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A presentation of Navajeevan Metal Sculptors new workshop

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Art Master Mr. Shtapathi Ravindran with his Navajeevan Metal Sculptors and its new casting workshop in Mamallapuram, India

The Indian Lion roars steady and clear since 

MAKE ART IN INDIA started its collaboration with NAVAJEEVAN METAL SCULPTORS.

The workshop is not completely finished yet but its sculptors are already working inside the building

A Gods Protection is a Good Insurance

Art Master Mr. SHTAPATHI RAVINDRAN D.M.S. and his Best Artist at the entrance of the new workshop

The Presence of The Guru is also necessary

The door of the new workshop still locked 

... Not any longer...

The first of two rooms on the ground floor. 

These spaces are for medium and small size models for Vacuum- / Ceramic Shield Casting. 

Desktops for Navajeevan's Chisel/ Wax Specialists, for Guest Artists, Students and Trainees

Plenty of space here...!

During the winter season 2017 - 2018, Make Art in India will promote Navajeevan Metal Sculptors by linking together some of their initiatives.

The results are week long casting courses for the participants to Make Art in India's workshops. 

Courses are free of charge... as for the working spaces, tools and all materials, except metals for the castings.

The courses start on December 11, 2017, January 1 and 22, 2018, February 12 and 26...

Restrooms at disposal...

Space for Mr. R. Ravindran's office and the Showroom...

Spaces are already occupied... 

Silver Skin for Gods

The Vacuum Casting Room... 

now is only vacuum (... = empty)

Up to the first floor...

On the first floor there are studios and rooms for large wax and clay models 

Art Master Mr. R. Ravindran shows us around.

Mr. Ravindran has a working space here too...

Working spaces on this floor will be ready for Make Art in India Bronze Casting Courses in 2017

Three Artists around a model in clay to be casted the "Tribal" way next month

The Art of Creating Gods...

... and Goddesses... 

The wet room for models in clay...

 ... same room and same model... 

A bronze Lion (... waiting to be polished) and a Cow, two important Symbols for India

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