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To Daniel, with love from Zoe xxx

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Happy Valentines Day xxx



  • i love the way your eyes change colour and go the most gorgeous shades of blue.
  • i love the way you smile so perfectly and how the dimples shape your cheeks.
  • i love the way that your hair curls uncontrollably and you play with the same little strand at the front.
  • i love the way you giggle so adorabley.
  • i love the way you look at me even when you think i dont realise.
  • i love the way i think youre the most perfect person ever and you get shy because your opinions are different.
  • i love the way your face is so perfectly structured eg jaw and cheekbones;)
  • i love the way you can handle my mood swings without leaving me.
  • i love the way you treat me, i could go on forever.
  • But most importantly, i love the way you make me feel about you.




All i can say is im so lucky, youre so different to the rest and you treat me like a princess. The way you make me feel is amazing and i hope this lasts so long as ive never felt like this before towards anyone. i didint know one person could have this much of an impact on me and i simply adore you. We've been together nearly 4 months now, although it seems like years;) which i hope it will be. Ive never met anyone like you and i hope we last forever.

Little things:

The little things you do make me fall in love with you even more and whatis so perfect is that half the time you dont even realise you do them or even when you do, you have no idea how good it makes me feel. How you call me nice things just to make me happy, or when you know im stressed or sad so you bring me food, when you randomly look at me adoringly and give me cute cuddles and kisses, when i come upstairs and youve made my bed, when youve saved ,my photos just because you think i look "beautiful", when you play with my hair to help me sleep, how you stroke my face and make traces on my skin to calm me, how you can stay on the phone to me for hours even though non of us are speaking, the little comments you put on my photos or when you upload photos of us, how im your lock screen makes me really proud, how you kiss my hands when you hold them, how you let me pinch your stuff eg sprays, boxers, tshirts, jackets etc, how you make funny comments or jokes to make me laugh, how you dont limit me as a girl and let me be comfortable in myself, how you randomly buy me things, how you hsare things with me, how you listen to my rants, how you do girly stuff like facemasks with me or brush and straighten my hair. How youre honest with me and even if we've just argued you're still there to cheer me up but mostly how you're loyal to me



I know this is love because i constantly miss you, i always get butterflies even though we've been together a while now. Lets just be honest we are goals;). I just want you to know how much i really do appreciate you. How even though we both know im not as pretty, greta or perfect as other girls and you can do better you havent gone and looked for anyone else out of respect for me and i highly appreciate that as you know ive never been treated like this and ot means the world to me. I also appreciate greatly how you never once judged me even when we were just friends and "just friends". We started off rough and safe to say it was difficult at first with all the secrets and keeping feelings to ourselves to spare others but in the ned we made it to where we are now and i wouldnt change any of it for the world. People constantly try get inbetween us and they never really succeed. I honestly can see a future with you and ive never been like that and the fact we actually talk about it together just shows we'll go far. This is real love.




Ups and downs:

We do have our ups and downs like every relationship, mainly due to other people but they're irrelevent:). In our memories we've made together we have both ups and downs and we will clearly have more. The ups i adore and the dwons, not so much. When we have our downs we normally argue and say or do hurtful things as we're both stubborn in this subject but because we care about eachother these downs rarely last longer than a day. Our ups are perfection, we're happy and its something i adore most about us.


We've made some amazing memories all the way through our friendship, our "just friends" stage and our relationship, right up to where we are now. We have like a 100 photos with like 1000 memories in each one and i treasure them. We have secret memories like how i wanted to kiss you behind the dentist, cute secrets like when you came to mine with cody and lauren and kissed me, treasured memories like when you asked me out, we have all sorts of memories and i hope to make more with you. These are memories i will take with me for as long as i live and right up to my death bed.


So baby, i dont know if you liked this and i couldve written forever but it had to end somewhere;) i hope you liked it though because ive never done anything like this before for anyone but the main message is that i loveyou unconditionally, always have and always will and iloveyou for you. i could only ever loveyou more and never less, the moments we've shared together have been extrodinary and one of a kind and i honestly cannot wait for something more with you. i'll be with you for the rest of my life if you'll have me and id do it quite happily, infact ill be over the moon. Never in 1000 years did i think id find someone like you and find love like this in this day and age but i honestly can say ive gotten so lucky!!!

" iloveyou so deeply,

iloveyou so much,


ilove the sound of your voice and the way that we touch.


ilove your smile and your kind thoughtful way,


the happiness you bring me every single day.


iloveyou today like i did in the start,


and i'll loveyou forever with all of my heart."



To my one and only,

Thank you for everything you've ever done for me, i adore you.

Happy valentines day baby and i hope you have an amazing day.

My feelings for you are indescribable and ILOVEYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!