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Homework #11

Name: Lourdes Lara.       Course: 11 grade (2 BGU) "B".     Date: January, 26, 2017.

Being different is not a problem       The problem is to be treated different.

No more Discrimination

Examples of discrimination in our country: Ecuador.


There is a labor racism mainly in the city of Quito for being the capital and economic center of the country. this city has received a significant number of migrants from Afro-ecuadorian peoples. This labor racism has manifested itself through marked discrimination in innumerable fields of work. At the time of a contract, the color of the skin, the origin of the person plays an important role for the decision of the contractor. That is a large parts of companies or institutions tend, to prefer for middle and senior positions, white-skinned people or mestizos and leave Afro-descendants for low-rank positions .

In Quito Afro-ecuadorian children are taken to white and mestizo homes with a medium to high economic status ro serve as servants.


Discrimination today and before makes great distinctions between differents races ethnicities, sex, age, disabled people, among others, around the world. This makes society have no moral or principles as a person.

In Ecuador the main form of discrimination is language. "One of the forms of discrimination and the main and the initial, is the language; One constructs with language but also can destroy, we do not necessarily need to do physical acts to begin to discriminate, when we refer, for example, the Afro-Ecuadorian group in a derogatory way begins the discrimination, said Francisco Albuja, director og Human Rights and Cults of the Ministry of Justice.

Use of perjorative terminology. Sayings that are still unconsciously repeated: to make Indian, Indian gone, Indian food, Indian born, Indian died , Indian file; And as far as the Afro-descendants are concerned; Black thieves, Black hand, Black and rough for what life . Black running, Black thieve; White running, sportsman.

To try to solve this problem Ecuador must democratize, has to democratize the powers of the state, democratize its institutions, and this will be achieved only with full participation of indigenous and Afro-descendant nationalities and people through the enjoyment and guarantee of all their historical and cultural rights: territory and self-determination, Autonomy and self-government, to official use and development of their languages, in order to respect and value their ancient cultures and knowledge. Without Indian people there is no democrazy, it is the cry of excluded people and nationalities. Interculturality is an imperative.  

The actions that I could take to avoid the discrimination of people, will be, first I treat everyone equally anf teach others to do the same. The advices for all the people are: if you want to be respected, respect the others first. Don't to do the others, what you don't want done to you. And all the time we have to remenber that we are all the same, because our body is just like a house and the most important is our soul, our personality, and our qualities. And of this form we can be better people and have a better society.