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Texting while driving was estimated to be involved in 200,000+vehicle crashes in 2012, often involving injuries and deaths.* That’s why AT&T is committed to putting an end to texting and driving. We’re focused on educating the public—especially teens—on the dangers of texting and driving. No text is worth a life…It Can Wait.

 A No Texting and Driving Pledge. Encouraging drivers to make a commitment to never text and drive while holding themselves accountable to a loved one. All drivers can take the pledge at, and share their pledge in social channels to extend the no-texting-and-driving movement #ItCanWait.

AT&T DriveMode . A mobile application offered for free for Android™ and BlackBerry smartphone customers, designed to curb texting and driving.The app provides a customizable auto-reply message that users’ friends and family receive if they send an SMS or MMS text or email, notifying them that the user is driving and will respond when it is safe. -can-wait/