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Entrepreneur Biography Project


Shawn Mazen Lewis


Period 1

- Daughter of unmarried teen who worked as a house wife, and grew up in extreme poverty

-bullied as school for wearing potato sacks as dresses 

-Victim of sexual abuse in the hands of Family members

-first big break was at a gig in a local black radio station

- Managers were impressed with her and soon enough the Oprah Winfrey Show was born

- Gaining a major success through the "Oprah Winfrey Show", Oprah further capitalized her success and formed "Harpo Productions" 

- Harpo Productions is a US-based multimedia production company formed in 1986

- Oprah also founded Harpo films (her film production company) in 1990

- The two companies had bought rights to literary works, such as Connie May Flower's, "Before Women had Wings"

- The companies that Oprah had founded benefited society by being one of the few Companies an  African American Woman own and producing her own a television show and movies from. 

- The Companies benefited the economy by providing one of the top rated television talk shows in america and having more and more Americans buying Dish, Direct TV, Etc. to watch her shows and boosting the movie making business in the sense of producers in the show biz