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First Aid and Mental health

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By Abbie McLean



Safety Training and Supervision


 Every organisation is legally obliged to provide training to employees and have supervisors oversee the way work is undertaken, especially in potentially dangerous situations.


According to Safety Concepts Australia, a safety program should cover:

- accident prevention and safety promotion

- safety compliance

- accident and emergency response

- personal protective equipment

- safety practices

- equipment and machinery

- chemical and hazardous materials safety

- work hazards

- employee involvement

Safety concepts Australia

According to the WHS (Work Health and Safety) Regulations, every PCBU (Person(s) in Control of a Business or Undertaking) has a legal responsibility for ensuring adequate first- aid provisions, including access to a trained first- aid person any time of the day or night. If there are situations where the risk assessment deems a trained first- aid person is not necessary, it is still a requirement that alternative procedures are implemented; for example, having access to emergency transport or special arrangements with a local medical centre.


The minimum qualification for first- aid officers in low- risk workplaces is a current Senior First Aid certificate, and in high- risk workplaces a current occupational first- aid qualification is required.

First Aid

  • maintaining current qualifications
  • ensuring that first- aid kits are fully stocked and easily accessible, that their location is clearly signed, and that they are regularly checked to ensure that expired items or equipment are replaced
  • undertaking intial care of work- caused injuries or illness
  • recommending further special medical treatment if required, including calling an ambulance
  • recording details of the injury- the amount of paperwork to be completed depends on the severity of the accident/ incident
  • reporting details to management
  • following up outcomes
  • assisting in WorkCover claims and rehabilitation





First- aid personnel are responsible for:

First- aid kits with contents that suit the particular business should be clearly labelled and accesible in areas of high risk. Disposable sterile items should be used as much as possible to prevent cross infections. The number of kits required depends on the size and types of activities undertaken by the business.

First- aid Kits

Clicking on the video below you will learn of a scenario where first aid was needed. After hearing the scenario I would like you to examine what was done incorrectly or not done at all according to what a first- aid personnel is required to do in high risk situations and write them down on a piece of paper. After recording what you believed to be done incorrectly by the staff in the scenario go back and look on how the situation could of been handle differently and better so it can be taken into account for next time.

First- aid Scenario

The End!