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Unit 3 project-Law
of syllogism
If you give a
mouse a
By Daryinet Aguilera
1. If you give a mouse a cookie,
then he will want some juice
2. If you give him juice, then he will
want more cookies
3. Once you give him more cookies,
he will be full
4. Once he's full, he will feel sleepy
5. If he's sleepy, then he will want to take a
6. If he want to take a nap, then he will want
a blanket
7. Once you give him a blanket, he will feel warm
8. If he feel warm, then he will be be comfortable
9.If he's comfortable, then he will feel like home
10. If he feel like home, then he will come back
11. If he come back everyday, then you will have to
give him cookies and juice
12. Once you give him cookies and juice, he will be
13. If he is satisfied, he will love you
14. Once he loves you, he will visit you
Applying Law of Syllogism
If you give a mouse a cookie, he will visit you daily.
The End