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Give Her A

Genuine Swarovski Birthstone Crystal Bracelet




 With FREE Sterling Silver Inspirational Charm Included.

Quality Jewelry That Will Last For Generations.



 Select Birthstone

* January Garnet 


* February Amethyst


* March Aquamarine


* April Diamond


* May Emerald


* June Alexandrite


* July Ruby


* August Peridot


* September Sapphire


* October Pink Zircon


* November Tapaz


* December Blue Zircon


*Believe in Yourself

* I Think I Can

* Leap of Faith

* Laugh Often Love Much

* Go For It

* Live Your Dreams

* Stay in the Moment

* Be Yourself

* Follow Your Heart

* Trust Your Feelings

* Have Faith

* Make Waves


Choose Your Charm


(36 Charms to choose from)

* One Day At A Time

* Magic Happens

* Climb High

* Believe In Miracles

* Start Now

* Be Kind

* GoFor It

* You Are My Sunshine

* Forever Friends

* Faith HopeLove

*  Always A Mother Now A Friend

* Friends Are Kisses Blown To Us By Angels


*Love Grows In My Garden

*Where The Love Is

*Dream Imagine Believe

*Unconditional Love

*Always A Daughter Now A Friend

*Bloom Where You're Planted

*Listen To Your Heart

* Always Sisters Now Friends

* Live Laugh Love Embrace Life

*Happy Birthday

*Happy Birthday Cake





Choose Size



6 inch for Children


7, 8, 9 inch 


Crystal Bracelet comes packaged in


a black velvet pouch.



Made in USA


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