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Allerdale Multi Skill Academy 18 :

Multi Skill Academy
“It’s not the will to win that matters– everyone has that. Its the
will to prepare to win that matters”
Paul Bryant (American football player/ coach)
After last years success the Allerdale Multi Skill Academy
returned this Easter break for 4 days of non stop sport.
A huge thanks to Netherhall Sport Centre for once
again allowing us to use their fantastic facilities that
meant the children were able to compete and work on
their skills in a superb environment.
The academy was fully booked, with 80 children attending aged between Year 2 6.
Thank you to the following schools for supporting this years academy: Ashfield Junior
School, Broughton Primary School Academy, Braithwaite C of E Primary School,
Bridekirk Dovenby C of E Primary School, Derwent Vale Primary School, Eaglesfield
Paddle C of E Primary School, St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Fell View Primary
School, Threlkeld Primary School, Seaton C of E Junior School, St Cuthbert’s Catholic
Primary School, St Michaels C of E School, Thomlinson Junior School, Wiggonby C of
E School. It was great to see a lot of children return after attending the academy last
year to work on their skills, as well as new children experiencing it for the first time.
All of the coaches were in agreement that the children were fantastic to work with and
all have excellent sporting potential. Well done everyone!
We are delighted to have a
star rating of 4.9 out of 5 on
Facebook. Check out our re-
views here
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What were the pupils challenged to do at the
Allerdale Multi Skill Academy?
Social Respect for everyone and everything (other athletes, coaches and facilities)
Cognitive Ensuring they didn’t rush into an activity. Thinking time given to consider
what they were being asked to do.
Creative Encouraged to use trial
and error in every session, it’s fine
to fail it helps us improve.
Sleep for 8 10 hours
Stay hydrated at all times
8-10 glasses of water a day
Fuel their engine, using the food
for the week.
Physical Ability
Challenge themselves to their full ability in every task, especially tasks that were
Provided free time to practice skills they had found tough.
Encouraged to work on their flexibility every morning and evening for 10 mins to
increase performance.
For the four days, the children were split into four different age groups and rotated in
those groups around different sport sessions. The children were tasked with developing
their tennis, rugby, gymnastic and athletics (physical development) skills as well as
taking part in a health workshop where the children gained an understanding of food
groups and the importance of a healthy balanced diet.
During each sport session the children were tasked with a variety of activities and games
to improve their sport skills. Whilst the children participated they were assessed (by
themselves and by the coaches) on the “Whole Child” principles.
Gymnastics: Creative ability
Tennis: Cognitive ability
Rugby: Social ability
Physical Dev/
Health workshop: Personal ability
We feel it’s vital that we work on developing the “Whole Child” and not just their physical
ability. This is so the children can learn what is required and what they need to work on
in order to be an all round sports person
Page 3 Chance Camp
What to do next?
This Spring, English athletes performed brilliantly; winning 136 medals in the Gold
Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (45 Gold, 45 Silver, 46 Bronze). A number of
Cumbrian athletes represented England in their chosen events. Examples were Nick
Miller (Carlisle) and Helen Housby (Wigton) winning gold in the hammer and netball, as
well as Lauren Smith (Carlisle) winning bronze and silver in 2 badminton events and
Luke Greenbank (Cockermouth) winning silver in the swimming 4x100 medley relay.
In total Cumbrian athletes won 8 medals: 2 Gold, 3 Silver, 3 Bronze. If Cumbria was a
country, it would have finished 15th in the medal table which is a tremendous
It just shows that anything is possible if you have the drive and determination to work
hard and succeed. And who knows; we could easily have children from this years
academy representing England in the 2030 Commonwealth Games!
During their time at the academy, each child completed a booklet where they assessed
their own performance during each activity. On the last day everybody wrote down 3
improvement goals that they identified during the week. The children can now share
those goals with P.E teachers and community sports coaches that they work with.
Focusing on these goals will then turn any perceived skill weaknesses
into strengths. The children can also use the reports they received
from the coaches assessment and work on any areas of improvement
that were highlighted
Another opportunity for children to continue to develop their skills is
to return to Chance Camp during the school breaks. Click here to see
our remaining camp dates of the school year at Cockermouth RUFC
and Netherhall Sport Centre. Although the camps are sport specific
the skills that we work on can benefit all sports
A final huge thank you to Firpress Printers who sponsored this years academy.
Their sponsorship went towards t shirts, certificates, self assessment booklets and aided
the purchase of Ipep
Why we are using Ipep?
Ipep is the UK’s first fully interactive P.E planner, tracker and assessment tool. Using it
allows us to keep records of assessment and track the progress they make for up to 5
For more information about Ipep get in touch with Chris at
“Way more than an average sport camp. The multi
skill academy dealt with the physical, personal,
creative, cognitive and social aspects of sporting suc-
cess. It was sharply focused on nurturing athletes.
The kids loved it and it made them think about
their goals and how to achieve them.”
“My daughters aged 8 & 10 participated in the Al-
lerdale multi skills camp last week and thoroughly
enjoyed it! Not only did they relish the opportunity
to participate in all the sports and against peers of
a similar standard, they also could not stop talking
about the nutrition advise they received. A very well
organized and worth while sports camp. Thank