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Promoting UNICEF (Media Arts Project Unit 3)

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Mission Statement:

for every child, 

  • hope 
  • a safe home
  • laughter
  • an education
  • play
  • a future
  • love
  • clean water
  • childhood
  • a voice
  • a fair chance


Started in New York City by the United Nations after World War II. It was founded in December of 1946 and has been defending children all over the world for the past 70 years. 

UNICEF defends the rights of every child.

The Goal of UNICEF

"UNICEF believes:

All children have a right to survive, thrive and fulfill their potential – to the benefit of a better world."

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UNICEF has aided in the creation of the Child's Rights Act 2003 in Nigeria.

Laws and Legislation

UNICEF has also aided in congress passing the Traffficking Victims Protection Act to address child trafficking.  


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