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Academic Skills Applied Directions  Consider each of the academic skills listed and write how you might use each skill in ...

Needs Search Engine,Word Processer,Spreadsheets,Browser Basics,Virus/Malaware scanner,Common keyboard controlls,Basic Hardware Terminology,Simple network diagnostics,Security/Privacy.  Needs Associates Degree 60-70 semester hrs.

You'll need to know how to type and research about how to code or be taught by an adult or teacher.

Check your sources,Ask good questions,Go beyond the surface,Be patient,Respect ownership,Use your networks.


Interpersonal Communication,Written Communication,Collaboration,Neogtiation

Programing text and numbers and algebra,coding

Computer Skills

Academic Skills Applied 6. Teamwork skills  7. Competitive skills  S T U D E N T A C T I V I T Y  8. Critical thinking ski...

Prioritize your tasks,Make best use of downtime,dont over schedule your time.