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The Not So

Glamorous Poem







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Let Me Love You 







I want to wake up Sunday with you,

sparkle in your eyes/

hold on seriously/

talk the night away/

girl you'll put sugar into my soul,

let me fall head over boots for you,

kiss steady,shine strong,

think'in soft sweet crazy

as it's wild time causes

goood record years




People Change


As we go through school

Begin new stages in life

Continue to grow

Decide their new path

Everyone changes and comes to

Find not everyone stays around






Pass Set Kill


Jump highswing hard


State champs


I like pizza so much


It melts in your mouth tastfully


Sausage is my fav




Smiling, confident, determined

Daughter of the late John Hardwicke

Wakeboards and plays lots of volleyball

Who felt blessed and pleased from where shes grown

Feared losing her mother

Accomplished back to back state champion titles and happiness

Wishes to experince the world

Lives in Ratcliff, Arkansas























They can tell or prove anything

The Picture Frame

Pictures tell storys of you life














Meanings Within Words  



D ecisions make your life

E veryone messes up in life

T he ture test is what you do after

E thier you learn and grow or

R e-do all your mistakes agian

M eanwhile people seem to not care

I n so they don't have the will to

N ot only right their wrongs but

E ven come to see that if you

D o as you think is right you'll be fine

How sad the loss

How sad our last time together .


We will always be remembered

as the greates team every.


Now that it's over

Only the memories are left over

The Game

Ticking Time Away

I dont like my school


Everyone is annoying


The hallway is packed


People have on blank faces


I can't wait to graduate

What is that stinch

What could it be

Omg it was me?!

Is it my shoes

Is it my braces

Is it my knee pads

Is it my jersey

Low and behold it was

My pits

Umm Is That Me?

Mac And Cheese Lovers

There once was a girl who ate a lot

She made mac and cheese in a pot

She ate till she was full

Now she is not so cool

Now she has to lay on a cot

They make fun of me


They always watched her back carefully


And made sure she's happy








Making people live their lives under


there thumbs






Social Media

Where Is Your Free Time Spent?

Author: Ryleigh Hardwicke

Ryleigh Hardwicke is a struggling student at Paris High School and is having to learn life the hard way. She spends most of her time playing volleyball and is middle hitter on a back to back state champion volleyball team. Ryleigh spends most of her nights doing poem books at the last minue and enjoys turn in her book cards. Ryleigh has just recently announced that she hopes not to do another poem book but it all depends on her teacher. She loves your support and wants to say thank you for your time. (ps. don't procrastinate kids;) )