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When is a good time for the session?

Schedule your photo session at a time when your child will be lively, awake, and playful; often, just after waking up from a nap is best. The best time varies with the age of the child.


Where is the best place to shoot the photos?

We will shoot in and around the studio.  The studio is in a location that is relaxed and fun.  We have a pond, stone walls, barns and corral fences that make beautiful sets and kids love it.


How much time should we set aside for the shoot?

Your shoot will probably last about 1 to 1 1/2 hours.   Babies take longer, closer to the 1 1/2-2 hours, because they sometimes fall asleep :) (which of course can make the BEST shots)  2-3 year olds can be as quick as 45 minutes, because they run around so much that we get lots of great pictures quickly.


What kind of clothes work best?

Have a few changes of clothes picked out for your child ahead of time. Solid colors work well, white is beautiful. Logos, cartoon characters and bright stripes can be distracting in photographs so try to avoid them

For infants, often just a diaper-- nothing is more beautiful than baby skin.  The clothes you pick out for very young children shouldn't be stiff, or complicated. It's best to have soft cotton, form-fitting clothes in pastel colors.  Although, all white /or all black can be beautiful and dramatic. 

For toddlers, think about the texture of the clothes you're picking out. Soft sweaters, corduroy, and terrycloth, denim is great. The clothes should be simple.

In family photos, you don't need to dress everybody alike; unless that's the look you're going for. Solid colors are best for adults, and that's about it, But don't worry too much about clothes, I can work with anything.  Also, please feel free to bring any favorite toys. Try to visualize how you want these photos to look.  Imagine what you want to see in 10, 15 years- forever!

Newborns are the easiest subjects.  You can't take a picture of an infant that is not going to be treasured forever. If your baby falls asleep in the middle of pictures, these can be the best of the day.  Sleeping babies are art and sculpture, also, a great time for tender mother/father and child photographs.



Usually there's no need to cancel because of a bruise.  Photoshop is a wonderful tool (all re-touching is included).  Scrapes, cuts, bruises are all par for the course and I work with them, same goes for runny noses.  So, unless your child is uncomfortable and sick, no need to cancel.


Selection and Framing

After you have had time to go over the many proofs we can meet again to review your favorite images and suggest wonderful ways to use them in your home. All selections are printed to archival standards on your choice of paper.


Keep in mind, I do guarantee the session. If you do not LOVE the photos, I'll do a re-shoot on a different day at no charge.


I am happy to meet with you for a pre-shoot consultation (no charge) at the studio or at your home to discuss further and answer any questions you may still have.


Thank you!





Virgin Megastore

San Francisco

Tranquil Retreat

Hastings on the Hudson

Converted Stable

Old Westbury, New York 

Converted Stable

Old Westbury, New York 


le Louvre

Notre Dame l Paris 

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