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By: William Matousch


for the Hopeless

There are a few insurances that we use in America because they cost so much or people refuse to have it. Alot of them are usally used more than others. Some insurances would be like life, health, and auto insurances. Other insurances that are used would be like home owners, disability, and no fault. Each of these insurances were made to help people but mostly the government save money.Through out this booklet people will learn how and what each insurance does.

No Hope for others

3 Options:

-term Life

-whole Life


Benifits Include:

- Goes to next of kin when you die

- Protects dependents from loss of income and other exspenses

- Important if you have a spouse, children, or elderly parents who depend on your income


Negative Effects of not having it:

- Money goes to government if you don't have it

- Has risk of being able to lose all your possesion


Life Insurance

Negative Effects:

1) Have to be able to afford a doctor

2) If there is no coverage then you will have to pay for every medical visit

3)You can run the risk of going bankruptsy 


1)Different kinds of health inurances so you don't have to choose one

2)Also different organizations to choose from

3)Most of the insurances and organizations cover something from being no cost to expensive



Health Insurance

3 Terms:

- Free For Service

- Private Health Insurance

- Perfered Providers Organization


1) Premimum Discounts

2) Higher the Deductible, the lower the premimum

3) You can save money on collison and comprehensice damage covered by increasing the discount

3 Terms:

- Collison 

- Liabililty

-Bodily Injury


Auto Insurance

 (Government being Sextest)

Negative Effects:

1) You would have to pay more if your uninsured and get into an accident

2) Risk of going bankrupt for paying the comprehensive damage

3) Nothing protecting you or to help you when you get into an accident 


3 Terms:

- Property Coverage

- Liabilty Coverage

-Renter's Insurance

Home Owner's Insurance


1) Protects you if other's are injured on your property



-No Fault


-Home Owner




No-Falut Insurance