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 Near a lake in a pretty little village, there was a brave Mohawk warrior by the name of Hiawatha. Now, I’m guessing you are picturing a little island with a few tipis by the shore, but that wasn’t quite the case here. The tipis by the shore were all burnt down, all the  fruit grown on the massive trees and colourful vegetables from the big crops…… stolen. Everything was ruined, Including Hiawatha's family. His wife, son and daughter had been kidnapped in the attack, and taken to Tadodaho,  and oh who knows what’s become of them now. And that was all because of him. Tadodaho.





       Hiawatha, with his tipi ruined, went down to shore to create a small shelter. Now, he would have woven a basket if he could have, but he did not know how, because that job was up to the women of the tribe. So he went out to find some big leaves, that could be a substitute for the baskets. He came back with five leaves the size of two times his own head. He dragged them to shore, and spear fished so that he would have food. Pretty convenient, hey?

As he was fishing, he noticed a big fish swimming towards him. This was no normal fish. It was big and colourful with peace signs on its back. It swam ashore and turned into a man. At first Hiawatha was startled, so he grabbed his spear and pointed it at the man.




“I-I am the peacemaker, and I c-come with the law of peace. Our tribes have been at war for too long. I-it must come to an end.”

Hiawatha thought about that. But before he could finish his  thought, the Peacemaker  started speaking again.

“You must come with me and spread the word, Hiawatha. Travel to the tribes with me and we will bring peace to the nations.

Hiawatha thought about that. And he finally made up his mind.

“I will come with you.”

Once Hiawatha was in the canoe, the Peacemaker took the shape of the fish again, and they made their way to the undestroyed mohawk land. When they got to the land of the Mohawk, they were greeted. The peacemaker called a meeting for all the main people of the tribe, and once they all got there, Hiawatha started speaking.The peace,maker put his hand on Hiawatha's shoulder and he spoke the law of peace, and their plan for Tadodaho, but one of the asked this question:



“ How will we defeat Tadodaho? He is to strong for us.”

But then the peacemaker replied: it is not to defeat him what we want, it is to heal him. After that it was quiet, and everyone left.

And so after a few days, they left to travel to the Cayuga. They traveled on a canoe, including the peacemaker. And then they arrived, At the Cayuga tribes chiefs home. They went inside, and the chief asked: “what brings you here and what do you want?”

“We want peace. We are teaming up with all the other tribes as one nation so we can heal Tadodaho. Hiawatha, tell your story.”

 Hiawatha told his story, of his loss and sorrow, but he still didn't want to kill Tadodaho. The chief agreed to come with them to the seneca, and on they went, continuing their journey. When they got to the seneca tribe, they were welcomed warmly.

“We have been expecting you, word has traveled about you  and your journey. We will come with you.”

And so they traveled to the land of Tadodaho, and when they got there, it was not much of a surprise to see how awful the land looked. All the plants were dead and all of the trees leafs had fallen off. But they did not have to question where Tadodaho was. He lived in an awful looking, smelly cave, with guards miserably guarding it. They told the guards that they needed to see Tadodaho, and so the guards accompanied them walking to him. When they got to the end of the cave, they saw a horrible figure lurking in the shadows, with cold hissing noises coming from it. Then it came out of the shadows and they knew it was Tadodaho. He had snakes in his hair and claws for hands, and a tiny slit-like nose. 



“ What do you want?!”

It sounded horrid, like a high pitched scream mixed with a frog's croak.

“We want to help you, we want to heal you. We want peace.”

Tadodaho let out a long awful laugh, sounding like a dying ostrich.

“Hiawatha, go and create a medicine for him. Put your heart and soul into it. It must heal him.”

Hiawatha didn’t know how to, but somehow he did. He went to the top of a hill and found the brightest flower there was and put it to soak in water.  And he did so many things to it. He left it in the full moon overnight and  when he was done, He took out the flower, and got Tadodaho to drink it. When he drank it he fell asleep, but when he woke up, he was just as normal as you and me. There were no snakes in his hair and his nose wasn’t weird and slity anymore. Everything was peaceful. And that was how Hiawatha brought peace.