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רישע והזיא
In this weeks השרפ, בקעי and ושע finally meet after many years. At least for the
moment, they embrace and seemingly reconcile their eternal differences. To appease
בקעי, ושע sends him a present – a החנמ.
3:54 PM
December 1, 2017
יעשת ולסכ ג‘‘ח
חלשיו תשרפ
December 5—Early dismissal
due to General Studies Faculty
meeting, gr 6-8B 4:00 pm
dismissal, no aftercare in both
December 9—Torah Academy
Gala Auction at Young Israel
of Brookline
December 12,13, 19
Chanukah early dismissal gr 6
-8B, 4:00 pm, no aftercare
December 14—Special
dismissal– 11:30 for Preschool
and gr 1-8G (Hamilton
building) , 12:00 for gr 1-8B
(Williston building) for
Chanukah break
December 15-18–Chanukah
At their meeting, בקעי tries to persuade ושע
to accept his present. ושע states that the
present is unnecessary, claiming בר יל שי -
I have an abundance of wealth, and
therefore, ךל רשא ךל יהי keep what is
yours. בקעי requests that ושע take the החנמ,
explaining that לכ יל שי יכו םיקלא יננח יכ-
Hashem has favored me, and I have
everything I need. י״שר points out that
ושעs words expressed arrogance; I have a
lot more than I need. בקעי, on the other
hand, spoke with humility, expressing that
he has exactly what he needs.
For all we know, both בקעי and ושע were
equally wealthy; yet the way they view
their wealth demonstrates the difference
between them. In בקעיs worldview,
whatever Hashem gives or does not give
him is יקופס יד, all he requires to serve the
ע״שבר. Everything he owns has a purpose
and is necessary for his ׳ה תדובע ; nothing
is extra. Conversely, ושע claims that he
has an abundance בר -extra, more than he
needs. This emotion stems from
As the םייח ץפח emphasizes, the הדימ of
וניבא בקעי was וקלחב חמש - happy with his
lot. ושע, on the other hand, did not have
this הדימ.
החמשב scrambled spells the word הבשחמ.
To attain this הדימ of being happy with our
lot, we need to adopt the thinking of בקעי,
לכ יל שי. We must believe that Hashem has
granted each of us exactly what we need
to serve Him properly. When we
internalize this concept, we can achieve
true happiness and serenity.
תבש טוג
Rabbi Shmuel Ochs
Both grade 1B and 1G are very busy getting ready for their upcoming Chumash Mesibos next week.
The month of Kislev has arrived. The classes are all excitedly preparing for Chanukah.
בוט לזמ to 3G on finishing Parshas Chaya Sarah.
Winners of the weekly raffle for Shnayim Mikra, Parsha Toldos were: Yosef Feldman, Natan Katz and Chatzkel Wilhelm.
Winners of the weekly raffle for Shnayim Mikra, Parsha Vayetzei were: Yosef Aryeh Leff, David Simnegar and Noam Youshaei.
5G visited the State House as an introduction to their upcoming unit on the American Revolution. Thank you to the Marshalls for chaperoning.
4B learned about learning disabilities and 3G learned about deafness through the Understanding Our Differences program sponsored by the
Ruderman Family Foundation and facilitated by Gateways. Thank to Mr. Gary Alpert and Mrs. Peninah Rosengard for leading the workshops.
Bulletin Board
8 Kislev—sponsored by Mr. Richard Slifka in memory of the recent yahrzeit of Mr. Abraham Slifka zl
9 Kislev—sponsored by Dr. & Mrs. Boruch Minaker on the recent yahrzeit of Yitzchak ben Chaim zL
9 Kislev—sponsored by Ruth & Warren Shanske as a zechus for a refuah shlaimah for Avraham Abish ben Tehila Devora
10 Kislev—sponsored by Rabbi Aaron & Mrs. Rena Krochmal in memory of the yahrzeit of Mr. Leon Carnam zl, father of
Mrs. Rena Krochmal
Grade 5
Y. Feldman (T) (Y)
M. Leff (T) (Y)
Y. Y. Mermelstein (T) (Y)
C. M. M. Rodkin (T)
B. Septimus (T) (Y)
D. Simnegar (T) (Y)
C. Wilhelm (T)
N. Youshaei (T) (Y)
Grade 6
A. Bier (T) (Y)
A. Feuerstein (T) (Y)
Y. Gould (T) (Y)
M. Miara (T) (Y)
N. Ochs (T) (Y)
Grade 7
Y. Feldman (T)
Y. Gluckin (Y)
M. Hain (Y)
N. Katz (T) (Y)
Y. A. Leff (T) (Y)
S. M. Solomon (T (Y))
D. Youshei (T) (Y)
Y. Zyto (T)(Y)
Grade 8
M. Fontek (T)(Y)
M. M. Loketch (T)
Y. Miara (T) (Y)
M. S. Silberman (T)( Y)
B. Zyto (T)
Mazel Tov to learners
for Parshas Toldos (T) and Parshas Vayetzei (Y)
Moshe & Hana Feldman on the birth of their daughter
Yehuda (‘08) Beker on his engagement to Menucha
Freedman and to parents, Rabbi Yaakov & Mrs. Leah Beker
To Rabbi Dovid (8B) & Mrs. Devorah (Girls Kodesh
Coordinator, Preschool Director) Moskovitz on the Bar
Mitzvah of their grandson, Naftoly Moskovitz
Meir & Elisheva Bier on the birth of their daughter and to
grandparents, Rabbi Naftoly & Mrs. Yehuids Bier
Andrew & Sarah (PreK1 & Daycare) Sherman on the
engagement of their son, Michael to Chaya Pomerantz
Efrayim & Esti (‘11) (Rabinowitz) Felsinger on their recent
marriage and to parents, Rabbi Yitzchak & Mrs. Tova
Shlomo & Chana Golda (‘97) (Chajes) Yoffe on the birth of
their son and to grandparents, Mr. Sam & Mrs. Ellen Chajes
5:00 PM December 31B Chumash Mesibah
10:00 AM December 61G Chumash Mesibah
9:30 AM December 13—Prek2 Chanukah performance
10:00 AM December 13 PreK 1 Chanukah performance
10:00 AM December 20—Kindergarten 1 & 2 Chanukah play
March 4—Torah Academy 36th Anniversary Dinner
1. Grades 1, 2, and 3 boys participated in a pong tournament.
2. 4B enjoyed a siyum for Parshas Vayechi and completeing Sefer Bereishis.
3. In science, boys in 6B worked on creating models of the solar system.
4. Grade 2 boys enjoyed doing an art project for Parshas Vayetzei.
5. During their study of the solar system, boys in grade 8 created models of the solar system.
1. 4G learned about estimation, circumference and bar graphs with
pumpkin math.
2. 1G completed their unit on Shabbos. They painted pieces for a
special Shabbos project.
3. 1G enjoyed reading time.
4. K2 Shabbos Mommy and Tatty are all ready for Shabbos.
5. MorahShana Polter taught the os Tes in K1.
6. In the new 7-8G elective art class, girls tried oil painting.
7. 3G started their unit on Japan and are celebrating with this bulletin
Chai Odom