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Francisco Pimentel

Hip Hop is Poetry Final project

Gold: D

It's just me against the world. This mean that is only one person against the world and he is expressing his feeling and what he been through on a music. Stress in the city, the cops is not for me. This mean that he go out in the city to do bad things that is why the cops is after him.

The meaning of the poem is that their is a men rapping and expressing his feelings on a song. Another reason is that hey explain on the music what he went through. This poem is connected to my because I choose it's just me against the world, and stress in the city, the cops is hot for me. This mean that it just him against the and when he go out the policy thinks that he doing something bad just because he have tattoo.

You know very well who you are don't let em hold you down. Time to get paid, blow up like the world trade. this is my best part because is trying to said is that he was show getting money to feat his daughter.

The meaning of "Imagery"  is that I think is that is a men trying to tell us what they been through and they show the good and bad things about him. This is connected to my poem because I said time to get paid, blow up like the world trade. This mean that when they do their job the get paid and sometimes they trade things for other things.

It's silly when girls sell their souls. The pretty face men claiming that they be the big men. This mean that girls are trying to sell their souls to other people and other things. The other one is that stop trying to be a pretty face men and act like a big men.

End Rhyme is when two words rhyme at the end for example "watch" and "Look" it spell different but on the end it sound the same. The "End Rhyme" it mean that their is two women rapping about a men on a neighborhood that take care four #4 children by himself. After that the two women decided to do the video with their own people on the neighborhood.