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Discusses the important role the Harmony Bats Company plays in spreading the joy of baseball throughout the world.

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Harmony Bats started out as an idea and transformed into a prosperous humanitarian effort. The idea that the company was founded on centered around the importance of baseball in having a positive impact on communities throughout the world. Following the understanding of this idea, founder Aaron Nielsen started the wood bat company in order to finance it cause.

The Creation

Why Harmony Bats?

The goal of Harmony Bats is to promote the game of baseball in developing communities as a way to promote teamwork amongst kids as well as positively impacting the community as a whole. In order to do this, Harmony Bats manufactures, and sell, completely customisable baseball gear while providing the same standard of quality found at the major league level. And a portion of each sale is set aside to help start youth baseball leagues in struggling communities around the world.

For The Love of The Game

Aaron Nielsen, along with other members, host numerous baseball skills camps all across the country to help spread the proper fundamentals needed to enjoy the game. These camps ensure that participants will learn to unlock the real joy that comes from playing baseball as well as help to improve their game.

An International Humanitarian Effort

In addition to producing professional quality bats, Harmony Bats partners with its sister company Harmony World Projects to help promote the game of baseball in communities throughout the developing world. Currently, the two companies are working towards establishing a youth baseball league for the kids of Roatan, Honduras, and plans on visiting the town to kickstart the league as well as provide much needed equipment.