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a Low-Budget Wedding

Find Helpers!

Think of all the people you know - family, friends, co-workers, friends of friends, neighbors. Is there a tailor who could make your dress? Are there cooks and bakers who would love to help with food? Do you know a florist who would be willing to make your wedding bouquet? Are any of your friends creative enough to be in charge of decorations? Write their names down and ask! They can provide their services as a wedding gift or much cheaper than professionals. 

Food & Drinks

Before you order a catering company or call a nearby restaurant, pause and think of how you want to organize your wedding buffet. You don't need lunch (if so, it can be done just for family) but you can have a variety of foods you can buy in advance and have your helpers make it (surely, there will be some talented food lovers). You have endless options - barbecue a pig, prepare steaks and sausages, make salads and fruit and veggie plates. And what about drinks? Have a sufficient amount of water all day (for example in big containers that the guests can operate themselves). Alcohol will of course be the most expensive item on the list - if you don't want to pay large sums, you can tell the guests that everything is for free, but alcohol will be on their tabs.

Wedding Attire

Are you thinking of buying a brand new tux for your man and the most fashionable wedding dress for yourself? How about choosing an alternative? Having your dress made is much cheaper than buying or renting it. If you know you wouldn't use it again, you can sell it, donate it or have it altered into a regular summer dress (how fun!). As for the man's attire, it depends on the whole theme, but nowadays anything is acceptable - even jeans and a shirt. And if you want to go for the more classic look, you can find great pieces in second-hand stores and outlets!

Wedding Rings

Surprise - you don't need to spend tons on wedding rings, either. Gold is fairly expensive and it isn't even that durable. You can opt for cheaper versions - gold-plated metals, if you need that shiny gold effect on your finger. If you happen to have a jeweller friend and some spare gold after your grandmother - the choice is obvious. However, today stainless steel rings are made to look just as pretty and will cost you ten times less. You can play with designs and even have them custom-made.


And finally - the decor. Don't pay ridiculous amount of money for decorations that will be thrown away in the end, anyway. Choose a theme, get some friends and go to Pinterest. There are hundreds of DIY ideas. All you need to buy is some paper, scissors, glue and lace. Collect mason jars and turn them into candle holders. Paint buckets and use them as flower pots. Have someone creative hand-write your invitations, nametags and signs. It'll be fun for everyone and you won't end up with an empty wallet. And you can even re-use some of your decorations at home. Or pass them on.