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she was helped
they were paid
we were prevented from
it was opened
I was protected
you were used
The shop assistants' teas are ready. The businessmen were reading their magazines. The airlines'
planes are old.
My neighbours were eating their chocolate. The flight attendants' seat belts were undone. The
air hostesses were packing their suitcases.
The room got cleaned. The river got polluted The return ticket got lost.
She got recognised. The boy got bitten. The plane got checked.
The gate got opened. The magazine got mislaid. My passport got taken away by the customs
The women got on the planes with their husbands. Their hats blew off in the wind.
The children had window seats, so they were happy. The men, however, were struggling
with their heavy suitcases. They noticed that theirwives had lost their hand luggage
and they laughed. They didn't think theirhusbands could be so cruel.
The summer holidays have come at last!
You are at the airport, waiting to go to Caracas. You hope the jet lag isn't going to be too bad.
You find the appropriate check-in desk.
Could I have your tickets, please?
I was told to get them here. My name's Jordan.
Yes, here they are.
Please put your bags on the scales.
Is that all you have?
No, I also have this rucksack.
Here are some extra baggage tags for your hand luggage.
Do you prefer window or aisle seats?
I don't mind, as long as I'm near the emergency exit.
Smoking or non-smoking?
Aren't they all non-smoking now?
All European flights are non-smoking. Your flight to Caracas isn't.
You go through customs.
You are asked for your passport.
I have a European passport.
But you'll still have to fill in this form.
And who do I give it to?
The customs in Bolivar, when you arrive.
At the check-in desk of an airport, a passenger is speaking to a member of the ground crew. The
airline employee looks at his ticket and identification. Having checked these, she then shows him on
his ticket where he should go to catch his plane.
Would you like to come and have dinner with us tonight?
Can you hold on a second?
Let me ask Kathleen.
We'll be there. It'll be nice to see you again.
Great! See you at half past seven.
We have to start cooking now.
I can't decide what to do.
John doesn't like fish, but meat is all right.
What should we do to go with the meat?
Potatoes? Rice? Or grilled tomatoes?
Good idea!
If I have the time, I'll bake a cake.
Yes, make one of your lovely chocolate cakes.
You've got enough time!
There's also ice cream in the freezer.