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2018-2019 Annual Report :

Annual Report
Message from the Executive Director
Again, I have the opportunity to reflect back on the previous school year. It was full
of happiness and achievement, but was severely challenged by the loss of Sancy
Shaw, our 5-6 crew teacher. Our schoolfrom staff to studentsgrieved, loved
and tried to heal; opened our doors to community, caregivers,
counselors and others, and pledged to move forward in such a
way to make Sancy proud of each of us. In other words:
We continue to track against our 2017-2020 Strategic Plan. A few
Academic achievement remains strong.
We are on track to eliminate our debt without dipping into reserves.
Operational improvements are constantly made as issues arrive or we see
an opportunity to be more efficient or effective.
Our middle-school experience and curriculum has become so enhanced
that we are actually seeing students transfer to NRCCS during their middle
school years rather than seeing losses in enrollment during those years!
One element of our strategic plan was to become a mentor EL school. The board
and school leadership are reevaluating the cost and benefit of gaining that status.
Large schools have the capacity and economies of scale to successfully run a
mentorship programbut smaller schools find it more difficult. Regardless of our
decision, we will remain an EL Education school.
It continues to be an honor to serve our student base and see them grow, learn
from mistakes, become resilient and begin to develop into respectful,
compassionate and curious adults.
Thank you for the opportunity to serve.
Yours in Education,
Brandon LaChance, Executive Director/Principal
From the Board President
Thank you for the opportunity to serve the community and NRCCS. It’s a unique
school and we take joy in seeing its growth and its part in developing young people
into successful adults.
On behalf of the NRCCS board, I thank you for the resources you’ve so graciously
whether it was financial support, your talents and energy, or your attention to y
return, I hope you honor the school’s teachers, administrators and staff membe
committed to the success of your student and help create an environment of acade
building and leadership.
One last note: the community passed a mill levy override last year to fund the
maintenance of our school facility and campus. We have used those funds to
maximum benefit and will continue to ensure we don’t let our resources deteriorate
and we provide a safe and secure environment for learning. This year, there might
be a bond issue on the ballot
this bond will include the construction of a
community gym and additional classrooms on the NRCCS property. This project
will represent a very small portion of the bond, but it means the world to us and
our community.
Thank you,
Nissa Brodman, President
Teresa Van Orden, Vice President
John Piret, Secretary/Treasurer
Kim Smith, Director
Katie Carroll, Director
By the Numbers
School Numbers
94 K-8 students
21 Full and part-time staff members
75% % of 8
graders who matriculated to high school this
past year and made 9
grade honor role
99.8% Average attendance rate
3-9 Average number of days committed to fieldwork trips
(grade dependent)
5 Number of enrichment options for grades 5-8
2 hours Amount of art instruction for each student each week
Annual BBQ:
Annual Giving:
Financial Transparency
Financials: July 1, 2018 June 30, 2019
Per Pupil Revenue $ 831,866
Fees $ 72,026
Fundraising/Donations $ 82,497
Grants and Steamboat Springs Education Fund
$ 129,162
State Capital Construction and Capital Mill Levy
$ 59,794
TOTAL REVENUES $ 1,175,345
Instructional Services $ 673,557
Supporting Services $ 255,102
Facilities and Bus Services $ 165,372
Debt Reduction $ 55,794
at July 1, 2019
$ 178,749
BEST Grant Required by State $ 63,700
Unreserved Surplus $ 114,908
Major Donors for the School Year
Sponsoring Donor ($15,000)
Sunshine Owens
Susan Marshall/Rick Gardner
Entelco Foundation
Mary C. Blalock
Anonymous (3)
Fernanda Peterson
Gael and Jay Fetcher
Kaden Graham
Linas Vaitkus
Marcia Wakeman
Peter Kurtz
Ross and Melanie Walker
The Heid Family
Tim & Nissa Brodman
Todd Zuccone/ Evolution Powersports
Anonymous (6)
Christa Kline
Darren Zamzow
Douglas Tumminello
Jane Jelenko
Kaden Graham
Karla Setter
Katie Carroll
Kim Smith
Leslie Lovejoy
Mickey Badaracca
Melisse Tonge
Nicole and John Piret
Pat and Lisa Lai
Peggy Kapisovsky & Mark Farrow
Pinky Downs
Raper family
Rebecca Dybas-Nicholson
Steve and Patty Warnke
The LaChance family
VanKirk family
Wes and Sheila Fountain
Less than $100
Anonymous (4)
Amy Cook-Olson and Jeffrey Olson
Barbara and Mike Hughes
Brad and Sarah Boatright
Colorado Group Realty
Dana Morton and Jeffrey Bohlen
Deb Ginesta
Elissa Greene
Go Alpine
Heather Yeager
Jimmy and Kristina Stouffer
John and Nancy Chapple
Katie K.
Lyssa and James Lewis
Mark and Barbara LaChance
Molly Lotz
Reilley family
Toni Klohr
Ben Zamzow
Dave Moss
Ron and Donna Trollinger
In Honor of
Charley and Finn Lodwick
Novella Light
Susan Marshall
Special Achievements
Libby Meyring was selected as “Teacher of the Year” for the entire Steamboat
Springs School District. As an instructional coach she is critical to our academic
success at all levels and has been a key leader for NRCCS. This past year, she
voluntarily jumped in to help plan for school re-opening in January without Sancy
Shaw, taught some of Sancy’s classes, worked with students struggling with the
loss of a respected teacher, and was a stabilizing force among the staffall while
continuing her instructional duties. Thank you, Libby, for being part of our Crew! If
you see Libby, please give her thanks for all she does.
Our goal of restructuring the teaching salary schedule this year was completed:
we’ve been able to raise our base salary by almost 7%, to $35,000. The next two
years we will add $500 to the base salary each year. Additionally, we’ve
institutionalized performance awards for all teachersbased on parent input and
special achievements/performance recognized by the school. We will always be
challenged with paying as much as the District does, but we’ve tried to make our
school a place that rewards teachers in many ways: we’ve doubled their “planning
time” and created an environment for them to be autonomous, creative and look
beyond our four walls in service of our students. Call it “icing on the cake.”
This past year we added Erin Walker as an art instructor so that each student
receives art instruction two hours/week thanks to a Steamboat Springs Education
Fund. It was such a success that we went in search of another grant; in 2019-2020
all students will receive art instruction four hours/week Much of the art work
produced in this program is hung inside NRCCS.
Starting in July 2018, we also hired a full-time facilities manager, Mike Alfieri, and
have seen that additional expense more than offsetlower propane bills, repair of
failing mechanical components rather than experiencing more expensive and
unexpected outages, identifying and installing additional security features within
the school and faster response to issues identified by teachers in their classrooms.
As our primary bus driver, he’s also enhanced bus safety and he has exhibited
excellent student management while on bus routes!
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