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Smoking is a habit or even an addiction. People use smoking almost like a drug. Smoking is the leading preventable cause in the United States. It causes more than 480,000 deaths a year. Smokers are more prone to heart decease,stroke, and even lung cancer. It blackens your heart and lungs and over time can cause problems. I am asking you to avoid the addiction.

Alcohol was originally created to help with sickness but the more they took the better they felt and made them drunk. People use it to drowned out their problems and make them feel better.In reality it just makes them sick forget where they are, what there saying, and even who they are for a period of time. Some people drink so much they pass out and do not wake up for hours. I am asking you to try drink alcohol.

Christianity is something I would like you to believeChristianity is about the only TRUE God. It is the largest world religion, and has OVER 2.4 billion followers or 33% of the worlds population. We believe and know that Jesus was the Son of God and He came down to this earth to die on the cross for our sins and arose on the third day. Now that he has paid our debt we can pray directly to Him. This by all means does NOT mean we are better than anyone else we are all sinners and are Created equal in the eyes of the Lord.