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PROLOGUE        I am on my journey to becoming a 6-figure business. I actually am planning to make my first million, but I...

Let's become bigger, better bosses together. I want to see you win!

DAY 3.  START ADDING DAILY SALES GOALS  I  said I would hit my 6-figures this year easy, and I started planning for my fir...
us in the habit of planning and executing. I will share an example of how a day with this tool will look like. You can alw...
     Item  Price  Qty  Total  Bonnet   30  5   150  Edge Wrap   15  5   75  Sample Pack   85  1   85   310  Daily Goal Amo...
Daily A rmation  Daily Financial Goal      Item  Price  Qty  Total  Daily Goal Amount  Actual Daily Total  what did you ac...
Join our group here, Bigger Better Bosses, and add your friends.  Please leave a note. We would like to know what you need...
ABOUT THE AUTHOR Minovet Krissy A seamstress with a passion for fashion, natural hair, business development, community sup...

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