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6. Educate yourself on fall prevention.
Falls can cause fractures and brain injuries, and are shockingly more common than you may think. Every 15 seconds, someone is treated for a fall injury. Reduce clutter, remove loose carpets, and wear shoes with good support. Also, use night lights so you can easily navigate your home at all times!

7. Volunteer in your community.
Volunteering is a great way to boost happiness, create bonds, and meet new people. Find an activity or organization you care about, and do what you can to help. It does not have to be something too strenuous or time-consuming, anything you can do to help will promote good mental health.

8. Establish a plan.
Stress causes health issues, but by having a plan, as you get older, you can reduce that stress. Know your path and the next steps you are going to take in order to have a healthy aging environment. Being prepared is the best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle.





1. Be active in a way you love.

If you find an activity that you truly enjoy, you’ll be more likely to continue to do it. Make it a habit and participate in your activity regularly. Start with 10 minutes per day, and slowly work up to 30 minutes. Need some fun activity ideas for seniors? 

2. Eat right and stay hydrated.
You’ve heard it before but it can’t be said enough! Maintaining a healthy diet is so important. Try to eat at least 400 grams of fruits and vegetables per day. Drink five glasses of water per day. Avoid heavily processed foods that are high in sugar, fat, or salt. Try to substitute foods with more natural ingredients when you can. There are even some foods you can start incorporating to help 

3. Wear sunscreen and limit sun exposure.
Your skin is your largest body organ, so you should definitely take care of it! As we get older, our skin becomes more susceptible to sunburn. Try to limit how much time you spend in the sun. When you are out in the sunshine, wear high SPF sunscreen and reapply every few hours. Try a hat too!

4. Learn a new skill or talent.
Try picking up a new hobby, such as chess or crossword puzzles. By engaging in a skill that requires concentration, creative thinking, and memorization, you can prevent cognitive issues in the future. Learning a new skill is a great way to practice a daily mental exercise.

5. Meditate.
Meditation has the potential to prevent mental deterioration, not only that, it also reduces stress and anxiety. Taking the time to relax is very beneficial to your body. Start with 5 minutes per day, and slowly progress to more time.


Lets Stay Healthy

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As we get older our health is fragile.

We need to remember to take some extra steps to age healthy.

How about some tips!



By: Brittany Williams and Richard Orina