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Japanese American Cultural and Community Center

2012-2013 Annual Report

A message from the president

At the JACCC, our hope is that our cultural programs incite yoin, that you come to the JACCC to see a taiko, dance or music performance, visit the Japanese Garden, dance on the Noguchi plaza, jam on your ukulele, or experience ikebana, calligraphy or a tea ceremony, and that you go home enriched in spirit and soul, a feeling that reverberates.  A reverberation that connects you with the JACCC, so that you spread the word to your friends and family. This is the new energy that embodies the JACCC. 


It’s because of your support that we were able to bring this energy to our campus.  Your support continues the vision of our Issei and Nisei pioneers whose vision and sacrifices made the creation of the JACCC possible more than three decades ago. It’s no secret that we have experienced great challenges, like many nonprofits, from the economic decline to rocky leadership transitions that have yielded great financial challenges.  A recovery will take steady and diligent fiscal management and fundraising to achieve stability and eventually, sustainability.  It is achievable, with everyone’s participation and strong stewardship.


This coming year, I am looking forward to inviting my aunties and uncles to the second edition of the Live at the Aratani! Concert Series and the ukulele classes, my children and their multi-ethnic peers to the Fiesta Matsuri, where Kodomo Ni Hi and Dia De Los Ninos will meet at the JACCC, and my grandma and her girlfriends to the Ikebana shows.  The JACCC is a vibrant place for multiple generations, for the people of Los Angeles, as a contributor to the flourishing, vibrant arts and cultural scene in this City of Angels.  So we invite you to help us insure that Japanese and Japanese American arts and cultural activities flourish. To help us protect, maintain, and upgrade the facilities that were built for future generations.  To push us farther than we’ve ever been.  We invite you to take the next step and join us to preserve and share our culture and build community.


With Deep Gratitude,


Leslie A. Ito

President & CEO

JACCC Mission

To present, perpetuate, transmit and promote Japanese and Japanese American arts and culture to diverse audiences, and to provide a center to enhance community programs.

yoin = reverberations or resonance

72nd Nisei Week Fest

August 11-19, 2012 • JACCC campus


Little Tokyo Nisei Week celebrates Japanese and Japanese American culture with nation’s longest running cultural events of its kind.  Exhibitions included ikebana, bonsai, kimekomi dolls, calligraphy, tea ceremony, and various performances on the plaza.


Program Accomplishments & Highlights

Movies on the Plaza

August 31, 2012 • JACCC Plaza


Food vendors, families and friends  all converge on the JACCC plaza for night of fun.  This year’s film features two of the finest anime that come out of Japan in the early sixties. “Gigantor Revenge of Captain Spider" (1963) and Tezuka Osamu’s “New Treasure Island" (1964).


Katsudo Shashin

September 1, 2012 • Aratani Theatre


Katsudo Shashin (moving pictures) presents two films , “ Lower Depth” (1957) by Kurosawa  and “ Osaka Elgy” (1936)  by Mizoguchi  which are tribute to the recently deceased Isuzu Yamada (1917-2012).  Award winning actress Yoko Sugi made a special appearance to introduce these films.


Noh: Moon viewing and Sake

September 28, 2012 • Irvine Garden


One of Japan’s most celebrated theater traditions, Noh is a musical drama that has been performed since 14th century.

Evening with master performer and musician from the 500 year old Noh school of Kanze. Master Umewaka demonstrated and performed two works from the moon viewing plays, “Kanenodan” and Izutsu”.

Ikenobo Ikebana

September 22-23, 2012 • Doizaki Gallery


Featured Japan’s most cherished, traditional art form: A special exhibition of Ikenobo school  (Flower arrangement) celebrating the 550th anniversary of their school.


Ohara Ikebana

October 27-28, 2012 • Doizaki Gallery


Ohara School of Ikebana L.A. chapter used flowers and symbols of nature and art to create new forms and combining the flower with sentiments of the artist.



Beikoku Shodo Kenkyukai

October 13-21, 2012 • Doizaki Gallery


The art of  calligraphy, headed by Hiroko Ikuta. The exhibit showcased  more than 100 works from students and level of skill. The exhibition reflected each individual interpretation of calligraphy with the flow of the brush and ink.



January 6, 2013 • Aratani Theatre & Doizaki Gallery


Kotohajime: Hatsu-Mato (First Target)

The JACCC celebrates the Year of the Snake, featuring The Kim Eung Hwa Dance Company, The Colburn School and others.   The ritual shooting of the arrow was performed by IKKYU of the L.A. Kyudo Archery Group.


Tale of Genji

February 23, 2013 • Doizaki Gallery


A lecture by Dr. David Damrosh from Harvard University.  Presented with production of WGBH and Annenberg Media

Video presentation from Genji scholars  including Dr. Donald Keen.


Sakura Arts Anime/Manga

April 20 - May 12, 2013 • Doizaki Gallery


Celebrating the Japanese national flower, Sakura, with the new anime/manga from Japan, this exhibition included the best of anime/manga artists from throughout Japan and attracted a wide and diverse audience.



March 3, 2013 • North Gallery


Celebration of Japanese Girls Day with tea and amazake (Sweet sake). Created games and crafts with the traditional doll display.


Bamboo and Petals

March 9-10, 2013 • Doizaki Gallery


The JACCC marks the 2nd anniversary of the Tohoku Earthquake with this special exhibition featuring Japanese Bamboo Baskets and Flower Arrangements by Ohara, Sogetsu, and Ikenobo school of Ikebana.



June 1-2, 2013 • Doizaki Gallery


Ikenobo Ikebana celebration for Mme Shinbashi’s 50th anniversary of her teaching in the U.S.  More than 100 students participated in honoring her.



In March 2013, the JACCC launched a new concert series aimed at bringing back the Sansei to Little Tokyo and re-introducing them to the newly branded, re-opened Aratani Theatre.

Live at the Aratani!

Willie K.

March 12, 2013

From traditional and contemporary Hawaiian to blues and rock, Willie K. rocked the house and earned three standing ovations!


The Association

April 20, 2013One of the most successful bands to come out of the 60's, The Association has sold over 80 million units with 6 gold records
and 2 platinum records and they brought back the tunes and the nostalgia to the Aratani.


Keiko Matsui with Special Guest Jeff Kashiwa

May 25, 2013

No stranger to the Aratani Theatre, Keiko Matsui returned to celebrate her 25th anniversary and shared the stage with Seattle saxiphone player, Jeff Kashiwa.

Leadership Transitions

The organization went through several leadership transitions between July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013.  Mr. Bill Watanabe and Ms. Deborah Ching took interim leadership positions in August 2012.


Thanks to Bill and Deborah, their diligence and steady guidance helped stabilize the organization until the new leader was installed.


A community-based search committee was tasked with identifying a new leader for the organization.


In March 2013, Leslie A. Ito took her post as the new President and CEO of the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center.


Leslie brings a community perspective and strong leadership in the promotion of arts and strengthening nonprofits. She has built her entire career focused on serving the community and making arts and culture accessible to multi-generational audiences. For over 14 years she has promoted arts organizations with technical assistance and fund development in her various roles with the California Community Foundation, the Los Angeles County Arts Commission and the Ford Foundation. She also served as the Executive Director of Visual Communications leading a major leadership transition and strategic planning

Financial Summary

Financially, Fiscal Year 2012-2013 was a very challenging year due to a leadership transition, the closing and subsequent reopening of our Aratani Theatre, and the loss of our largest tenant.  The continuation of the global financial recession has continued to effect our efforts to raise contributions like many non profit organizations.  Given these circumstances, we were challenged by another year of losses due to less support and the lack of profitability.  We are looking forward to more stability and greater sustainability with the new leadership now installed.


The financial results depicted in our Annual Report were derived from the JACCC audited June 30, 2013, consolidated financial statements, which contained an unqualified audit opinion. The JACCC’s complete audited financial statements can be obtained by requesting it at (213) 628-2725.



Michael Yee

Director of Finance


For the fiscal year ending on June 30, 2013 and 2012 (in thousands)

Notes:  (1) Investment Income was affected by a large loss due to the change in investment advisors.

(2) Loss in Disposal of Assets represents items that were a part of the Futures Program that we deemed no longer feasible given the state of our organization.







Support and Revenue


Grant Revenue






Dues and Contributions












Gifts in Kind






Miscellaneous Income






Investment Income (Note 1)












Total Support and Revenue
















Functional Expenses


Program Services






Management and General












Special Events






Loss on Disposal of Assets (Note 2)












Total Functional Expenses












Net Results: Support and Revenue over Functional Expenses
















Asset, Liability & Net


Cash & Cash Equivalents




Asset Summary








Account Receivable






Prepaid Expenses












Property & Equipment (net of depreciation)






Art Collections






Other Assets












Total Assets












Accounts Payable and accrued expenses






Loans Payable






Deferred Revenue






Other Liabilities






Total net assets












Total Liabilities and Net Assets




Individual gifts between July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013


Foundation & Government Grants
Aratani Foundation

Getty Foundation
Japan Foundation
L.A. County Arts Commission
Takahashi Foundation


$5,000 and up
Ahbe Landscape Architects
Sakaye Aratani
Anne Namba Designs
Jeff Folick
Joel Friedman
Friends of the JACCC
Gary Kawaguchi
Dr. Ernest Nagamatsu
Henry Ota
Sandra Sakamoto

$4,999 - $1,000 
Justice Kathryn Doi Todd
Gerald Fukui
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Goldberg
Tomio Ito
Thomas Iino
Ken Kasamatsu
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Manaka


Thank you to all of the 2012-2013 JACCC sponsors and supporters.

Marie Masumoto
Nancy Matsui
Wayne Nagao
Dr. Keiichiro Omori
Orange Coast Optimist Club of Garden Grove
Rising Stars Youth Leadership Program
Dr. Sanbo Sakaguchi
Howard Sawada
Paul Shishima
Southern California Gas Company
Glenn Tanaka
Tanimura Family
Mr. and Mrs. David Takehara


$999  - $500
Noriko Chung
Ronald Doizaki
Aileen Eto
Norman Higo
Toshio Handa
Chris Inouye
Intercollegiate Nikkei Council
Glen Kazahaya
Japanese American Optimists Club
Leland Lau
Ann Miyagi
Victor Muraoka
Kenneth Sato

William Seki
Thomas Shea

Shofu Shiohara

Minoru Tonai
Eiko Tsuno
Dr. Takeo Uesugi
Akimi Watanabe
Yoneo Yamamoto
Mary Yasui-Yamabe


Donations in Honor of:

Gary Kawaguchi's 60th Birthday

Irene Hirano Inouye

Joanne Hirose

Leslie Ito

Mr. Chester Katayama's wife.

Jordyn Terukina

Diana Ono

George & Ruri Sugimoto

James E Wada


Donations in Memory of:

George Aratani

Fumiye Doi

Frances Hashimoto

Gonsaku & Mine Ito

James Miyashiro

May Miyashiro

Dr. Sanbo Sakaguchi

Tom Takashi Sato

Akeko Sawada

Miyo Senzaki

Yukie Toshiyuki

Rumi Uragami

We are deeply grateful to all  donors.  We regret due to limited space we cannot list everyone.  If your name has been displayed incorrectly, or inadvertantly excluded, please accept our deepest apologies.

In the fall, the JACCC had a benefit concert, OHANA: Celebrating Community at the JACCC, on Saturday, November 24, 2012 at the Aratani Theatre. It featured Daniel Ho and Friends, HalauKeali’I O Nalani, Nobuko Miyamoto and Friends, and On Ensemble.

Mahalo to our Ohana Supporters...

VIP Reception Sponsor

Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.


Hoaloha Sponsors

California Community Foundation

Fukui Mortuary

Gonsaku & Mine Ito Family

Union Bank


Ohana Couple Sponsors

Ronald & Kazuko Doizaki

Tom & Barbara Iino

Sandy Sakamoto & Nolan Maehara

Henry Ota & Hiroyo Nonoyama

Pacific Commerce Bank


Opportunity Drawing Sponsors

American Airlines

American Honda Motor Co., Inc.


In-Kind Reception & Live Auction Sponsors

Far Bar

Feast from the East

The Hiji Bros.

King’s Hawaiian Bakery

Los Angeles Dodgers

Maison Akira

Michael Yee & Amanda Lin

Ohana Community Partners


Asia America Symphony

Asian Pacific American Legal Center

Asians for Miracle Marrow Matches


East West Players

Fujima Kansuma Kai

Go For Broke National Education Center

Japan America Society

Japanese American National Museum

Japanese American Optimist Club

Japanese Chamber of Commerce of So. Cal.



Little Tokyo Service Center

L.A. Junior Chamber Foundation/Riordan

     Leadership Institute 

Nikkei for Civil Rights and Redress

Nikkei Federation

Nikkei Women Legacy Association

Nisei Week Foundation

Pacific Asian Consortium in Employment

Rafu Shimpo

Visual Communications

JACCC’s Thirty-Third Anniversary Celebration and Awards Dinner “A Taste of Success” shaping generations of Japanese culture and cuisine to the American palate, was held on Sunday, June 30, 2013 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.  Over 500 guests joined us as we honored Chef Akira Hirose, Mr. Michael Hide Cardenas, and a posthumous honor to Mrs. Frances Hashimoto-Friedman, who have contributed not only to the culinary presence of the Japanese and Japanese Americans into the mainstream food and restaurant business, but also added to the vibrancy and cultural life of our community through their philanthropic work.


The JACCC also recognized the 2nd Annual Community Spirit Award recipients Iku Kiriyama, Leland Lau and Diana Ono.

33rd Anniversary Celebration & Awards Dinner

Thank you to our Anniversary Dinner Sponsors...

Title Sponsor
Paul & Hisako Terasaki & Family
Major Sponsor
American Airlines
Kawaguchi-Kihara Memorial Foundation
Gold Sponsor
Aratani Foundation
Folick Family
Hiji Bros., Tsugio, Frank & Robert Hiji
Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.
Union Bank
Silver Sponsor
Doizaki Family
Fukui Mortuary
Henry Ota
Mitsubishi International Corporation
Pacific Commerce Bank & Thomas Iino
Sandy Sakamoto & Nolan Maehara
George, Ruri, Lisa & Nathan Sugimoto
Bronze Sponsor
FIA Insurance Services Inc.
Gonsaku & Mine Ito Families
Michael Hide Cardenas
Miyako Hotel Los Angeles
Panda Restaurant Group
Southern California Gas Company


Gold Patron Couple
California Community Foundation

Calvin & Cheryl Abe
Tom and Kay Kamei
Alan & Yvonne Nishio
VIP Reception Sponsor
Southern California Edison
Honoree Tribute Sponsor
Folick Family

Friends & Family of Chef Akira Hirose


Additional Donors
Jacqueline Avant
Bank of the West
Deborah Ching & Mark Mayeda

Hitachi, Ltd.

Noritoshi & Fusako Kanai

Ken & Karen Kawaguchi

Lau Family

Lim, Ruger & Kim, LLP

MARSH Risk & Insurance Services

John M. Mayeda
Sawada & Miyake Farms, LLC


Mutual Trading Co., Inc.

Nikkei Credit Union

Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP

Project Kokoro

Seki, Nishimura & Watase, LLP

Larry & Mucchi Taylor (JWO Corporation)
Amy Yasui

Yoshida Family

Community Sponsor
Asia America Symphony Association
Fujima Kansuma Japanese Dance School
Go for Broke National Education Center
Ikenbo of L.A./Ohara-ryu of L.A./Sogetsu of L.A.
Iku Kiriyama
JA Veterans in support of the Memorial Court
Japanese American Historical Society of Southern California
Japanese American National Museum
Japanese American Optimist Club of Los Angeles
Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Southern california
Pacific Asian Consortium in Employment

Little Tokyo Service Center
Omotesenke Domonkai

Sushi-Gen/Aomori Nebuta Hoson-Kai

Leland Lau Family and Friends
Little Tokyo Business Association
Joyce Chinn
Nisei Week
Project Kokoro


2013 JACCC Board of Directors



Sandra Sakamoto, Esq.

Nancy Matsui, American Airlines
Vice Chair

George Tanaka, Union Bank
Vice Chair

Gary Kawaguchi, Upper Crust Enterprises

Helen Ota, Cold Tofu



Jeff Folick
Gerald Fukui, Fukui Mortuary Inc.
Toshio Terry Handa, Japanese Chamber of
     Commerce of Southern California
Thomas Iino, Pacific Commerce Bank
Ken Kasamatsu, Pacific Commerce Bank
Frank Lee
Tim Manaka, Jr., FIA Insurance Services, Inc.
Johnny Mori
Alan Nishio
Dolly Oishi, Japan Airlines
Henry Y. Ota
Minoru Tonai
Bill Watanabe
Ryuji (Rick) Watanabe, Mitsubishi Corp.

2013 JACCC Board of Governors


Honorary Chairs

Sakaye Aratani
Maria Hodgson
Consul General of Japan Junichi Ihara
Supervisor Don Knabe
Councilwoman Jan Perry
Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa



Thomas Iino, Pacific Commerce Bank
Henry Ota, Reed Smith LLP
Minoru Tonai





Ronald Doizaki, Doizaki & Sons
Dr. Frank L. Ellsworth, Give2Asia

Erwin Furukawa, Southern California Edison
Deputy Chief Terry Hara, Los Angeles Police Department
Chris Inouye, Marsh Risk & Insurance Services
Tomio Ito, Ito Farms
Noritoshi Kanai, Mutual Trading Co., Inc.
Masami Kitano, M.D.
Kelvin Lee, FIG Partners
David Lin, AT&T Services Inc.
Akemi Miyake, Sawada Miyake Farms
Ernest Nagamatsu, D.D.S.
Jack Naito
Takashi Ohde, Hitachi, Ltd. Hitachi Corporate Office, L.A.
Keiichiro Omori, M.D.
Etsuko Price
Anne Shen Smith, Southern California Gas Co.
Hiroko Tatebe, GOLD (Global Organization for Leadership and Diversity)
William A. Witte, Related
Stan Yoshihara, R7 Real Estate Inc.




Leslie A. Ito
President & CEO



Keith Shiozaki
Director of Operations & HR


Janet Hiroshima
Development Manager


Anne Bagasao
Wedding & Event Consultant



Hirokazu Kosaka
Artistic Director


Anthony Jones
Director of Performing Arts


Carolyn Onaga
General Manager, Aratani Theatre


Wakana Kimura
Media Art Director


Gerald Ishibashi
Consultant, Aratani Theatre




Michael Yee
Director of Finance



Arthur Granados
Chief Engineer


Marlene Lee
Office Manager


Eiko Fujino

Pedro Gallegos
Javier Ixta

Aric Nakamoto
Rafael Piña
Maria Magdalena Rodriguez
Operations Assistants



Visit to learn more about the JACCC's work to help make Little Tokyo and L.A. a culturally vibrant place through the presentation, production and preservation of Japanese and Japanese American culture.

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