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Disheveled Snowman

              On a crisp winter morning. Kids went out to make snowmen.

     One little runt found it funny to make a snowman in reverse. Big snowball on top small snowball on bottom.

      At night the regular snowmen mingled and talked about. But TIm-Tam was not accepted. Tim-Tam tried to talk to the other snowmen but got picked on.

      "He was an ugly duckling. The snowmen said. "He's to disheveled to have friends!"  So Tim-Tam ran back to his front yard.

         He was too sad and ugly to even move so he felt a pasion to rebuild himself, to start over new. Tim-Tam was going to be lovely, luxurious, and lavishing.

       Tim-Tam rebuilt himself to the best of his abilities, and he was beautiful. He howed his new body to the ther snowmen. and they loved him! "WOW!" and, "Gasp!" went the other snowmen.


      "Oh my goodnes! You're so cool! you're a party animal!"

Tim-Tam lived a happy life, with lots of friends until he horrifically melted along with everyone and everything he ever loved.






The moral of the story is: life isn't fair.