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 My Book Of Poetry

By: Shaniya Belt 

Original Poems

Mockingbird                3

Death                          4

Those Days               5  


Moon                        6 


Man                          7


Power                       8


Happy Birthday Poem      9


I Wish...                   10


Winter                     11 


Depression             12




Simile                       13


Moon Rondeau         14


Woman                     15

Table Of Contents

Poor Little Mockingbird 
No one hears your song
Poor Little Mockingbird 
Why won't they sing along?

Poor Little Mockingbird 
Singing a sad tune 
Poor Little Mockingbird 
Maybe they'll here you soon

Sad Little Mockingbird
Crying so low
Weeping Little Mockingbird
Just spread your wings and go

Somewhere where they'll hear your song
Somewhere where they'll might just sing along
Somewhere where they'll show you what it's all about
Somewhere where they'll love you without a doubt



You try to lock him away

You try to avoid his glare

Attempting to get your way

And ignore his constant stare


With an empty heart and soul

He kills you when it your time

He doesn’t let you achieve your goal

And follows you through your prime


Sometimes he will wait

And watch you from afar

Seeing you receive your fate

And shine for who you are


But when when your time is up ahead

And what we see with our very eyes

Is when your body is filled with dread

And you meet your demise.        

At this time I’m alone

Remembering a time when I wasn’t grown

When I was young, happy and free

When I had an imagination, when I dreamt of what I could be.


I pretend to be a singer, to hang out with stars

To being an astronaut and traveling to Mars

I played with dolls and made up tales

About princesses and dragons with scales.


Now I’m growing up and filling with age

Embracing the days when I colored on a page

Those days were so genuine and filled with my youth

I wish I could go back, and that’s the truth.

Those Days

Moon Rondeau

Our precious moon

The silver coin of the late night hours

The light that reflects and dances

On the deep waters below it

People cherish his light in the evening


The moon then lowers its head

Vanished from the sky

As the gold Sun takes over


Our precious moon

He plays in the noon

With the stars as they make roses

In the sky

Brightening midnight

Why does she want to be a blade?

Becoming grass in the fields

And she wants me to be her aid?

As a dandelion in her yield


Now she’s a robin, singing in the air

And has no branch to sit

But I just stand there without a care

And refuse to be that perch


Why don’t you like what we’ve got?

Are you too good for that?

Am I not faithful? Am I not hot?

I walked to a branch and sat


She then turned into a woman

And held her hand out to me

I refused to be a man

And she got up and started to leave


Now I’m alone, single as can be

WIshing my girl will come back to me

I see my mistakes, I see my crime

But she’s won’t come back, not this time.



On days like these when power takes the lead

Running fast like a knight's steed

Ruining relations, shattering dreams

It all looks great, at least that's what it seems.


But what if that power starts to control you?

What will you say? What will you do?

Will you join a team? Will you play your part?

Or will you join before stabbing them in the heart?

To a bright woman who shines like the sun

Who works every day so the bills can be paid

Who stays up at night so the homework can be done

So she can provide more to the home she made


That strong individual who stands out from the crowd

Who pushes herself forward and never stumbles back.

To that woman who makes us so proud

Who shows all her good qualities and never lacks


A mother of three, a hard working soldier

The queen of success, her life only getting better

She does so much and now a year older

She gets to the top no matter the weather


This woman is my mother who I love so dear

And on this special day

It only happens once a year

So have a happy birthday.


Happy Birthday Poem

I Wish...

I wish I was a cat

Resting the day away

I could rub my face on the mat

And play every single day


I wish I was a tree

Standing tall, a great oak

I’ll be outside and I’ll be free

To do what I want and never moap


Or maybe a flower

But then I’ll be picked

Or maybe a rain shower

But my water will be kicked


A car! A train!

A chair! A rat!

They’re all boring and plain

And I don’t want to be that!


I wished to be me

A girl in MD

A smart, artistic one I'll be

Yep! That girl is me!

On the hot days, I wished it was cold

Treating those days like solid gold

Snowing and hot cocoa by the fire

Thinking of them fills me with desire


The white pellets falling gracefully from above

Like the movement of wings from a dove

Those cozy Winter days I enjoy

Those days that are loved by every girl and boy


Having so much fun

Playing under the frosty Sun

In the season that love

Wonderful winter weather from above




A soulless heart

The act of not caring

Feeling like trash




A dying heart

Lying in bitterness

Crying out for help

In silence



 In the poem Simile, the couple got into an argument and now refuse to be near one another so they compare themselves to deer. In the text it states; "What did we say to each other" This proves that 'they' have been into a disagreement. He compares them to deer when he says, "who walks in single file, with ears forward, with eyes watchful." This proves that the two refuse to be seen together.


In the poem Moon Rondeau, The two people in the poem are just starting a relationship. This is proven in the first line; "Love is a door we shall open together' The two lovers are comparing their love to the moon. This is shown in a few of the poems lines; "A silver button, a copper coin, a bronze wafer. A plaque of gold, a vanished diadem, A brass hat dripping from deep waters." These adjectives are basically describing how much their love is a tresure that they should cherish forever.

Moon Rondeau

In the poem Woman, a female is trying to grow as a person and is attempting to bring her male friend along for the ride. He continues to refuse however and in the end, she left him. In the text, it says; "She decided to be a woman, and through he still refused, to be a man, she decided, it was all right." This proves that she wanted to grow and even though he refused, she went on without him. This poem proves that it is okay to be independent.