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Without him and many other veterans risking their lives to fight in the Holocaust we would have been taken over by hitler, horrible things would happen to people, and we’d have to live a whole different life, we would not be America the free anymore.


The conflict that Baker went through was the war. He was is the segregated regiment that would go into combat in WW2. This conflict was a big one because he had to risk his life to keep America the way it is. 

Overcoming Conflict

Accomplishment in the Military


Baker fought in the

Holocaust. He eventually

was awarded with the

medal of honor, which is

the highest

acomplishment in the military. But he wasn't awarded with it until 54 years later which was believed to be because of racism. He also revieved a purple heart, bronze star and distiguished service cross. 


Brave, courageous, kind, generous

Lover of Heidy, military, America

Who once wondered of moving from the train tracks

Who once said, “Where is home? Home is where the heart can laugh without shyness. Home is where the heart’s tears can dry at their own pace.”

Who felt passion, pride, honor

Who tried to fight cancer and the axis powers

But failed to win his fight with cancer

Who dreamed to win the war

Who made a difference then by fighting for our country

Who impacts our lives today by letting us live free

Who died due to cancer but is

Remembered for receiving a medal of honor for his bravery




Vernon J. Baker