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Nutrition Project

By Raven Jessel :)


Carbs are a nutrient that are the main source of energy for the body. 

A way that carbs can help the body is that one of the types- fiber- helps with getting rid of waste as well as regulating sugars. However, carbs can also harm you in may ways. For example, if you don't get enough, or you get too little of this nutrient, you may experience some side affects such as:

Bad breath,


Mental and normal fatigue,

And headaches, as well as nutrient deficiencies. 

One should try to have 55 to 60% of their diets be carbs. Also, something that is interesting is that there are more than 1 type of carbs: the good and the bad.

Food with carbs in order from top to bottom: different types of bread and a sweet potato.


Fat is the most concentrated form of energy that comes from what we eat. It can help the body because fat is our second source of energy when the energy from carbs gets too low. Fat can also help the body because the good fats- polyunsaturated and monounsaturated- will help lower the amount of bad cholesterol in the body. However, fat can also hurt the body. This is because if you have to much of the bad fat- trans and saturated- you might have high cholesterol levels, which will lead to cardiovascular problems. Also, if you have a lot of trans fat, it will lower the levels of good cholesterol and raise the bad ones, as well as raise the risk of you getting heart disease and a stroke.

One should try to have 30% of their diet be fat. Less that 10% has to e saturated fat, and 1% has to be trans fat. 

Something interesting about fat that I know of is that it is fat is found in pretty much everything, and the bad fats are the common found in foods.

Avocados are very high in fat, yet they are among one of the healthiest foods.

A McDonald's Big Mac, no doubt loaded with tons of bad fat.


Water is a clear fluid that makes up most of our body. It helps the body because water gives the body structure as well as form, and it provides a way for the body maintain temperature and allows a necessary environment for cell metabolism. 

As good as we may think water is, this important nutrient can also be deadly. This is because if you have too much water at one time, is can lead to water intoxication, or hyponatremia, which is serious, but can just as easily turn fatal.

Everyone needs to try to get 8 cups of water a day ( about 8 oz each, foe a total of roughly half a gallon.).

An interesting fact about water is that water makes up 70 to 80% of all our body weight.


Vitamins are important for the body because they are what helps the body convert most of the food we eat into energy (mainly carbs and fat). Another way they help the body is with the development of the body's structure. Vitamin A can help the body with preventing problems with your eyes, is essential for the growth/ development of cells, promotes healthy immune systems, and it keeps the ski healthy. Vitamin D is good because it strengthens bones (absorbs calcium).

Vitamins can also harm the body. If you have too much vitamin A, you can get dizzy, nauseous, go into a coma, have headaches, or, even worse, death. If you get too much vitamin D, you may experience side effects such as sleepiness, a loss of appetite, feeling weak, fatigue, a dry mouth and a metallic taste, just to name a few. 

For vitamin A, teen boys need 900 micrograms a day, while girls only need 700. As for vitamin D, all teens need 15 micrograms (or 600 IU) each day. 

An interesting fact about vitamins is that they are one of the things that are not made in our bodies. We have to eat/ absorb them.

Absorbing sunlight is a great way to get vitamin D, and eating carrots can help get vitamin A, as well as help your eyes!


Minerals are important to the body because they help our body function, help with metabolism, water balance, bone development, hormone production, and biological reactions.

Minerals can hurt the body in many ways, but here are 2:

If you don't get enough iron, or if you get too little, you will experience things like weakness, fatigue, shortness of breath, and feel lightheaded. Zinc, another mineral, helps with having normal growth, a strong immune system, and good wound healing. But if you get either too much or too little, these could be effected. 

For calcium, teens need 1,300 mg of it each day. Teen boys need 11 mg and girls need 15 mg of iron. Teen boys also need 11 mg and girls 9 mg of zinc each day.

An interesting fact about minerals is that there are 6 different types of minerals, and minerals are one of the things that you can't make in your body; you have to eat them through other foods.

Raisins are good for iron, and milk is a good source of both calcium and zinc


Is the main building material for many of the things in our bodies, and it is another source of energy/ fuel. Protein can help the body because it helps make hormones and body tissues. Protein can harm the body because it will stress the kidneys since they would have to get rid of all the extra nitrogen waste products that go in that area from the protein.

10 to 15% of our diets need to be protein. 

An interesting fact about this nutrient is that it has 22 amino acids, but 8 of them need to be eaten through other foods.

Top 10 unhealthy energy drinks:



Rock star


Full Throttle

Red Bull

Mountain Dew

5 Hour Energy



Top 10 "healthy" energy drinks 

Green Tea

Guayaki Yerba Mate



Guru Energy Drink

Pure Leaf Unsweetened Iced Tea



Blueprint Energy Teas

Yogi Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy Tea

Monster vs. Green Tea

Monster is more unhealthy because it is loaded with caffeine and sugar. And it is outlawed in Maryland because in 2012, a lawsuit was filed after a girl died from caffeine toxicity because she drank 2 cans. Monster has 80 mg of caffeine in it. If you drink too many Monsters, you can die from caffeine toxicity, or a caffeine overdose. Signs of a caffeine overdose is being nervous, having anxiety and insomnia, vomiting, and nausea. Some more serious symptoms would be tremors, fainting, rapid heart rate, numbness, psychomotor agitation, dizziness, a high blood pressure, and heart palpitations.

Green Tea is more healthier than Monster because 9 to 50 mg of caffeine in it, which is less than what is in Monster. Green Tea is also more healthier because it can offer some assistance with losing weight for those who are trying to reduce their calorie intake. Drinking green tea can help prevent diabetes, help with weight loss, will protect cardiovascular health, will fight warts, prevent trouble with your vision, prevent Alzheimer's as well as Parkinson's disease, will avoid cavities, and prevent kidney stones. All of this has a possibility of happening, just as long as you don't have more than 2 cups of green tea each day.   

By looking at the nutrition facts of both Monster and the green tea x-50, both of them fit into the category of carbs. Monster fits into the category of carbs, mainly because it has 25 grams of it in one serving. It also fits into vitamins and minerals because of how much is in the label for both. And the Green Tea fits in carbs because a) it's the only thing the drink has, according to the label, and b) it has 1.9 grams of carbs.

Nutrition facts for green tea X-50 (right)

Monster right now is selling at $7.41 for a pack of 4.

Tazo china green tip green tea is currently selling for $4.38 for a box of 20 filter bags.

*price info gotten from

Gatorade vs Guayaki Yerba Mate

Gatorade is more unhealthy than Guayaki Yerba Mate because it contains more sugar. It also has more carbs and calories. This drink has 14 grams of sugar per serving, and all of it is a ton of refined sucrose, liquefied empty calories, and glucose-fructose. Also, Gatorade has 2 times the amount of sodium in it than potassium, which will increase a risk of having high blood sugar.

If you drink Gatorade often, you are contributing factors for having tooth decay, mainly in children. And if you drink this but aren't physically active, you'll just have a bunch of sugar and empty calories sitting in your body that will eventually lead to weight gain. Also, some of the food dyes in this drink- Red 40, Blue 1, and Yellow 5- are made from petroleum. This has been linked to cancer and might increase the chance of hyperactivity in kids. 

Guayaki Yerba Mate is more healthy because it has only 7 grams of sugar, is 30 calories, and all the ingredients are all natural/ organic. Also, this energy drink has 24 minerals and vitamins, has abundant antioxidants, and 15 amino acids. Yerba Mate also has qualities in it that include reducing the occasional stress effects. 

Gatorade fits in the group of minerals because it has lots of sodium and potassium, which are 2 types of minerals. It also fits with carbs, since it has a lot in just one bottle. Yerba Mate technically fits in with carbs because it has 7 grams of it. And it's really the only thing on the lable.

Gatorade (lemon- lime) is currently $7.13 for a pack of 12 12 fl oz bottles.

Guayaki Yerba Mate (enlighten mint) is $34.89 for a pack of 12 15.5 oz cans.

*gotten from

Rockstar vs. Water

Rockstar is more unhealthy than water because it is loaded with sugar. That and the fact that water is one of the 6 nutrients, so it's automatically healthier than lots of energy drinks. There are ingredients in this drink that do actually increase your energy level: ginko, ginseng, milk thistle and guarana. And according to a health magazine (a men's magazine), 1 can of Rockstar has about as much sugar as 6 Krispy creme doughnuts. Also, this energy drink has 80 mg of caffeine in it for one 8 oz serving, which means that there is 10 mg of caffeine per serving.

If you have too much of this drink, you could get an increased heart rate and nausea. Also, if you drink too much of this and/ or you have a health problem, you could also have weight gain and sleeplessness.

Rockstar fits into 3 categories: carbs, minerals and vitamins. I say this because the drink has 10 mg of sodium (mineral), 33 grams of carbs (it's all sugar), and 100% of 4 B vitamins (B6, B12, B5, and B3)

Water is more healthier because it has absolutely NO sugar, and it is one of the nutrients, so that means that it is as healthy as can be. Also, it is deemed as a better energy drink because if you feel low of energy, if you just drink a cup of water, you'll feel energized right away.  However, if you drink too much water at a time, you risk getting a condition called water intoxication or hyponatremia. This is a very serious and even deadly condition, which is why you should be careful about how much water you drink at one time (but still make sure you're hydrated!)

Rockstar: $46 for a 24 pack of 16 oz cans

water bottles: $3.28 for a 24 pack of 16.9 fl oz bottles.


Orange Crush vs. Verve!:

Orange Crush is more unhealthy than Verve! because it has more sugar in it (60 grams). Also, Orange Crush has high fructose corn syrup, which means that this drink is definitely not good for you. There is also Red 40, which is made from petroleum, and can be linked to having cancer. If you have too much Orange Crush at one time, you risk possibly dying because there would be too much things for the kidneys to regulate and handle (this would happen if you drink like, an entire liter of soda).

Orange Crush fits into the category of carbs and minerals because it has 100 mg of sodium and 61 grams of carbs (and 60 grams of this amount is sugar!)

Verve! is a better choice than Orange Crush mainly because it has more vitamins and minerals. However, looking at the nutrition facts, this is also an unhealthy drink in a way because it has 20 grams of sugar, and all the vitamins/ minerals listed on the bottom, except for a couple of them, have really high percentages for how much of the % daily value they represent. And if you look at the list of ingredients, you can see a bunch of ingredients that you probably can't get at the store, and you also see different types of sugar listed, like "fructose". 

This energy drink fits into 3 nutrient categories: carbs, minerals and vitamins. It fits into carbs because Verve! has 21 grams of carbohydrates, even if most of that total is sugar. It also fits into vitamins and minerals because of all the listed vitamins and minerals, like Vitamin A, Calcium, and Sodium. If you drink too much of Verve! at one time, you might have a stomach ache, or restlessness because of all the sugar that you consumed from the drink.

Orange Crush soda is currently selling at $4.26 for a pack of 6 0.5 liter bottles (

Verve! is selling at $145.00 for a pack of 48 cans (

Full Throttle vs. Guru energy drink

Full Throttle is an unhealthy energy drink because it has 58 grams of sugar for just one can of soda. It is also 220 calories. However, it does have 4 vitamins, even if 3 of them are 200% of the % Daily Value. This drink fits into the categories of minerals, carbs, and vitamins. Full Throttle fits into these groups because it has 4 B vitamins (Niacin, B12, B6, and Pantothenic Acid), 160 mg of sodium, which is a mineral, and 58 grams of carbs/ sugar. If you have too much of this drink, you could end up putting stress on the kidneys since they would have a lot of work to do to get rid of all unneeded materials and regulate everything. Also, you might be restless from all the caffeine that is in the drink. 

Guru is a better option for energy because it has less sugars in it. If you drink too much of this, however, you might (again) end up stressing your kidneys. 

This drink fits into the nutrient group of carbs because it has 21 grams total, and all those grams are sugar.

Full Throttle is currently selling for $55.77 for a pack of 24 16 oz cans.

Guru organic Energy is selling at $7.58 for a pack of 4 8 oz cans.


Red Bull vs Pure Leaf unsweetened iced tea

Red Bull is unhealthy because it has 80 mg in an 8.4 fluid ounce can. And it has 27 grams of sugar, with 1 gram extra for a different type of carbohydrate. Red Bull is also an unhealthy drink because a man died after drinking this in Brooklyn, New York. This may have been because of the high caffeine amount and/ or the amount of sugar. If you drink too much of this, you could end up not having good concentration, because Red Bull lowers the blood pressure to the brain, which is a really bad idea, especially if you end up coming across a stressful task. This drink fits into the categories of vitamins, carbs, and minerals. This is because Red Bull has 100 mg of sodium, 4 different types of B vitamins, and 28 grams of carbs.

Pure Leaf unsweetened iced tea is healthier because it only has 2 ingredients in it, and neither of them are sugar! It does, however have a caffeine amount of 32 grams per 1 bottle of the tea, or 250 milliliters. Another reason is that there is not an ounce of fat in the entire drink, and the good part of that is there's no bad fat inside. However, if you drink too much of this, you could possibly end up getting kidney stones. 

If you drink too much of any type of tea that you load with tons of sugar, you could also end up getting diabetes, having a stroke, becoming obese or getting cardiovascular disease. But if you drink tea in moderation, you will avoid these risks and gain a few benefits: lower blood pressure, skin improvement, stronger bones, less cavities, you will be more alert, it will help battle lung cancer, and drinking unsweetened tea in moderation will help combat the risk of having a heart attack. 

This tea fits into the categories of minerals. This is because it has 15 mg of sodium and 20 mg of potassium.

Red Bull is currently selling from $7.41 to $18.73 for a 12 oz can.

Pure Leaf Unsweetened iced tea is selling at $1.78 for the in store price.


Mountain Dew vs. Runa

Runa is a healthy choice for an energy drink because it gives us clean energy, courage, and mental strength. This drink can also increase our abilities to concentrate and focus, as well as boost our energy levels. You will also get sharp energy that will allow you to focus on the task at hand. Another reason why Runa is a better choice for an energy drink is because it has multiple heath benefits, such as the fact that since this drink has more antioxidants than other teas, you can look younger for longer because antioxidants can prevent premature aging. It is also a good choice for energy because Runa has Chlorogenic acids, which are good because they reduce high blood pressure, regulate body weight, and helps improve one's cardiovascular health. Runa also has 15 essential amino acids.

Runa fits into the nutrient categories of carbs, vitamins ans minerals, all because it has 19 grams of carbs, 4% iron, and 20% Vitamin C. (Out of a 2000 calorie diet.)

Mountain Dew is an unhealthy energy drink choice because it can destroy enamel on our teeth, and that's all because Mountain Dew scores as a 3.2 on the pH scale, which means that it is a strong acid. It also has a high amount of caffeine and sugar, which can make you hyper and not wanting to sleep at night. This drink is also bad for us because the stuff that is used to line the cans so that the drinks don't disintegrate the cans (BPA) has never really been safely tested, so as a result, it messes with all of our hormones. BPA is a toxin that is currently increasing the amount of miscarriages, and is resulting in reproductive system cancers. It is also said to decrease the amount of sperm cells in men and boys, as well as being linked to cardiovascular disease, just to name a few bad things about what is used in this drink. It is also marketing false energy, and is sometimes targeting a specific group of people, mostly gamers. 

Mountain Dew fits into the nutrient categories of minerals and carbs because it has 31 grams of carbs (all sugar) and 54 mg of sodium.

Runa (Berry flavored) is selling for $34.49 for a pack of 12.

Mountain Dew is selling for $4.68 for a pack of 12.

5 hour energy vs Celsius

5 hour energy is a very unhealthy energy drink because it has high amounts of vitamin B6 (2000% of our percent daily value) and B12 (8333% of our percent daily value), as well as Niacin (150% of our percent daily value). Some more proof of why this is very bad for us is the fact that because of the high amounts of caffeine and vitamins, you have a very high risk of having a heart attack, as well as high blood pressure and trouble sleeping, to name a few risks for having the amount of caffeine that is in this drink. It does, however, fit into the group of vitamins because of all the B vitamins, even if they are represented in very high amounts. 

Celsius is a better alternative because it has a bunch of natural ingredients as well as the drink being packed with many vitamins. Some of the natural ingredients that are in the drink are very helpful to our bodies. For example, one of the ingredients- green tea- has a fixed form of EGCG, or epigallocatechin gallate, which is believed to help with your body get rid of extra fat and speed up your metabolism. Another ingredient, ginger root, helps the body produce heat to in turn burn off more calories. Celsius fits into the main category of vitamins, and it's all because of the fact that this drink has a lot of vitamins. 

5 hour energy berry flavored is right now $14.95 for a pack of 10 at Walmart.

Celsius Wild Berry is $8.58 for a pack of 4 at Walmart.

Cocaine vs. BluePrint Energy Tea

Cocaine is the worst energy drink you could have because it 350% stronger than red bull, and it is also addictive. This is also a very bad source of energy because it can do lots of long- term damage if you have it too often, like the risk of having a seizure or stroke, you could have mood problems, you could get heart disease or have a heart attack, and you could also end up having lung damage, heart and stomach problems. Also, if you end up getting addicted to this substance, you could end up having a hard time falling asleep.

BluePrint Energy Tea is by far a better choice for an energy boost because it has ingredients like turmeric, lion's mane mushrooms, and morgina, which have been known to boost or elevate your spirits. The teas are also sweetened with organic maple syrup, which is better than the syrup that most people use for their pancakes or waffles. This is a better choice because it gives you energy with natural ingredients instead of added ones.

no nutrition information available for cocaine.

Yogi Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy Tea vs Starbucks Frappuccinos (cinnamon roll)

Yogi Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy Tea is a healthy choice for an energy boost because it will help you have a calm and more focused mind. It will also make your mood better and will boost your energy levels. one of the ingredients, Ashwagandha, is what helps you have a calm and focused state of mind, while Shankhpushpi helps you relieve anxiety and hypertension, as well as support brain functioning. It is unknown as to what nutrient category this tea fits into. 

The Cinnamon Roll Starbucks Frappuccino is unhealthy compared to the tea because it is full of empty calories. It also has 55 mg of caffeine, which is definitely a lot. This drink is literally the most unhealthy and expensive drink on the entire menu at Starbucks. The Cinnamon Roll Frappuccino fits into the nutrient categories of fat, carbs, and believe it or not, minerals. This is because it has 52 grams of carbs, 11 grams of fat, and 170 mg of sodium, which is a mineral.

Yogi Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy Tea is $20.34 for a pack of 6 bags at Walmart.