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Music today is very different from music played in the 1900's. Both eras made equally amazing music to listen to, but the sounds are different. Different styles and sounds were created in the 1900's including rock and hip hop music. Try listening to these popular artists from the 1900's!

Music Through Time!

Popular Artists and Songs from the 1900's

Elvis Presley was a very popular artist in the mid 1900's. He was said to be the king of rock and roll. Some of his greatests hits included, "Can't Help Falling In Love", "Hound Dog", and "Jailhouse Rock".

The Beatles had a huge fan base here in the U.S. even though they were all from England. They were part of what people called the English invasion in the sixties. They had many popular songs, some of those were, "Hey Jude", "Yesterday", and "Here Comes the Sun".

Michael Jackson was all the craze in the eighties. He had great music and unique music videos. No other artist in the 90's was as different and interesting as Michael Jackson. He had many great hits but a few included, "Thriller", "PYT", and "Beat It".

Bruno Mars recently put out a new album titled 24K Magic. The album was released on November 18th. Since then the album has been receiving amazing reviews. The album was even produced by Bruno Mars himself, with help from Shampoo Press & Curl (a producing company). He also had some help from a few familiar faces in the music industry. The grammy award winning Babyface helped write the last song on the album titled "Too Good To Say Good Bye". Also, T Pain accompainied Buno Mars with writing one of the songs, "Straight Up & Down". He also announced that he would be going on a 24K Magic World Tour! 

Whats New and Popular in Music?

Bruno isn't the only heart throb releasing a kick butt album. Ed Sheeran won all the girls hearts this year using his new album, Divide. Divide was released on March 3, 2017, and immediately received great reviews. Two of the songs were released earlier as the albums lead singles. "Shape of You" and "Castle on the Hill" were released in January of 2017 and left us all itching for the rest of the album later to come. Also, similar to Bruno, Ed Sheeran will be going on a 48 date North American Arena Tour, so get your tickets fast!





Music therapy can be used to help all sorts of patients including infants, mental health patients, people in pain, etc. It can improve the health of people greatly by restoring speech, reducing side affects for cancer patients, improving quaility of life for dementia patients, aids pain, and much more. There have been many tests and trials done to prove that music therapy works, including one using premature babies and how fast they can heal and become healthy again!  

Music therapy uses accomplished musicians who have a deep knowledge of how to use music to create emotional responses in patients. The goal of the therapy is to help simulate patients, help them relax, and help them heal.

Everybody has their favorite artists or bands. I surveyed some friends to find out who their favorites were and here are my results!

Adele also recieved some love, being the top women artist of my survey. She has released 3 award winning albums so far and each one has received raving reviews. Some of her hit songs include "Hello" from her album twenty five, and "Chasing Pavement" from the album nineteen.

What is everybody listening to now? 

Twenty One Pilots proved to be a fan favorite on my survey. They have had many great hits including "Stressed Out" and the more recent "Healthens". They have also had great success with their 4 previous albums produced.