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Name: Jack Barnett
Phone Number: 952 232 8234
Email Address:
Displacement in Cubic Inches: 370ci
Rod Length: 6.098in
Static Compression (IF UNKNOWN FILL IN THE FOLLOWING): 10.4:1
Head Gasket, Thickness and Bore Diameter: LS9 headgasket .055in thickness, 4.100in bore
Bore Diameter and Stroke: 4.030in bore 3.622in stroke
Chamber Volume CC: 72cc
Piston Dish/Dome/Flat Top: Flat top .030 LQ9 pistons
Type of Cylinder Head (PLEASE INCLUDE MANUFACTURER, MODEL, and VALVE ANGLE): Chevrolet 317 15 degree valve angle
Intake Valve Diameter and Material: 2.00 inches
Exhaust Valve Diameter and Material: 1.55 inches
Lifter Manufacturer, Body and Roller Diameter, Solid or Hydraulic: Chevrolet Performnce LS7 hydraulic roller lifter 
Rocker Arm Type and Manufacturer and Ratio: Chevrolet LQ4 stock rocker with trunion upgrade 1.7
Valve Spring, Diameter, Installed Height, Coil Bind Height: BTR .660 lift dual valve springs w/ titanium retainers.
Pushrods (Length, Diameter, and Wall Thickness): 7.4 in, 3/8in diameter, .080 wall
Intake Manifold (Manufacturer and Model, if Carb Include Size and Type): Edelbrock Pro Flo XT w/ 78mm Silverado DBW throttle body
Header Primary and Collector Size, Crossover & Downpipe Diameter if Turbocharged: Stock truck manifolds flipped and vbanded, 2.5in crossover. 4in downpipe
Exhaust Diameter (Indicate X-Pipe, Y-Pipe, or True Duals): 4in straight pipe exhaust from downpipe back
Model of Transmission & Stall: 4l80e 3400-3600 stall
Rear Gear Ratio and Tire Size: 3.73 rear gear and 315/60R15 Et Street pros
Race Weight of Vehicle (Including Driver): 4400lbs
Desired Power Level: 900-1200whp
Desired Idle Quality and Cam Lope (1 Being Close to Stock and 5 Being Most Aggressive):
1 2 3 4 5 
Desired Max Engine RPM: 7200rpm
Vehicles Primary Use (Street or Drag i.e. 80% Drag 20% Street, Roll Race, Street Cruiser, Daily Driver): 60% street 40% race
Power Adders: Single Turbo
 Turbo: S488 VS racing clone
o Compressor Wheel in mm: 88mm
o Turbine Wheel in mm: 96mm
o AR: 1.32 ar
o Flange (i.e. T4, T6): Divided T6
o Single or Twin: Single
o Target Boost Level at Peak RPM: 24lbs
Upgrading Current Cam? Yes
 Current Cam Specs: LJMS Turbo Stage 2
 Where Does It Perform Well? Great drivability and all around performance
 Where Does It Perform Poorly? No complaints, motor destroyed lobes of old cam and upgrading set up.
Flow Numbers: