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Lexy Lee


Enlgish 10-1


Table of Contents




Found Poem: Page 3


Black Out Poetry: Page 4


ABC Poem: Page 5


Cinquain: Page 6


Haiku: Page 7


Bio Poem: Page 8


Shape Poem: Page 9


Acrostic Poem: Page 10


Elegy: Page 11


Tanks: Page 12


List Poem: Page 13


Limerick: Page 14


Senryu: Page 15


Epitaph: Page 16


Diamante: Page 17


About the Author: Page 18

I remember crying one night,

wanna forget,


Prayin', dreams of your kiss,



Wishin' we were swayin',

want sleep,


You to stay mine rockin' your

favorite song,


No trust, always open, living



Bodies slide together, stay



Together forever


Athletes are some of the toughest people


Based upon the long hours spent in the gyms and weight rooms


Certain athletes are better than others naturally


Determined by the hours in the weight room anyone can truly be the best


Even though you aren't the biggest player, you still are able to fight


Fights athletes go through are big, that's what makes them the toughest




Swing, catch


Strike, run, out


Memories being made




The grass is so green



The flowers are beautiful



I love all of the plants




Handsome, wealthy, hard working, champion


Husband of Gisele


Who loves onion rings and steak


Who thinks money can buy love and happiness, loved womem, felt that he was unstoppable


Brute of a man, many were scared of him, his money could get anything he wants


Married to Gisele, had one daughter


Who wanted everything to go his way and for be respected at all cost


Old money, lives in East Egg, Long Island



What is this strange sensation?

When I see you everything gets weird,

My blood pumps faster, my feet feel lighter,

I can't take my eyes off of you,

What is happeneing to me when you're around?

It's almost if you can make my world better by just being near me,

I don't understand this sensation,

Is something wrong with me or is everything falling right into place?

I can't tell if I'm scared to fall or if I want to drive right in,

This must be love.


Real good












Something that taste so good

can be gone so quick


You try to savor the flavor, but you can’t


I regret eating so fast


Now I’m so full I cannot move


I don’t know what I’ll do later


Now that you're gone I’ll be hungry


Basketball is life


The sound of that ball dribbling


The thrill of the shot


Sweat dripping onto the court


The final buzzer, screaming


A lot goes through your head as a softball player

As the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand

Tossed to home plate

You hear the crack of the bat

You see the ball coming for you

The runner on first is leaving the bag while the batter does also

The ball hits the ground and comes straight to you

You field the ball and throw it to first

The runner is out


There was a playground


Every weekend there was a hoedown


All of the cowboys brought their best cow


But not one girl liked the smell


Why were they at a playground


The game is tied up


If I make the shot we win


The shot is up, swoosh


“This is not a goodbye, it’s the


beginning of a new chapter in






Tasty, fulfilling


Eating, chewing, digesting


Hunger pains subside, a new energy is formed


Chomp, chew, smack




I am a 10th grader


Paris HIgh school. I play

basketball, softball, and

I run track. I am 15

years old and I was

born on July 16th,