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Teddy Toots visits the vets

Meet Teddy Toots. He recently noticed that some of his stuffing was falling out! He thought it was a good idea to book himself into Folly Veterinary Centre for a check up.

He waits at reception patiently for Natasha to finish the on phone. Once she has finished she marks Teddy as arrived so the vet knows that he is waiting to be seen

The vet calls him into the consultation room. She asks Teddy to step on the scales to check how heavy he is. The vet had noticed at his last appointment that he had gained a little extra padding. (It's hard to resist those honey pots eh, Teddy?) But after eating well and excercising, his weight is perfect! (Well done Teddy!)

The vet listens to Teddy's heart and also checks his eyes, ears teeth and skin to make sure he is fit and healthy. The vet notices that some of Teddy's stuffing is coming out so she books him in for an operation that same day.

Teddy is then taken downstairs and settled into a kennel with a very comfy blanket. He is listening to his favorite music on the radio and has the relaxing scent of a pet remedy plug in to help Teddy relax.

Now it is time to start Teddy's operation. He lies down on the table and the nurse puts a special mask that gently blows a mixture of anaesthetic gas and oxygen onto Teddy's face to help him fall into a deep peaceful sleep.

Throughout the operation to put Teddy's stuffing back in, Angharad the vet nurse constantly checks his pulse and his heart rate with a stethoscope.

Before he knows it, Teddy is awake and back in his kennel. He not only has his warm blanket but also a heat pad to keep extra toasty. His favorite song is still playing on the radio. Teddy now has to wear a buster collar to make sure he doesn't lick or pick at his wound

Great news is that Teddy has recovered well from the anaesthetic so he will get to go home the very same day! Teddy makes another appointment in a few days, just to make sure the wound is healing nicely and there is no sign of infection. (Don't forget your medication, Teddy!)

Ahh.. Finally home. Teddy spends the next few days taking it easy and recovering from the operation. He thanks you all for following his story, and to all at Folly Veterinary Centre for looking after him!

(no teddies were harmed in the making of this)