at night. of course them doing so only made the stories of vampires and such stay around.

Even though they were living in the dark and had to stay under a curse, they found happiness and they enjoyed life.. for the most part.

As the years past, the family soon became under attacked. The villagers found their home and knew they we're the ones picking off their people one by one.. so they went in for revange to kill the monsters they were seen as. The children now at the age of 16, had been resting peacfully in thei rooms, with it being daylight, they had no choice.. Villagers broke in and started trashing their home, going into the parents bedroom where Kension was already awake and striked back to try and protect Mei.. seen in the distance as well that the other half of the villagers were heaidng to the childrens room..

Though Kension is a vampire.. Silver was one of the few items that hurt him as well as anything blessed in holy water. Which some of the villagres had. The kids had woke up from the sounds comming from the living room though when they opened the door to see what it was that was then they were greeted by a strange man who had a torch, chraging in at Ji, and trying to hit the child with it.

Kension, weakend from the hits he had taken to try and shield and keep the villagers out of the room.. soon yelled out for his child "Get out of here while you can! and dont look back! Look after eachother and never forget what youve been taught!---" Kension at his last words, had a sword ran threw his stomach.. that and his other wounds slowly brought him down to his knees as Mei, who had been woken up by all the comotion.. screamed out in horror. Ji, after some help with Jinso, Had got the man down who was trying to attack them.. and once they did Ji ran out of the room some only intime to see in the distance of his father being cut down.

Ji couldnt move from the shock.. seeing his father like that.. and then the men pushed past Kensions body, walking over it to kill Mei next.. Jion and Jinso reached out grabbing Ji as they then turned to their window and made a break for it, breaking threw the window they pulled Ji along and ran for it.. how ever with the sun light on them, their skin started to burn and it weakended them greatly.. but they didnt stop.

They ran as far as they could.. finding a cave to hide into once they had the chance.. to heal up and take in to what had just happen.. Kension had told them even though humans are our food, they arent bad. That Kension himself was human once until the curse happen.. so why did this happen? Is this just part of the curse or are humans just as much monsters..

The three didnt leave eachother, they protected and stayed by eachothers side.. that was like that for some time, until they turned 25, Ji had went his own way. Ji went from a caring loving child.. to something dark. ever since that night of his parents death, Ji had slowly over time became more of a killer then anything else.. at the age of 28, Jinso and Jion then split ways as well.

Ji, slowly made his way from the bottom and soon enough made his own store were he lived in, it was an odd one, he only had it opened at night, making a living in a small town, His small store soon became a business over the years, he made toy's for children and even though he hated humans.. he didnt let himself get find out.. that was until he one day finally fell inlove himself. Ji at the age of 70, he didnt look a day over 20.. fell in love with a women and soon he started to settle down with her, he had a good business going in his name and had enough people to run it and a few other stores acrossed the land.. 

Kazumi, the women who shined light into his life once more, He spent so much time with her.. they had been togather for 5 years before he married her, and then being married another 5 years. She became preganet.. This was then when Ji.. Knew he had to tell her of his past and the curse..

When he told her of the curse.. at first she just laughed and waved it off as a joke.. but that was until he showed her it was turn but showing her his form of his claws, fangs and eyes.. Kazumi  was shocked, a look of disbilief and few in her eyes. She couldnt help but panic.. and she left. She was scared and didnt know what to do.. this hurt Ji, he knew something like this would happen but what can he do? kill her?.. As much as he wish he could.. he couldnt do something like that to her, he truely loves her..

Weeks had past and Kazumi hasnt been seen or heard of since that night, Ji was stating to lose hope.. he went out once the sun was down to look for her.. but soon gave up and he ended up at a bar.. there he meet another women. At first he ignored her.. but soon enough, he started talking with her, Her name was rose.. She was a very lively women and very caring, she only spoke with Ji because he looked upset and bothered.

Even though Ji is a vampire, some things that effect humans can effect vampires twice as much.. it is a curse after all.. 

One drink turned into three, four.. they lost track and that next morning, It was a blurn but Ji woke up in a bed next to Rose.. it was obvious what had happen to him.. what they had did.

After Ji was fully awake and he got dressed, He then woke Rose up and tod her that they needed to talk.


Rose and Ji spoke.. The conversation ended up letting them get to know eachother but Ji didnt mention his wife, but instead said that the night was a mistake .. But she comforted him.


They bonded in a way he didnt with Kazumi, Dispit Kazumi being the love of his life...


Ji and Rose even though it was one night and one day they had become more then friends.. but they didnt move past it.. they exchanged numbers and soon left their own ways.. Even though Ji had to wait for the sun to set before he could leave himself.

Later that night, someone was in his shop that was closed.. When he went inside to see who it was it had been Kazumi.. She was asleep in one of the chairs holding onto one of the plushies Ji made. Standing there Ji looked at her in shock as well as guilt building up inside him.. He woke her up only for her to jump on him, hugging him as she even was strating to cry..

She spoke softly to him "Im sorry i took so long.. i just needed to thank and i -.. i waited all night for you here.. since i didnt know where you had went off to.. but Ji, i love you, i dont care what you are or what will happen in our future, i want to be with you!"


Ji was speechless.. she accepeted his curse and wanted to be with him after all.. and while she was waiting for him.. he turned his back on her and cheated on her.. Ji was really at a lose for words, he was happy yet he was hurt. soon how ever he just hugged her and he just showed his love to her, he didnt dare speak of last night to her though.. after all it was a mistake, nothing  more.


A month had past and Ji had moved with Kazumi, He saved up and bought a mansion, he called it his castle for his beautiful queen, since Kazumi had always wanted to live in a castle. She thought it was sweet and was happy he did this for them.. with a child on the way, it was a dream come ture for her and him.


A few more months had went by.. That was when Ji got a call from Rose.


She was pregnant..


This had Ji speakless. Not only was he hiding that night from his wife, but Rose had no idea about his wife as well.. but now he had children from both..


He had asked her if she was sure it was because of him, She reasured him that he was the only man she had been with in five years... 


Ji had then left home as he told his wife it was a business trip, That he was setting up a new business location to help with the money.


ji went to Rose, They spoke.. She asked him to stay but he gave the reason that he cant leave his business.. that was when she asked if she could stay with him.. He couldnt think of what to say to first. Ji how ever had just smiled as he kissed her, telling her that he would come visit her, he would send her a check by mail to help support her, she should be more relaxed and worried for the baby while he brings in the money.


It was upseting but she agreesed to it..


As the time had past.. ji kept to his word. He would go home and spend time with his wife for a few days.. then left for a business trip.. then that next week he would visit Rose to spend time with her. while durning that time he also told her what he really was.. but this didnt effect her.. She believed in monsters after all.. all the tails of them when she was a child, So she  just smiled and accepted the truth.



Everything was going well.. But then ji got a call from the hospital that Kazumi was having the baby.


Ji had rushed over, only barely being in time.. but there it was.. His first son being born.. who looked just like him. Kazumi Smiled at Ji as she spoke "..This is Our little Riku, Ji." Ji just looked at the child.. he stood there in silents but soon enough smiled as he gave Kazumi a kiss and told her that he looks strong.

Another month had past.. Ji had got another call.. this time it was rose.. as she was giving birth as well.. but Ji couldnt make it, it was to far to be there in time so he said the first chance he had he would come down and see her.

Rose ended up having a son who had red hair, Rose had namded him Ayato..

 the next day Ji had made it to Rose, there he seen his 2nd son..he looked like Ji but his hair was deffintly different.
Ji helped Rose home and there he thought on a plan.. 

The next day, Ji hired a staff, one to take care of the mansion and help Kazumi, and then one maid to help Rose. Since he couldnt be there for both.. he just made sure they had the help needed..

years past.. Riku and Ayato only a month apart, being at the age of 2.. Rose and Kazumi were preganet again.. and again..

Kazumi had a total of 8 children.. until her last birth lead to her death.. She Had Riku, being 10. Ichiro and Rei being 8. Sora, 7. Hitoshi, 6. Akira, 5. and finally Izu and izo, being only an hour old before Kazumi lost her life..

Where on the other side, Rose..

She had a total of 6 children.. Ayato being 10, Ren, Hiku, Uko, being 7, and Kazumi and Kazue being her last born.. 

When Kazumi died.. Ji was in raged and upset.. and he blamed the last child being born.. being Izo.. he hated his son.. and because of that, Ji stopped showing up for his children he had with Kazumi.. leaving Riku to take care of them along side with the staff that was hired.

Ji spent most of his time with Rose and her kids.. He was in time to see Kazumi and Kazue be born.. though when he heard Rose name one of them Kazumi.. that sparked a small spark of rage.

Ji stayed with rose.. He even helped raise the children though with her last two twins.. he showed.. different emotion to them.. his dark side .. 

Riku and Ayato now 17 years old, Ichiro and Rei, now 16, Uko, Hiku and Ren now 15, Sora now 15, Hitoshi now 14, Akira now 13, Izu and Izo now 12.. and Kazue and Kazumi being 10.

..Riku was raising his brothers and taking care of them, even Sora who was very ill.. Riku had also found out, that the curse that keeps them locked up during the daylight.. can be worked around. Using something to shade yourself under or even sunblock cream helped it. Because Riku was the oldest of his brothers, He took care of everything.. He even found a way to have blood given to his brothers so they didnt have to hunt, and the same for him.. since when Ji did take him to hunt once.. he found it displeasing.

Riku used Sora's Illness to have blood bags dilivered to the mansion, so him and his brothers could feed off of them. Of couse he asked if Sora was ok with this idea and Sora was more then happy to be of some use and less of a burden.. even though Riku assured Sora, his never been a burden.

fives years later... Rose fell very sick, and passed away. Now ji had only his children.. and he didnt want them.. he didnt care.. He only wanted Kazumi she was the one who wanted the family.. not him. he was hoping being with rose would help push that aside but it did nothing but make him wish Izo was dead..

So Ji, with nothing to lose in his mind.. did just that.. he plained on killing Izo.. Living Rose's children alone and to take care of themselves he even called off the maid and fired her.

When Ji was home, back at the mansion.. He had a gun on him.. and went to Izu and Izo's room.. Izu and Izo now being 15 now.. Izo was woken up rudely by Ji.. only to be greet with a gun at his face.. Izo was scared, frightened..

Izu had woken up and looked over seeing his brother being held at gun point by their own father.. or who they could only assume.. since this is their first time seeing him in person... Izu shouted for Izo, and as he did Ji's hand shook as if he was about to pull the trigger.. But  he couldnt do it.. Izo looked like Kazumi.. He had her face.. her hair.. but Izo and Izu looked like her.. because of that, he couldnt shoot Izo.. but instead.. he took the gun away, and took his own life. This scarred both Izo.. and Izu.

Ji  not only tried to kill Izo taht night, but he went to Kazumi's old room and set it on fire.. to burn her away and hopefully the mansion as well.. Because of the fire that had broken out.. Riku and the older brothers had been to busy to even notice Ji in Izo and Izu's room that night..

It wasnt just because of Kazumi, Ji was like this.. his past hunted him.. as well as what riku had said to him awhile back.. the last time Riku had seen Ji.. was when Ji was showing Riku the business, how it worked.. for Riku to give a comment the day before Ji left them ..He told him to get out of their lives.


Riku was already the father like figure in their lives, His been taking care of his brothers with the help of the staff no thanks to Ji and that their mother would be depleased by this.. Riku had even asked him, Why did you ever have us when you had no intentions on being a father.. To please a women and leave her to die?..


the last comment had hit Ji hard.. and never left his mind once..

He ended up having a will wrote out for Riku and Kazumi's kids.. to keep his money and mansion.. and Riku was to take over his job.. But Rose's kids were left with nothing..

The only thing they recieved was a letter saying their father was dead and where the funeral was being held... There the brothers all meet for the first time.
They had been confused, shocked.. Raged.. But Riku and Ayato talked, Because of the death of their father, now both families are with out parents, Riku now splits the money with ayato so they can keep their home, Riku even offered for them to visit the mansion any time they wish, So they do from time to time. 

Jinso had always been a hopeful and wishful thinking son, He learned a lot from his father Kension.


Jinso did a lot of traveling when his father past just to see the world for what it was.. He learned there are still parts of the world that are effected from the past but really the world was over all peaceful.. It was hard for him to see a world so dark that his father spoke of..


Once he hit around his 70 Jinso had settled down with a women he had a run in on his trips.. He actually meet her as she was doing the same, She was wanting to see the world.. So they did it togather..


Her name was Mazuki Cazuu.


The two were always having fun and they rarely ever fought.. they were like the perfect couple.


They found out she had been pregnant, and thus started their new life of being parents... Though that was also when Jinso decided to tell her the truth of what he was.. For some reason ..

she wasnt scared

Or in shock.. But she ended up being excited from it.

Jinso and Mazumi Had a total of 7 children.. with only two sets of twins.


Their first born, Daiki, was a very bright child.. Who got to see some of the world with his parents before she got pregnant once more.

she had a set of twins.. then each year after that, She had one more son and one after that before she had her last set of twins.


The family was so happy, their was never a dull day for them.. They even offen Visted their ankle Ji and Jion.. The kids would play and have fun at those times.. But they all ended ..


Jinso had found out that Ji was living a double life.. and not treating his children they way a parent should.. Jinso was upset but he kept silent.. for the most part, He told his wife about what was going on with ji.. Mazumi insested they find the other women and tell her.. Jinso agreed


One day they told Daiki that they would be going on a small trip, To watch over his brothers for the week and they would be back. Daiki wasnt happy to hear this but he accepeted it.


Jinso and his wife then made their way to see Rose.. How ever on their way there.. they happen to cross paths with Ji at the air port. Ji's attention falling on them, He asked them why they were there, it was strange after all.. for them to travel again when Ji even knew Jinso was for ever settled down at home to help with the children.


Jinso didnt answer but Mazuki blurted out the answer that they were going to see rose and tell her, She deserved to know and Ji wasnt going to stop them. Ji said nothing.. Just watched as they made their way to the line before they would bored the plane..

Everything seemed fine.. But once they were in the air.. The plain started having "issues".. One of the jets blew up.. And the plane had crashed.. Killing everyone on bored.. But Jinso who was only badly wounded..


Everything was a blur to him.. it all happen so fast and his wife.. As he laid there next to her.. Seeing her so .. lifeless.

 Jinso tried to get up.. but then in the distance he heard foot steps Shifting over he then seen a blured figure... that soon shapped into Ji.. Jinso's eyes widen for that moment as he went to speak but that was then when he felt the air from his lungs ecape him.. He couldnt breath.. Ji was ending his life..

Jinso was confused on why he couldnt breath, Ji wasnt even close to him.. that was then when Ji spoke "..Its funny.. this curse of ours seem to bless us with gifts.. like now i can take air out of your lungs.. isnt it amazing?.. if only i had learned this when it was needed years ago."


When Ji was sure Jinso was dead.. He walked away, leaving the fire to finish the job.. as he got away scott free.


Jinso's children were heart broken and lost when they heard of their parents death... Daiki went to his ancle Ji to ask for help.. But Ji just turned away, Not even bothered to look at Daiki or his brothers.. Daiki couldnt believe it..  Daiki tired then to get ahold of Jion.. But there was no reply from him at all.. It was like Jion was already dead as well..


This lead Daiki to get a job at the age of 14.. and to take care of his brothers.. But his other two Yuu and Yuki helped in any way they could.

Jion was always an odd one.. Though he was close to his brothers at once.. the moment their father Kension passed.. it was as if he just completely changed. He wanted nothing to do with Ji... And he only bothered to talk to Jinso here and there.. until Jinso and Jion finally parted ways themselves.


Jion had went to live his life .. looking for something new.. After hearing the story of his father and mother.. He wanted to see what if there was more people like him.. knowing it would be hard since someone with his family curse had to be in hiding or good with blinding in with humans.


When Jion had gotten to what looked like a run down kingdom .. There really wasnt much left.. Everything was in ruins, only a few building stood.. and at that the castle was even still standing. Most of the place how ever was in ashes..


While walking around, He found himself having and run in with.. a girl?

At first he couldnt even tell, they were in all black and attacked him.

Though he fought back, using his powers at that, That made the attack freeze in place when they seen that Jion wasnt human..


They had unmasked themselved, It was a girl, but she wasnt so human.. Her scent was way to odd to be one. that and just the way she fought..


It turned out that she had been a werewolf. She had been staying in the ruined kingdom to find some clue as to where she came from.. she had no memory of her past.

Jion and Emily had hit it off, They bonded with in that one night and became friends.


Jion had told her about his father, how he used to be human and how a witch cursed their bloodline, how everything had happen, This had Emily stare in aweh.. She never had meet someoen who wasnt human as it was but to meet someone like This was just amazing to her.


The two ended up staying the night their in one of the abonded homes..


 Since that night, The two never parted ways.. They lived their lifes there, Living off of what was around them. Making a new house, Farming and hunting food.. they did hunt humans every now and then as well.. and the other few times they went out was to visit Jinso.


20 years they lived like that.. At that time, they then had a son, Named Hyde.. He was only Four but he was already learning quick on how to help out. Then they had their 2nd son named Jekyll.. Who was a burst of fun and life.. but for some reason.. He would have these out burst of rage..


They found a way to calm him but the outburts were always so random.. he always hurt who was closes to him when he had them.


As the years past the two sons learned how to hunt, farm and build. They lived so peaceful being able to be theme selves and having the freedom. The boys only meet their ancle Jinso and his three kids Daiki, Yuu and Yuki  three times before Jion had stopped.. He didnt want to risk Ji finding him or his family..


Though Ji and Jion had been close at one point.. one day Jion was drowning.. and Ji had just stood there watching.. He didnt have any fear in his face or ever showed he cared that Jion was dying.. Had Jinso not shown up, Jion would have been killed.. So he wanted his kids and his wife to be safe from the threat of Ji.. 


When the boys hit ages 18 and 14, They left to go see the world.. Where that then they were warned that humans do not treat monters well if they are found out.. To lay low and not show that they are different.

Hyde and Jekyll took their words to heart as they left.. The two ended up woundering around a lot in japan, Only then to find tokyo.. when they went into the town and seen the people.. they learned quick that things were a lot different then at home.


They ended up setting up in the woods.. where their they used what their parents tought them to make their own log house.  a few years had past, Hyde now 24 and Jekyll being 20, They still live in the log house they made, But they also work in tokyo. 


Hyde works an construction worker, making a lot of money  that mostly is saved up for just cloths and other things. Where Jekyll farms at home.. Selling some of his veggies to the city's market.. Since being around people for long tends to make Jekyll have his little break downs..


Hyde and Jekyll know they have family out there.. but because of what theyve been told.. They dont care to meet them... even though they are curios, they dont trust their ancle Ji..