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Map of Paraguay

Paraguay's flag

Artifact from Paraguay

WaterFall from SilverPoint vacation club in Paraguay.

The place Paraguay according to latitude and longitude is 23° S, 58° W.

The constitution states that Paraguay is a representative and pluralist democracy and that government is exercised by the separate powers of the legislative, executive, and judiciary bodies.

This is Paraguay's flag.


Paraguay's size in area is 157,048 mi² !

Paraguay’s Capital city is Asunción

The amount of people that live in Paraguay is ( as of now ) 6,842,998!

This is Iguaçu Falls falling from the Paraná Plateau.


The Paraguay River is 1,584 miles long. 

 Coarse grasses, scrub forests, and thorny shrubs cover much of the Chaco. 

The Paraná Plateau occupies the eastern third of the region.

Photo of Chaco of eastern Paraguay.

Photo of Paraguay River

In paraguay there are many climates but I have split it into two. The northwestern part of paraguay has a tropical climate. The southeastern part of paraguay is more cool.


Completed in 1991, Itaipu Dam is one of the largest power plants on Earth.

Man Made Features

Cerro Lambaré is located on top of Lambare Hill.

Friendship bridge was opened in 1965.

One of the minerals found in Paraguay is Titanium.  One of the largest Titanium deposits was found in Paraguay.

Natural Resources

Another one of the materials is Iron ore. Lateritic iron ore deposits along the Paraná River, near Encarnación, were estimated at 300 million tons with 35% iron.

One of the resources is Timber. A famous wood in paraguay is samuú.

Workers assemble riding toys of Brazilian toymaker Estrela at a factory in Hernandarias, Paraguay February 7, 2017. Picture taken February 7, 2017. REUTERS/Jorge Adorno The plant, which opened this month in the border town of Hernandarias, stands near a 4,500 hectare (11,000 acre) industrial park filled with Brazilian companies making everything from auto parts to clothing. The dark-blue electric scooters assembled by 20 workers at the Estrela factory, known as a “maquila”, will be shipped across the border to Paraguay’s giant northern neighbor under a Paraguayan system that allows hefty tax breaks for exporters.

Only selected Paraguayan hardwoods are used to obtain the right charcoal blend which minimizes smoke and sparking while keeping that natural charcoal aroma.

These things are made in Paraguay.


Chipas are cheese and anise seeds breads that are often sold in baskets on the roadside in Paraguay. These small, savory breads are sold by the bagful for under a dollar by street vendors known as chiperas. Chiperas have helped to transform the chipa into an identifying symbol of Paraguay throughout Latin America. 



The attaché explained how the season runs in Paraguay. “After the harvest of the first soybean crop (called summer soybean) in January, some farmers plant in the same field either late soybeans (called soja zafrina) or late corn (called maiz safronia)


Paraguay is trying to revive its once-strong cotton production by using genetically modified (GMO) seeds that promise to lower costs, raise yields and help farmers take advantage of high international prices.


 Most Paraguayans eat cassava 2 or 3 times a day in dishes



This is the language Guarani

There is a holiday called Chaco Armistice Day the day the chaco war ended June 12

Guarani, specifically the primary variety known as Paraguayan Guarani, is an indigenous language of South America that belongs to the Tupi–Guarani family of the Tupian languages.

In every home there is a nativity scene or a "pesebre". on Christmas eve there is a midnight mass in all the churches. ... December 8th is when Christmas preparations actually start in Paraguay, December 8th is called the celebration of Caacupe Virgin Holiday.Dec 11, 2013