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After watching the video, he then goes back to the program and finishes up his homework with his new knowledge in mind.

After realizing he has geometry homework, he brings his mouse down to the task bar and clicks once on "Google Chrome".

After clicking on "Google Chrome", he will go to "Google Classroom" and check out the instructions for his homework.

After going to "Google Classroom" and checking out the instructions for his homework, he searches up "simplebooklet"                                                                         and clicks on the first result, skeptically.

After logging in with his Gmail account, he looks up a tutorial on the "Youtube" on how to run this odd program.

After 3 minutes of thinking of something to do, he realizes he has Geometry homework to work on.

Once the computer turns on, he'll then think for a good three minutes thinking of what to do.

After clicking on the first result, he then realizes he has to login with his Gmail account.

After looking up the tutorial on "Youtube", he watches the first video suggested.

If you give Daniel a plastic chair, he'll choose to place it in front of his computer.

After he finished his homework, he lays back in his chair and relaxes.

Once he places the chair in front of the computer, he'll sit down.

After he sits down, he'll press a button to turn on his computer.

If you give Daniel a plastic chair, he will lay back and relax on it.

Applying the law of syllogism: