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Poetry Ebook

Eyan Early 

Mod 1B


Men seek to find independence in a way

That is indescribable,

we must be dominant


Many women may asked,

it's the way we men were raised,

we take no shame

until the woman proved us wrong

that it is not ok,

in our mind what is right


The woman was trying to be free and do as she pleased,

but I guess that the man got carried away with rules.

He doesn't just want to b dominant,

but over dominant, or better for himself

but better than the woman,

“why” you may ask,

because it's the way men were raisedStrong, show no sign of weakness.



I too do miss being a kid.

The beautiful weather it seem

Seem to always be beautiful.

The birds chirp, as I splash in the pool.

The days also seemed very cool.


I had no worries only fun to venture into

Other than the small times life put me through.

I love going over to grandmas with the cuzo

And play gamecube or the nintendo.

Isn’t it fun to be a kid

Sure it is, but you have to remember the things that you can never forget


To be a Kid

There is a mere Problem with imperfection

There is Nothing that can be taught

I am neither a rookie or a veteran

Human nature cannot be Saved but only fought

The night is beautiful- obsidian with a pearlescent

of midnight blue but so is the day.



All life is precious, even the ones that

don't seem to appriciate as mosy.

Maybe they need to learn a lesson

or see the world through different pairs

of eyes. There must be some form of trial and error.

error in order to gain wisdom

she is one of the most precious gifts that life

can offer


Life is Precious


Basketball is not just a hobby, an activity,

a job, or a game.

To me it is a way of life and anybody can gain

endless lessons from it

Basketball can teach one confidence, respect, disipline, and

the will to finish what you start.

Even if one is not good or is good, you both can still take the same 

amount of knowledge from it plus more.

Basketball is more than a sport

The belief system is very weird.

There are so many different beliefs all of which

has the guidelines of life within their own religion.

Even if the belief is very dark and disturbing you still

feel obligated to follow the instruction.

So is my question to you, do you think that some religious

practices today should be limited by the humanity?

What do You believe?

All i want to do is rhyme

which can be simple as long as you have the time

Poetry is simple once you get the hang of it

all you need are a pair of lines that are lit.

I'm still not sure if you could try to rhyme words

that are not "words" but you can still learn

Simplicity is always are start before advancing 

you learn more and more you will never feel like canceling  

Simple Poetry 

It attacks us all when we don't want it most.

Like a roudy kid or even a ghost.

It is scary to think about or even comprehend

but it is a part of like so we shouln't pretend.

This ebook that I have made is very stressful.

Instead of being lazy I try to be successful.

So here I am 12:15 am once again

waititng for the clock to strike

so that I would never have to do this again!


Page 1 - Man

Page 2 - To be a Kid

Page 3- Imperfection

Page 4- Work

Page 5- Simple Poetry

Page 6- What do you believe

Page 7- Life is precious 

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Page 9-

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